Raheem The Dream Speaks

August 14th, 2010

Bucs coach Raheem The Dream was caught after the game on the Buccaneers Radio Network and gave his feedback on the loss to the Dolphins to begin the preseason.

“There were some positives; we want to remain the same. We want to run the football. Kareem Huggins picked up where Cadillac left off. He’s physical and he played hard,” Raheem The Dream said.

“We have to learn to play smart. Too many penalties. We can’t use mud as an excuse. They will try to [use the mud] as an excuse but I won’t let them.

“The mud didn’t seem like an advantage but [Josh] Freeman scrambled out of the mud and threw a pass to Sammie [Stroughter] for a touchdown. [Miami] played on the same field. We definitely played well at the beginning. The offense played well at the beginning and the second units lost focus.

“I was happy to see them play physical and with some heart.

“Freeman was a positive all night. He was able to step out of situations and make plays, made good decisions. That is what you have to do to play quarterback in this league.

“[Michael] Spurlock has been [catching balls] all offseason and in the OTAs and in training camp. I’m glad to see him do that under the lights. We just have to play smarter and if we do, we will win some football games.”

On Kareem Huggins: “Kareem has been doing that since he has been here. He now has an opportunity and a chance. I have known him for some time and he loves this game. And when you give him the opportunity, he will give it his best.”

5 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Speaks”


    I still don’t think that Ward gets to see the same holes that Cadillac does. When Zuttah moved to center and Ward came in, the line went to sh*t…

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    D Ward looked absolutely awful, and so did that wide receiver Brooks.
    Huggins looked brilliant, as did Biggers.
    Huggins ran well behind the same line Ward had, and Brooks cost us the game with his fumble.


    I was wrong. Ward’s first carries were with the first team O-Line.

    I hope to see what our running game looks like with Vincent in place of Zuttah.

  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    Not mentioned by Morris was Kyle Moore. I watched the play where he batted the ball down a couple times, and it was really pretty good on his part. He was rushing inside from the end spot, while Miller pushed outside. Moore didn’t get pressure on the QB, but when he knew he wasn’t getting to Henne, he kept a hand on the lineman, mirrored Henne’s movement and timed it perfectly. That’s a good sign. Knowing that you’re not out of the play when you’re blocked away from the play. It was smart by Moore. He also was in on some other plays as well, so I’d say he had a pretty good and somewhat surprising (to me) night.

  5. Rican Says:

    Seems that K.Moore wasn’t just “handed” the starting spot without actually having earned it. Rah knows what he’s seeing out of the kid.