Ruud’s Security Tied To Raheem The Dream?

August 4th, 2010

With all the hullabaloo surrounding Barrett Ruud’s frustration over not getting a long term contract offer, Joe wanted to float another theory as to why Donald Penn is super wealthy and Ruud is just wealthy.

Maybe, just maybe, Team Glazer and Mark Dominik understand that Penn, who just got a fat new deal, can play his position at a high level for any head coach in any system. But Barrett Ruud? He might not be a great fit outside of the current Bucs defense.

Regardless of all the in-house love for Raheem The Dream, his job is hardly secure for many years to come.

If Dominik has concerns about the head coach’s future, then why would he lock up Ruud now for several seasons? Heck, Ruud went out last year and all but proved he couldn’t thrive in the Jim Bates Experiment.

Dominik was quick to eject the traditional Bucs defense a year ago. Maybe he wants to feel free to do it again? Especially with the recent talent upgrade on the defensive line.

Now Joe’s not saying Ruud is bad. As analyst Steve White said in an radio interview yesterday about Ruud, guys with that many tackles don’t suck.

Joe just thinks Ruud is tied to the current coach, whereas Penn is a universal piece of the puzzle.

8 Responses to “Ruud’s Security Tied To Raheem The Dream?”

  1. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    “But Barrett Ruud? He might not be a great fit outside of the current Bucs defense.”

    I hate to make the same point in different threads……but I’m going to make the same point in a different thread…………

    This is exactly like Ronde’s experience with FA…..wish I could remember what yr that was…’99 maybe? Anyway…..Ruud is an OLB on almost any other team

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    Very few coaches still run this style of defense. The origional cover 2 is considered outdated and is only used as a situational D not a base Defense. Most teams have switched to a 3-4 defense. This makes a pretty strong arguement for why Ruud hasn’t been signed. If Raheem struggles this year and they bring in Cowher or whoever; Ruud is gone! He is not physical enough to be a LB in most other defenses.

  3. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Ruud is indeed a Tampa 2 MLB. A better OLB in some man systems.

  4. McBuc Says:

    Plenty of teams would love to have Ruud on there team. We need to lock him up before the end of the season.

  5. McBuc Says:

    @Creansicle..Ronde was drafted in 97, so I would think it was later than 99. I remember what you are talking about but I seem to think it was not Ronde, maybe another corner or a safety. I tried to research it, but came up with nothing. Maybe Joe can shed some light on this case?

  6. BucnJim Says:

    Could be thinking of Donnie Abraham who went on to play for the Jets, but never quite had the success he had here with the Buccaneers.

  7. oar Says:

    Dexter Jackson the Super Bowl mvp went onto Arizona, but didn’t pan out and was released. We even re-signed him again after that. Not all, but alot of the Tampa-2 defensive players were products of said scheme. In 2005 Ronde voiced his displeasure about his contract/paycheck, but don’t remember him hitting free agency.

  8. eric Says:

    Everybody always lays the blame for the bucs 2009 season on Jim Bates.

    He was given a little more than half a season to implement his defense. Everyone seems to be in total agreement that he needed to be fired.

    On the other hand, Raheem the Dream cannot be evaluated for years.

    Same applies to the OC, who’s “chance” did not survive pre-season.

    Management seems a bit inconsistent in its “think long term” philosophy. Rah also seems to have a quick trigger in the firing department, except for himself of course.

    Who is the next scapgoat?