McCoy Not Pleased With Fan’s Question

August 6th, 2010

Joe didn’t have his usual tempo today out at Bucs training camp. Admittedly, walking around in the searing heat without cold beer is a shock to Joe’s sensitive metabolism.

Joe was getting is-it-over-yet cranky by noon.

It seems Gerald McCoy might have had the same kind of day.

With sweat pouring off his head in full pads, McCoy was signing autographs for a long line of onlookers after practice. A young boy then yelled for McCoy while sitting on his dad’s shoulders holding a football.

McCoy gestured for the young kid to cut the line and come over to him. Still on his dad’s shoulders, the kid approaches McCoy and throws the football at his face from close range. The ball caught McCoy by surprise and hit McCoy in the grill while he caught it.

But McCoy had fun with it telling the young man quickly, “We outta fire Freeman,” which drew a laugh from the crowd.

Seconds later, a 40-something dude nearby called out McCoy and asked, ‘Who’s better? You or Price?”

This drew an angry face from the No. 3 overall pick. “Does it matter?” McCoy said as he glared into the guy’s eyes. “We’re on the same team. Who asks a question like that?” McCoy said while he shook his head.

Watching that exchange, Joe got what he hopes was a glimpse of McCoy the nasty penetrating defensive tackle manbeast.

McCoy has said his warm demeanor changes quickly on the field. At that moment, it seemed like it hadn’t been turned back on yet.

16 Responses to “McCoy Not Pleased With Fan’s Question”

  1. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I love it!!!! McCoy calling it like he sees it. My hat’s off to him for that display of manhood.


    Fans can be so classless…

  3. nukepineisland Says:

    Theres a little of that 99 nastinest, about time McCoy. Nice.

  4. sunrisejeff Says:

    Props to him for letting the kid come to the front…….and boo to the 40yr old who asked the pointless question. It’s like Peter King telling you how his morning oatmeal tastes…….who cares?

  5. Not A Rocket Surgeon :P Says:

    What it indicates to me is that there IS a nastiness when APPROPRIATE to Gerald McCoy. Turn it on when needed… on the field. That’s what we kept hearing from him and his teammates.

  6. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    WHo’s better??

    Actually the question DOES matter , Gerald , because you’re the one making 40 million garanteed….if Price is better than you , and you become a backup, you’ve wrecked the salary cap for no good reason.

    So , maybe you might want to stop being a dick to the fans and start out-performing a player picked 30 slots after you.


    Radio MushIdiot was the 40 something douche….obviously

  8. DRB Says:

    Give the kid a pass. I don’t want a guy on my team who doesn’t get pissed off sometimes.

    I do worry a little about his height though, 6’4″ seems a little tall for an Undertackle in our defense.

    Then again….. what do I know, if it was an issue- they wouldn’t have drafted him with our 1st pick.

  9. mpmalloy Says:

    When facing a nasty difficult situation always think:


  10. Jorge Says:


    You’re a moron…Why would you think GMC or any other player owes you anything at all? He wouldn’t go to your job and ask you whose better?!

    All I expect is for him to preform on Sundays, anything else is bonus…I met the guy while he was shopping for shoes, he was very nice to my kids and then I left him alone…

    Sapp was an ass, but on Sundays he was everything he was supposed to be…

    D Brooks was a gentlemen, but on Sundays he was a beast…

    On and on…

  11. eric Says:

    Not that this means squat, but I took it a little different, like he is a bit touchy that Price is making more splash plays in camp.

    Otherwise, why not take a stupid fan question in stride?

    A bit of rookie frustration perhaps?

  12. The White Tiger Says:

    I FREAKING LOVE THIS GUY!! That is absolutely a 99 type answer! Turn this guy LOOSE! I may have to revise my “wins” prediction…by at least one game (even though that only bongs us to 7…it shows a LOT of upwide!

  13. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Eric hit the nail on the head.

    McCoy is touchy on the subject, because Price has been owning him in practice, and deep down he knows Price is better right now.

    …and by the way, what I said was true… If McCoy loses the starting Undertackle position to a later round pick , we wasted 40 million dollars , SO IT DOES MATTER. Deal with it , douche bags.

  14. Dave Says:

    Eric and Mushmouth are wrong. McCoy has been good and consistent. Price has too. I believe what you are reffering to is ONE day where Price looked great.

    I can see why you can take at that why, but I believe it is wrong. From what I have read and heard from McCoy, I think he truly is all about the team and winning. I really believe that he feels him and Price and Miler are a sub-team on this team and a comparison of any of them doesn’t make sense to him. He feels liek they are one in the same fighin for the same goal: to win and create a great defense.

  15. Larry Says:

    From what I’ve read, Price and McCoy have been equally impressive.
    It seems that only Joe has the crazy mancrush on Brian with article after article about how much of a beast he is.

  16. Joe Says:


    Joe was that impressed with Price. No agenda.

    Trust Joe, for Joe to slobber like that over one guy, he had to impress him.

    And Price very much impressed Joe.