Going Both Ways

August 10th, 2010
Is this your new Bucs goal line fullback?

Is this your new goal line fullback?

Joe’s gotta give Raheem the Dream some credit. He’s thinking outside the box.

Remember the halcyon days of Chucky when he used Warren Sapp as a tight end? He even caught a touchdown. Raheem the Dream is taking a page from Chucky and perhaps writing a new chapter.

“Playing Both Sides Of The Ball”

Anyone who went to Bucs training camp last week or watched the Bucs carnival of football Saturday night at the CITS noticed Raheem the Dream trying different things, meaning players playing foreign positions. Roy Miller playing fullback, for example.

It’s those types of moves that Raheem the Dream hopes helps put the Bucs over the top in close games, writes Tom Balog of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Morris has to be as resourceful as his players because NFL teams can dress only 45 players for regular season games and quality depth can be an issue at one position, depending on greater needs elsewhere.

“That’s me thinking about game-day rosters. Us trying to be pro-active instead of re-active,” Morris said. “That’s us, forming our team. The more roles you can create for people on game day, the more roster spots you can have.

“Every once in a while people go down (injured) in these games. You have 45 guys and you have to figure out what you’re going to do. Do you just throw the (goal-line offense) package out the window and you’re done with it for that day? Or do you have guys that can go out and play and compete? We’re just setting ourself up for all those situations.”

Even linebacker Adam Heyward has practiced some fullback. Given that he’s a backup, Balog notes, Heyward is hungry to get any type of playing time; he even has a touchdown dance ready.

You’ll have to read Balog’s story to find out who Heyward patterned his celebration after. It’s a good read from a good guy.

13 Responses to “Going Both Ways”

  1. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    I would love to see big Roy play fullback in goal line situations! It would be kind of reminiscent of Refrigerator Perry pounding in touchdowns for the Bears.

  2. oar Says:

    Talk about big boy athleticism! I remember that TD catch well. Here’s a link to anyne that forgot or would like to re-live it. It’s the second video(last one there is only 2 here).

  3. oar Says:

    oops… I guess it would help to post link:


  4. eric Says:

    “Every once in a while people go down (injured) in these games”.

    That’s the kind of creative thinking I’m talking about!

  5. Patrick Says:

    I have an idea. How about they just get an ACTUAL FULLBACK!!!! How bout they let Earnest Graham, a RUNNING BACK, RUN the football where he get us yards and touchdowns! Oh no, I guess he’s too old, too injury prone, blah blah blah.

  6. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I agree with Patrick.

    These regime has the strangest why of thinking.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Now that’s being inventive and making the best use of your personel! Raheem is showing the kind of winning thinking that gets you ahead in the NFL! Our last coach couldn’t get that creative in 6 years!! Glad to be rid of that boring crap, and watch this team step foward with thinking outside the box! Great to see after all this LONG years of BRUTAL BOREDOM!

  8. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Yes because 3-13 is SOOOOO exciting. You are a moron , Capt. Tim.

  9. Gary Says:

    Keep hanging onto that line Radio, its not going to last very long.

  10. oar Says:

    CaptTim, You hitting the sauce again? You’re hatered is getting long in the tooth, especially when it brings you to ly about him. Our “last coach” was the one who came up with the idea using Sapp and Booger as TE and FBs. Raheem and/or Olsen got that idea from him, I’m sure! Check out the video I posted of Sapp lining up as TE and making a great athletic TD catch! That was when our “last coach” was coaching. In other goal lines situations, they lined up in those positions and lead the way for the A-train! Maybe you weren’t paying attention back then? Probablly cause you hated the “last coach”? So much so, you didn’t actually watch them play. Otherwise, you would know where that came from.
    BTW here’s an idea. Try a post, where you don’t bring up and bash our “last coach”. I don’t think you have it in you.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oar- the last coach is the last thing I wanna talk about!! But if the post starts with “Clayton breaks toe”, it will have the mancrush twins- Eric and Thomas- saying how It’s because we fired Chucky!! Every single post! It’s turning this Site(which I love) into a romance site instead football! Ok, they LOVE Chucky- do we haveta hear about it EVERY POST! This ain’t the friggin heartache channel, and ain’t none of us wanna be Dr.Phil!

  12. oar Says:

    CaptTim, You and JimBuc constantly bitching about thier loves and/or hates is just enabling them. But, really try and not post a bash about the “last coach” in every post you make. What’s funny, is you guys sound like them, just on the otherside of the fence.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah, yer probably right! Funny part is I actually think Gruden is a great coach. Just needs a much stronger GM to draft correctly, and An assist coach to work with the young guys! These bozos love affair with is turning the happy go luck Capt. Into a hater!and we can’t have that!