Penn And Vincent Double-Team McCoy

August 10th, 2010 NFL writer Chris Harry compiled this intelligent video preview of the 2010 Bucs.

It’s got plenty of training footage for those who can never watch enough blocking.

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5 Responses to “Penn And Vincent Double-Team McCoy”

  1. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    I like that last line by Raheem. “I’m not going to use excuses.”

    He should stick with that motto, especially don’t blame his players like he did last year.

    I also noticed that Barret Ruud’s banner was taken DOWN from the stadium? Did I notice that correctly?

  2. krazi8 Says:

    LOL… does this guy only have one question?

  3. jlynch Says:

    Face of the franchise? So what is Raheem the ass of the franchise??

  4. Patrick Says:

    Wow, Raheem’s “underwear” comment has made it to youtube!!

  5. jlynch Says:

    There is more that clown tackling one of his own players acting like a jackass. Ive never seen someone as unprofessional and immature as this guy on a sideline. Try leading by example confidence and patience show your players how to be Men !!