Obvious Improvement = 7+ Wins

August 31st, 2010

Former Bucs defensive end Steve White, a JoeBucsFan.com analyst, brings passion and experience to all his Bucs takes, and his official prediction for the 2010 season is no exception.

Joe won’t spill all the details for you, which are in White’s blog. But White is confidently calling for the Bucs to win seven games, and he insists he is of sound mind and body.

I’m sure the question is why am I taking the over now when so many people have such a negative outlook on the Bucs for this year (Peter King just predicted they would go 2-14). Am I being overly optimistic? Am I trying to inflate the Bucs’ prospects because I used to play for them? Am I just trying to be contrarian? Or maybe I might have just bumped my head?

No…on all counts.

Joe’s just not seeing seven wins.

Right now, in between praying for Josh Freeman’s finger, Joe’s just hoping the Bucs find a way to avoid going 0-3 into the bye week.

42 Responses to “Obvious Improvement = 7+ Wins”

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I think the league needs to start drug testing FORMER players also after this prediction….

  2. ZeroExpectations Says:


    Looks like Jeff Carlson just jumped ahead of Steve White without even having to write an article.


  3. Larry Says:


    Jake Delhomme
    Matt Moore
    Byron Leftwich/Dennis Dixon

    Scary list huh? We have a shot.

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Larry — Matt Moore won four of his last five starts to finish the season. The Browns also won four of five to finish. And the Steelers are just better, assuming their defense is healthy.

    Of course, we’ve got a good shot, though.

  5. sensiblefan Says:

    Perfect prediction Steve. I’ve been saying for awhile that 6-8 wins is the proper expectation.

    Browns, Panthers (x2), Steelers (minus Rapistburger), Rams, Cards, Falcons (x2), Niners, Skins, Lions, and Hawks are all very winnable games on paper. If we split wins in those games, we reach the six win mark. As the rookies and Freeman continue to improve as the year goes on the hope is that we steal an extra win or two from a team we have no business beating.

  6. Snookau Says:

    The Bucs won 2 of their last 3…

  7. ZeroExpectations Says:

    It’s just a prediction guys. I’m sure this isn’t going to make or break Steve. In fact if he is incorrect come seasons end, I hope nobody brings this up. However, if Steve said 2-4 wins and was wrong, you know for a FACT JimBuc would come calling.

    Reality still has to unfold.

  8. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I just want to give him props for using the word ‘contrarian’.

  9. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Last year we beat 2 very good teams and 1 that was still better than us. We also let several slip away at the end. Freeman is a fourth quarter qb, so if we can get some leads early and hold till the fourth quarter we should win more games. 6-8 wins is a good number. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  10. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Zero Expectations said:

    “In fact if he is incorrect come seasons end, I hope nobody brings this up. ”

    I will , trust me. LOL.

  11. goodfellajay Says:

    i see 7 for sure..i do…i hope theres more tho

  12. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Thank You for providing a link back to Steve’s Blog Joe!
    You have forgot a few times, not many. These links are important, not just to us fans, but to the SEO of this Blog. As long as you link out to relevant and related content, Google loves it, and so do your readers.

  13. goodfellajay Says:

    Cardinals, at 49ers Bengals,…lol they suck,,stop watching espn bro

  14. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    6-8 Wins sounds about right…

    Panthers have not scored an offensive touchdown in 3 preseason games…

    They are going to be the basement of the south this year.

    THis is going to be a great year to be a Buc fan. (Bitchin’ about it or not.)

  15. Rican Says:

    I agree with White, nothing he said was unreasonable. I get the feeling sometimes some of you only desire to be correct about your negativity just to be right lol, quit hatin.

  16. HelpStevesBlog Says:

    Do we have any web designers or know of any good open source blogging websites to help Mr. White’s (don’t be mad) tacky blog website?

    I mean, that web layout does an injustice to Steve’s amazing meat and potatoe blogs.

    Seriously, this day and age with free, open source blogs, someone can upgrade Mr. White’s blog site for the cause.

    WordPress is a start.

    I’m just saying this Steve, because your excellent commentary is presented in a rund down shack, that also needs paint.

    Kind of like Berns Steak House. You know, the very first time you show up and step out the limo, you are like, WTF? Then you walk inside and you are like, okay pretty nice. Then you eat the steak and you are like, excellent. Your website is the outside of Berns.

  17. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    I think White’s prediction is a good one. Not too high, not to low. I personally believe the Bucs could win up to 6 or 7 games this year.

  18. jaytek74 Says:

    I think 7 or 8 wins is attainable but on one condition and thus far in pre-season it has not been met and that is winning at the line of scrimmage in terms of run blocking and a strong pass rush. The pass rush may have some hope though as the rookies gain some experience. Unfortunately it looks like we are going to have to rely on the passing attack to open up the running game. I attended the Jags game last week and was trying to figure out why the poor pee wee football players who did not get to scrimmage at half time could not get a few carries for the Bucs…they could not have done much worse.

  19. eric Says:

    7 or 8 wins and were dancing in the streets like it is 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Rican Says:

    And why not Eric?? lol

  21. Morgan Says:

    This team will be miserable this year.

    Number one pick next year if the the lockout doesn’t disrupt that.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    I sticking with 8-8, but I think they could win 10. The race to 10 as Rah says. And I have “Zero Credibility” and can not back it up with any facts, just hope and …. well hope and that’s it.

  23. Tampa2 Says:

    How many seasons is he giving Raheem to win 7 games? 3-4?

  24. eric Says:

    And the world will be better for this
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars
    Still strove with his last ounce of courage
    To reach the unreachable star

    And win 7 games in a 16 game season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Move over Lombardi, here comes Rah!

  25. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I predict Areallylousy Benn ill play less than 7 downs this season.

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    You guys crack me up. That’s funny.

  27. Pruritis Ani Says:

    7 wins….I want whatever he’s been drinking 😀 Seriously, if the defense can play like they did the latter half of the season (after the experiment), I can see solid wins coming against the Browns, Rams, Lions maybe Washington and one of the Panthers games. If we don’t win against Browns, I don’t think we will have a victory until week 7 against the Rams.

    Don’t mean to micturate on anyone’s parade. 🙁

    On the plus side, I finally get to watch a game when the come into town on Thursday. My office is full of Buc stuff so I ve been taking a lot of grief lately 😀

  28. javier n Wimauma Says:

    Can we have a count of those wins? Where are they coming from?

  29. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Ok I’ll just come out and be the killjoy:


    The way the Bucs have looked in the preseason: My prediction is 4-12.

    I HOPE I’m wrong but you’ve got to look at the talent they have, the crappy play calling and their lack of depth. Plus look at Freeman will you? He’s STILL a rookie. How many quarters has he played in the preseason? Yes Josh has improved but being a fan doesn’t mean I have to check my brain at the door does it?

  30. BamBamBuc Says:

    In a society where everything is instant, patience is lost.

    Email and text replace letters because we can’t wait to know that so and so is taking their dog for a walk.

    Cell phones replace land lines because we can’t wait to get home and call someone.

    Not all change is instant, some things you have to wait for. 7 wins is better than 3, it’s improvement (if it happens). Not every NFL team can change from a disaster to a Super Bowl contender in one year. Not every player wants to go to a team that’s rebuilding, they want their championship NOW. If you can’t be happy with improvement, and maybe 7 wins, tough. It’s gonna take a couple years. If you can’t be patient and enjoy the growth of the team, too bad for you. If you want instant championship, change teams, be a bandwagon fan, cheer for the teams that are already there.

  31. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Bam Bam – hurry up and get to your point will you? 😉

    But seriously if the Bucs win 7 games I will be the FIRST to call for a contract extension for Rah and Dominik.

    It isn’t going to happen this year. No enough talent and poor coaching.

  32. safety Says:

    I think Steve knows more than ALL the posters on this board.
    As a former player, he is so much more eminently qualified to make a prediction than, say, Peter King.
    As a total homer, I’d take the over, but I’m planning on not hating the team, its coaches and FO types, even during the rebuilding process.
    Just me…

  33. jaytek74 Says:

    Well said BamBamBuc.

  34. Rican Says:

    AMEN BAMBAM lol, and BigMac I’m in agreement with you I predicted the latter 10-6 on Steve’s blog. Race to ten baby! But either way I’m loving and supporting this team W or L.

  35. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    If the NFL adopts Arena Football rules , and every one stops running the ball , then maybe our defense will stop someone, and Steve’s prediction will come true.

  36. Radio Mushmouth Says:


    Actually , former players make some of the worst prognosticators around. Anyone who’s watched an NFL pre-game show can tell you that.

  37. McBuc Says:

    Steve always breaks things down and tells you why without using just emotion…unlike all of us. I will take his word over most of you anyday.

  38. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    good luck with that , McBuc , because this team is going to suck ass.

  39. Tampa2 Says:

    Less than 2 weeks before we begin to see how these rookies play against veterans. And how the 2nd year Amateur coach stacks up against Professional Coaches. I think the Cleveland game will be a great indicator. Let the excuses begin!

  40. javier n Wimauma Says:

    @T2 you said:
    “And how the 2nd year Amateur coach stacks up against Professional Coaches… Let the excuses begin!”

    Those two lines are the summation of all the problems with the current day Buccaneer’s.

  41. Rican Says:

    Yes we all know that ALL HC’s start off experienced, there is never a point where they start lol lol.

  42. Will the Beast Says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing if these guys can stop the run The monday night game in 08 against Carolina set the tone for the future of the Buccaneers. From that game on they were exposed for what they were soft up the middle and undersized. Things have been addressed and players have been replenished it’s show and prove time. Six is possible but it’s not exceptable.