Michael Spurlock Emergency Quarterback

August 31st, 2010

Bucs fans who were at the CITS Saturday likely nearly dropped their $7 beers (lower prices this year!) when they saw Michael Spurlock line up at quarterback in a Wildcat formation.

Joe was surprised by this in a number of factors, specifically, why show your poker hand in the preseason?

The fact Spurlock did line up at quarterback may be a harbinger, says Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson, by way or Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune.

What might work in Spurlock’s favor is his ability to play quarterback. Spurlock played 21 games as a quarterback and running back at Mississippi. The Bucs lined up Spurlock in a wildcat formation against Jacksonville last week, but the play was never executed because of a penalty.

If Tampa Bay elects to keep Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson on its active roster, while placing Rudy Carpenter on the practice squad, Spurlock could be the Bucs’ emergency quarterback on game day.

“Everybody is trying to maximize their roster because of the limited roster size,” Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson said. “The more you can do, it’s a plus. It shows he can learn multiple positions and do multiple things and gives him an opportunity to make the team. Depending on what we do at our quarterback situation, if you’re a team that only carries two quarterbacks, he’d be a guy that would have to learn how to take some snaps and finish out a game for us. I’m not saying we’re going two quarterbacks, but he’s a guy at the receiver position who might able to do some things with the wildcat. He’s a versatile player.”

What does this tell Joe? That Rudy Carpenter is practice squad bound. Maybe. And that the Bucs are trying innovative things offensively in an effort to wash away the grime and stench of last season.

6 Responses to “Michael Spurlock Emergency Quarterback”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    If Spurlock can throw, is he really any different than Carpenter at this point? I mean, Rudy is a gamer, but he’s real rough around the edges.

  2. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    I’m sure glad One Buc Place reads JBF. They are taking my advice about Spurlock 😉

  3. Jason Says:

    sorry, I like spurlock but that’s gotta be the worst… idea… ever… Spurlock under center against an NFL defense would be a joke, if not criminally negligent. Better off teaching him to punt it on 1st down…

  4. eric Says:

    Get a first down before halftime, then get fancy.

  5. Dave Says:

    This is nothing more than showing how being versatile is a plus. It doesn’t matter in a couple years anyway. When they expand to 18 games, the roster will expand…….. there will be more injuries and more roster spots and more backup QBs playing……. it all adds up to higher ticket prices. BUT that is a different subject.

  6. Dan Buc Fan Says:

    This sounds good and all but what of the rules of having your emergency QB go in the game? Will that not render the other 2 QBs ineligible to come back in the game if Spurlock lines up at receiver? Anyone?