Reggie Brown To Start Saturday Vs. Chiefs

August 17th, 2010

With Mo Stovall out of Saturday’s game due to an ankle injury, Joe just assumed that blocking icon Michael Clayton would show Bucs coaches and fans alike why he will make the team this September.

But no! Instead, it will be a receiver brought in ostensibly to push Clayton. That would be Reggie Brown.

Per Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, posting on the TBO Bucs Twitter feed, it seems Brown will get the starting nod from Raheem the Dream this week.

Word here is that Reggie Brown will get the start Saturday at WR in place of the injured Maurice Stovall.

To make Clayton’s day a bit drearier, Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune, also Twittering, stated that Raheem the Dream decided to go one-on-one against Clayton in passing drills, the first pass thrown Clayton’s way with Raheem the Dream draped on him, Clayton dropped the ball.

44 Responses to “Reggie Brown To Start Saturday Vs. Chiefs”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow, humiliation x2 ! I should enjoy beating up on Clayton, but I don’t! I just don’t think he is a bad guy. This all must be his wifes fault.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Wow…if ever thre was a sure sign he would be cut, this is it. Raheem is showing his frustration. I am now convinced that Dominick might just eat the contract and send Clayton packing.

    And once he leaves? Well, he might be burried in depth charts somewhere for a year or two, but his career is mostly done.

  3. Joe Says:

    I just don’t think he is a bad guy.

    He’s not. Clayton is a very nice guy. Class act. Seriously.

    It actually pains Joe to write negative things about Clayton because he’s such a good guy.

    At practice in training camp, he jumped over the fence, sat in the bleachers and mingled with the fans like a regular guy, signing all the autographs for the kids, posing for pictures. That impressed Joe a lot.

    He also broke off a vacation early this summer to make an appearance at a golf outing to raise money for a cancer hospice center for people who don’t have the money to afford a hospice.

    To Joe, that’s class, no matter what he does on the field.

  4. Travis Says:

    your right Joe, Clayton is a great person, his footballs have just diminished beyond belief. And Unfortunately being a great person doesn’t keep you on an NFL roster.

    have him take Ward with him

  5. Gary Says:

    Now that is hilarious. Clayton 1) couldnt even get open against Rah and 2) dropped the pass anyway. Truly pathetic.

    I say we continue this trend and keep putting less and less athletic people on CCC and see how low he goes bf making a catch. My guess would be the 65 yr. parking lot security guard!

  6. goodfellajay Says:

    yeah its sad every year i said this is the year..he let us all down and i bet he will look back at his career and say what could have been

  7. Trguy12 Says:

    Please just end it already…the fact we still have to see them march
    this guy out there is like continually bashing your head against the wall.
    He needs a fresh start…and so do we! Good luck to him..but somewhere else.
    Ward is quickly approaching Clayton status.
    Enough with the tired barely mediocre at best old guys.



    If it truly looks like the end of the road for Clayton as a Buc, would the Bucs be better served showcasing him for a possible exchange for a 7th rounder, tackling dummy or stack of warm towels?

  9. Joe Says:


    If it truly looks like the end of the road for Clayton as a Buc, would the Bucs be better served showcasing him for a possible exchange for a 7th rounder, tackling dummy or stack of warm towels?

    Perhaps, but who is going to pick up that contract?

  10. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    That is exactly why they need to trade him. So they can actually get something in return for him.

  11. Bucsfan593 Says:

    Not defending the guy but he is good for the devolopment of our young Wr’s. he is a class act and does everything right except catch the ball. And in his defense how mony quarterbacks have thrown to him over the last three or four years. I think some consistancy at QB can help big time. I think he should be 5th or 6th on the depth chart but we give him enough action to be able to do something with him next year weather it be trade him or release him.

  12. Bucsfan593 Says:

    Or keep him…

  13. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    We already know Clayton sucks ….but what about Arrelious Bust-errrrrr- Benn ??

    When is this bum gonna show any signs of life ?? When Reggie Brown is above you on the depth chart you have problems…

  14. Bucsfan593 Says:

    Radio Mushmouth Says????

    How can you possibly say this guy is a bust he is devoloping at the rate of a typical 2nd rounder. Nobady is suposed to start week one after being drafted in round 2. He has had one preseason game?? thats hardly enough to tell anything. Mike williams is a freak for being able to go out and do what hes doing. but Benn is devoloping at an average rate.

  15. Bucsfan593 Says:

    Do i have to remind anybody about Dexter Jackson the 2nd rounder? lets no get crazy on this guy he should be solid if given the chance to devolope right.

  16. McBuc Says:

    Radio…I agree with Bucsfan523, but I would like to add…Do not count Reggie out. He came oput of college with a great deal of potential. All accounts of his training camp have been good. Just because he fell from grace with the Eagles does nopt mean he will not find his mojo in Tampa. One game and you want to label him a bus, you were kidding right?

  17. Louie the HATER! Says:


  18. BamBamBuc Says:

    This can’t be a bad argument…. Williams has got the #1 spot, Stroughter has the slot. We’re getting a great battle for the #2 guy between Stovall, Brown, and eventually Benn. WR was a huge waste last year. We’ve got great competition and looks like huge improvement at the position already. We haven’t even added K2 to the mix yet. This is not a bad problem to have.

  19. MVPFreeman Says:


    In a related article on, Roy Cummings talks about Rejus Benn in one of his training camp practice updates:

    “11:25: WR Arrelious Benn might have been playing in slow motion last Saturday, but he’s not playing that way today. He just beat Aqib Talib with a great inside move in a red zone drill to catch a touchdown pass.”

    Benn is a good rookie reciever. But he is just that a ROOKIE reciever. Certainly, you weren’t expecting this kid to come out and look like A.Boldin. Besides, it was only one pre-season game, and he was playing with the back-up offense.

    Don’t you think week one of pre-season is a tad bit too early to be dropping the gavel on our 2010 draft class or even our 2009 draft class for that matter?

  20. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Benn hasn’t showed a damn thing.

    You don’t have to be great , but it would be nice if you flash something from time to time- good body control, great catches, great moves, sharp route running , speed….

    Benn hasn’t showed any of this …forgive me if I am just jaded after our last 2nd round WR- Dexter Jackson , and the rapid development of Mike WIlliams.

  21. Joe Says:

    Benn hasn’t showed any of this …forgive me if I am just jaded after our last 2nd round WR- Dexter Jackson , and the rapid development of Mike WIlliams.

    LOL Radio, Joe loves ya man but to compare Arrelious Benn to (the bad) Dexter Jackson is just crazy talk beyond words.

    The guy played in a gimmick system (but succeeded very well against some of the nation’s top defenses like Ohio State, Penn State and Iowa), is learning a new position and can’t be compared to Williams because not only are they two different types of receivers, but they are playing two different wide receiver positions.

    Joe loves how you go over the top with your analogies but this one was a bit much, even by your standards. 🙂

  22. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    …and Dexter Jackson torched Michigan…

    Your right, it’s unfair to compare him to Dexter. At least Dexter was FAST…

  23. Joe Says:

    …and Dexter Jackson torched Michigan…

    LOL against a Michigan team that if memory serves didn’t go to a bowl game and fired their coach.

    Benn was doing his thing against teams that played in the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. LOL

    Nice try Radio. 🙂

  24. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    ..and we all know JOE would never jump to conclusions and call a player a “BUST” before said player had a chance to prove himself Josh Freeman

    Talk about about the pot calling the kettle , LOL.

  25. Joe Says:

    Talk about about the pot calling the kettle

    At least Joe stopped using the moniker prior to Freeman’s rookie training camp.

  26. goodfellajay Says:

    Radio Mushmouth is a fool Joe pay him no mind…

  27. trguy12 Says:

    Radio Mushmouth: “Benn hasn’t shown a damn thing”.
    Hello..the guy has played one preseason game….could Mushmouth be less credible?

  28. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Extremely funny. Clayton will be gone this year. There is no way they can keep him regardless of the money.

  29. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    He’s played all training camp also ,trguy , and the water boys’ name has been mentioned more than him.

    I’m willing to give guys a chance when you can see the talent there…I dont see any talent in this guy yet. Can anyone name me one single thing he does better than our other mediocre Wr’s , or excells in ?? I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt during camp, thinking maybe he’s a YAC guy, and YAC doesn’t show up in drills , but in the game he looked about as sluggish and unexplosive as Derrick Ward.

    All I’m saying is , beware of the bust with this guy…

  30. The D Says:

    Radio, youre an idiot. I have yet to hear anything bad about Benn in anything that ive read except that he had a few drops here and there early on in TC. What ive heard is that hes a hard worker and is an absolute beast to bring down. Give him a freaking chance dude.

  31. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Yeah he looked like a real beast to bring down on those kick returns saturday night…..or not ….

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    It’s a little too soon to be calling anyone a Bust yet. Chances are we will end up with one or two from this Draft based on History alone. I just hope it isn’t McCoy or Price.

  33. The D Says:

    Just give him a chance. Hes not going to be an all pro right out of the gates. Remember last time we had an all pro WR his rookie year? How did that turn out? lol

  34. Rican Says:

    Radio you really are a joke lol…
    Answer me this, how many practices have you been to? Tell me what you’ve seen or even heven’t of Benn to prove your point? And don’t refer to his first preseason game please.

  35. Rican Says:

    What you have personally seen might I add.

  36. Vince Says:

    Is it weird that I am almost feeling sorry for the Blocking Icon?? It’s all Chucky’s fault damn it.

  37. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    “Just give him a chance. Hes not going to be an all pro right out of the gates.”

    WHy not ?? Mike Williams is .

    By the way , I’m not asking him to be all-pro , I’m asking him to show he has an ounce of potential.

  38. Rican Says:


  39. Capt.Tim Says:

    Vince- nah, oddly I think most of us do.

  40. The D Says:

    First of all, Williams is more talented than Benn is by a lot. Plus Williams is a flashy player. Benn was brought in to be the dependable, move the chains guy. Maybe if you didnt have a pre-conceived notion that he sucks before ever doing anything, you would understand. Price was doing well in TC and you ripped everyone who said he was good because it was too early. But since Benn hasnt flashed, you want to write him off. No wonder young players never develop here because fans like you call for their heads a single preseason game. Just chill dammit.

  41. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I never called for his head , LOL. I didn’t even say he would never be good.

    I simply said my Bust Alarm was going off.

    Then you all proceeded to freak out and throw a hissy fit , as if you were the ones who traded up in the 2nd round in order to land this unexciting dud of a WR, and not Dumbinik . Joe then proceeded to climb on his high-horse , as if he never throws a player under the bus ( haha yeah right!)

    YOU chill. When Benn finally makes one SINGLE play to excite me about his potential , I will shut up. Right now he looks like a poor man’s Mario Urritia.

  42. Patrick Says:

    I never really was crazy about the Benn pick. The guy really never did anything spectacular in college. Golden Tate was still available at the time we made that second 2nd round pick. I think the reason they didn’t pick him is because of his size, but the guy can flat out make plays and run fast.

  43. Javier n Wimauma Says:



  44. Rican Says:

    You can’t find something you aren’t looking for lol. Even if he did flash you wouldn’t acknowledge it mush lol