Raheem Says It’s Fair To Criticize Sabby The Goat

August 11th, 2010
Thanks, coach.

"Thanks, coach."

Time to man up, Sabby.

That was the message Raheem The Dream delivered to the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, during a live interview on WDAE-AM 620 on Tuesday afternoon.

Duemig asked the head coach whether it is fair to heap criticism on Sabby The Goat, considering he’s a relatively young player in a tough system to master.

Raheem The Dream said it’s not only fair but Sabby The Goat needs to hear the criticism and take it seriously.

“No. I wouldn’t say it’s unfair. In this game we’re all criticized. I’m sure last year I’d be criticized for some of my coaching decisions. But as a man, you know it’s just up to you to get better. So Sabby’s got to take that stuff to heart and come back this year and prepare to get better, ” he said.

Raheem The Dream likened Sabby The Goat’s situation to Jermaine Phillips’s when he struggled before his breakout season at strong safety in 2007. 

“I see no difference in Sabby [compared to Phillips] in what his approach has to be. You can sit around and you can sulk. You can worry about who’s talking to you. Or you can choose a different route,” Raheem The Dream said. “You can go out there and learn to love to be miserable, as Rod Marinelli used to say. And go out there and play your game and be your best self.”

While it’s quite rare for a farmer or a petting zoo operator to lasso a goat, Joe suspects No. 21 is on a very short leash.

7 Responses to “Raheem Says It’s Fair To Criticize Sabby The Goat”

  1. eric Says:

    With those ears he should hear well!

  2. goodfellajay Says:

    Jermaine Phillips he is not..And will be a good back-up but thats all i see foe the ”GOAT” as you call him

  3. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    How about Raheem! Calling out a GOAT!

    Thatta boy!

  4. the Buc Realist Says:

    The bigger question is who’s leash is shorter? Raheem or Sabby?

  5. Joe Says:


    Raheem the Dream does have a point. Jermaine Phillips when he first started out was crucified (Indy debacle on Monday Night Football). Now, brittle bones and all, he’d be considered an upgrade.

  6. sensiblefan Says:

    I really like Raheem’s coaching/motivational style. I had forgotten just how much Flip struggled early on after taking over at SS! The physical and mental comparisons btw the two are there to be made and no person can compare the two better than Rah. Rah 1 Firing Squad 0

  7. goodfellajay Says:


    I understand..JP did not played well in the first 2 years…Time will time on the ”GOAT” but in any case we should keep him long term back-up and not let him go like we did Will Allen…good teams have good back-ups and if the ”GOAT” doesnt ever get to a level that he can start..I belive hes a great back-up ST player