THE PESSIMIST: Ward Cut Reeks Of Frugality

August 31st, 2010

THE PESSIMIST is a diehard Bucs fan whose negative writings appear occasionally on His views surely do not necessarily reflect those of Joe. However, Joe sure gets a kick out of them.

THE  PESSIMIST was signed for another regular season on, but today’s breaking news of Derrick Ward getting cut has him returning early.

Why the hell couldn’t Derrick Ward be the Bucs’ third-string running back?

What the hell is wrong with insurance? The Glazers surely have it for their cars, their teeth and their palatial estates, but not their running backs?

Derrick Ward’s production with the Giants may be ancient history, but he surely was good enough for this Bucs roster.

Now the Bucs head for battle with lead dog Cadillac Williams, who’s playing on two patched up knees and is no Pro Bowl candidate, and Kareem Huggins, who is nothing more than a prayer with dreadlocks.

This is not a running game that you put together with a bunch of unproven receivers. The Bucs’ offense is dreadful.

With no salary cap, a paltry payroll and no depth at running back, THE PESSIMIST smells money as the main reason for Ward’s ouster after a pretty good showing in the last preseason game.

Depth is supposed to be important in the NFL. Apparently, profit is more important. Soon the Bucs might need a telescope to see what used to be the salary cap floor.

THE PESSIMIST hopes he’s wrong. THE PESSIMIST sincerely hopes an established NFL running back is on the phone with Mark Dominik booking a flight to Houston. 

What happens now if Cadillac gets hurt? The Bucs turn to Earnest Graham, trot out a crappy fullback, and tell Josh Freeman to hang in there?

Ward was no panacea. And for all THE PESSIMIST knows, Ward was a raging ass around the locker room and the Bucs questioned whether he could handle being buried on the bench.

But Ward was healthy. He knew the offense. And he just showed he had some life in his legs.

His $3 million plus for 2010 was well worth it — unless there’s a replacement on the way.

29 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: Ward Cut Reeks Of Frugality”

  1. Sander Says:

    It’s called ‘freeing up a roster spot’.

  2. Matt Says:

    Because he’s a pain in the ass who pouts and posts on Facebook when he doesn’t get the ball?

    It’s not amount the money, it’s about the locker room, and Derrick Ward wasn’t helping his case by taking cues from Antonio Bryant.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    “Now the Bucs head for battle with lead dog Cadillac Williams, who’s playing on two patched up knees and is no Pro Bowl candidate, and Kareem Huggins, who is nothing more than a prayer with dreadlocks.”

    Ward is hardly pro-bowl material himself that has showed he doesn’t care. And Huggins? A high effort, lightning quick back that is plenty good enough for a backup job or more. Huggins has more game on the field in a nano-second that Ward has with a Kardashian in the club.

    Please dude, go away.

  4. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Ward was a cancer PESSIMIST. He wasn’t very good with us, and you are giving him way too much credit.

    I’m glad he’s gone!

  5. Snookau Says:

    You can say all you want about the terrible free agent signings by the Bucs lately. There’s been plenty….

    But one thing is for sure for Dom and Rah: when they cut players loose, they’ve almost always been right to.

    Of the big names they’ve cut in 18 months, have any of them gone else where and done anything worth a shiz?

    I can’t think of any. Honestly, this cut reminds me of the Antonio Bryant situation. People will whine and complain, but a year from now, when Ward isn’t even on a NFL roster, we’ll know this was the right move.

    I’ve already seen a couple places where people are saying this was a money issue. Well, no kidding!!! Why should ANY team pay a player 3 million to suck?

    Ward is fat, old, lazy and overpaid. Good riddance.

  6. Kirk Says:

    Derrick Ward was not a good fit for this team. Besides, the dude kept his balls in a Kardashian handbag. Good riddance.

  7. the_buc_realist Says:


    Its not the cutting of Dominik’s free agents that drives the fans crazy, its bringing in people that can’t contribute for whatever reason.

    if we are going to be 2-14 we might as well have the lowest payroll!

  8. lovethepewter Says:

    Ward blows. Is it only coincidence that last year all 3 of the 1000 yard 08 NYG RB’s all had terrible years? Give Huggy Bear a chance b/c D Ward was not the answer. He was gonna injured again anyways.

  9. niko (The Optimist) Says:

    “After a pretty good showing vs Jacksonville…” ?
    Every hear someone slothy saying “That hole was so big I could have gone through it and gained positive yardage” ??
    Thats exactly what happened Saturday. If Cadillac or Huggins had hit those holes, they would have gone for three times as far.
    And Cadillac’s Knees are not patched up. He is not really a car, he is a human with some obvious genetic defaults that have been repaired by talented hands and supreme rehab effort.
    I wont even touch the ‘locks. Cut his hair and put Ward’s 28 jersey on him and you’ll swear it was Warrick Dunn back again.

  10. Fish Says:

    I think you’re all basically correct and “the pessimist” has a stick up his a$$.

    How can you claim it was based on frugality? How does that even come to mind? After the recent big signings and the fact that they signed him to a fairly big contract in the first place A YEAR AGO.

    Between Huggins and Graham, yes the one who has been nothing but solid when he gets his chances as well as the one who has already been our no. 1 RB before, they’ll be fine. Graham will be a perfect RB/FB combination player.

  11. ZeroExpectations Says:

    Wow, look at all the Buc fan negativity.

    The negativity towards the players from the fanbase is unbelievable. This negativity is not anonymous, the person spewing the message may be, but the message is in fact not. Why? Because this is the age of 24/7 wireless internet and social media communication platforms.

    The players do read this negativity. and if someone knows them, the that someone is probably telling them about whenever they hear their name called. Even though they are told to, and even try to ignore the fan negativity, they still end up hearing and reading it.

    It’s one thing for a journalist to pound on them… as those sports writers need exposure to sell ads. But it kills the spirit of these men playing football to hear the hatred.

    Abd that’s why you see now, more than ever, players packing it in on purpose to get the hell out of dodge in a city ‘seemingly’ filled with hatred towards a player.

    In my opinion, the team organizations needs to start going to bat for these guys, through the internet medium.

  12. SkookumSmitty Says:

    The word you are looking for is ‘reeks’, not wreaks.

  13. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Anyone forget we have Earnest Graham ?
    If Caddy goes down, Earnest will step in nicely.
    Ward was done, Huggins is better, we are going to be just fine.

  14. Dave Says:

    He is about a paycheck and chasing the limelight. He could care less about being on the field……………… CUT HIM!!

    Caddy, Huggins, and Graham! I will take that any day over 2 of them with Ward in there.

  15. tha truth is... Says:

    who pays 3 milli 4 a 3rd stringer? I really believe our prayer with dreadlocks will answer alot of our prayers come gametime. Glad that EG will get more touches, as he’s solid 4 us when his # is called. Far as Ward knowing tha offense, all the RB’s know it as well and betta than he does. Clayton, come on down cuz ur next

  16. Derrick Ward Says:

    Free to find some good night life!

  17. Jonny Says:

    Yo PESSIMIST, even the eternal pessimists of would disagree with you on this. There are several talented hungry RBs in free agency. I am sure a guy like Kareem Huggins is on every team’s practice squad waiting for a chance. RB position has really lost the necessity for experience, and we still have 2 guys with experience and can do everything better than Ward can.

  18. Tom Says:

    I love how Joe thinks…oh I mean the PESSIMIST…thinks that Ward had such an outstanding preseason game last week. The guy TOTALED 19 yards on 4 carries (just under 5 a pop), including his two shifty runs and his two worthless runs.

    The guy averaged 3.6 yards per carry last year and 1.8 yards per carry in the preseason, but the PESSIMIST can’t understand that Ward sucked?

    I’d be far more disappointed if Joe actually had some say in personnel and players like Ward and Clayton were kept because of things they did years ago over rather than what they can do now. It’s almost like Joe is drawing a commission from these guys.

    Anyone notice that no one is agreeing with the premise?

  19. JimBuc Says:

    the_buc_realist Says:

    “Its not the cutting of Dominik’s free agents that drives the fans crazy, its bringing in people that can’t contribute for whatever reason.”

    Well, can you name anyone — even with 100% hindsight — that was abetter option that Ward at the time. Maybe with hingsight, maybe not, but certainly not at the time. When Dom got him, Ward was the #1 RB free agent. He got a lot of money and became a turd. It happens

    Ward being cut only further illustrates why Free Agency is full of perils.

    Almost laughable that this is to the “pessimist” a money thing.

  20. jaytek74 Says:

    With or without Ward the running game is suspect. If Ward would have been so great he would have kept the Cadillac in the garage. I do not know since I do not claim to be an expert, why the Bucs can not run the ball for more than -3 to 3 yards at a time. Is the line way over rated, the backs not very good or is it that our offensive playbook is not geared to keep opposing defenses guessing. I hope that Freeman has a much improved passer rating and the new wideouts and can keep defenses honest so that we can finally have some semblance of a running game.

  21. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Tom — Joe is not THE PESSIMIST. Sorry to disappoint you.

  22. eric Says:

    I like the pessimist!

    Beautifully written, well reasoned post sir, my heartfelt compliments!

  23. Morgan Says:

    This team is doomed to a miserable season. They’ll be lucky to get 1-2 wins. Stupid move getting rid of Ward.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think Ward lost the edge and his heart wasn’t in Tampa. I’m with Dom & Rah on this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have their eyes on a young RB from another team that is too far down the Depth Chart to make it and may be a practice team player. It would not surprise me is they sign a young Bull RB. I also think Dom has made good moves so far this year and I trust his judgment, more so than last year. This may mean that Michael Spurlock makes the team, as a WR, K&PR, & Backup QB. The guy has worked hard and is versatile and I think he made the 53.

  25. RustyRhino Says:

    Carlos Brown has looked good when he has had a chance to play….. Not last game though… he is a rookie from a good program, lets see what he has. As for cutting Ward being frugal if you are not producing and your salary is high what do you expect?
    Try this at work Pessimist, go to work get a raise and then stop working hard for that raise. Let us know how that works out for you….

  26. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Keeping Ward or cutting him – does it really matter?????

  27. Tom Says:

    Then I congratulate Joe on finding the only other Derrick Ward fan in Tampa and letting him write a column that no one seems to agree with 😉

  28. MVPFreeman Says:

    … except Eric that is ;).

  29. Dingo Says:

    E. Graham is not a crappy fulback. .He has proven himself each time called upon