Even Players Get Bored With Training Camp

August 6th, 2010

Joe enjoys training camp as much as the next hardcore Bucs fans but after a while, it’s time for some friggin’ football! Let’s play some real games.

That appears to be the case for Bucs right tackle Jeremy Trueblood. At the risk of potentially getting in trouble from the head honchos at The News Center, Tampa Tribune photographer Cliff McBride caught Trueblood yawning during practice this morning.

Just a few more days folks until we get a game, albeit a preseason game. Still, a preseason game means the real football season is just around the corner.

Joe can smell it.

12 Responses to “Even Players Get Bored With Training Camp”

  1. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    I think he was just yawning and you caught a ad picture of him. I am not sure that pic means he is slacking or taking it easy at practice.

    Anyway, on the suject, it baffles me to comprehend anyody taking plays off in practice now that they are getting paid millions to play the game. Seriously, they only practice several hours a day……… like the Great Steve White said in another passage, give it your all in practice (or something like that). Taking plays off or not taking practice serious basically makes the practice pointless.

    You are supposed to e practicing to prepare for the game…… so practice your game speed and game intensity for crying out loud. How many weeks do they play games out of the year? 16 + a ye week 17. Pluse the 4 pre-season games. 21 weeks plus 2 weeks of TC prior to pre-season. 23 weeks. 23 weeks out of the year of 52 weeks. I’m not counting the off-season stuff, because there are no pads there.

    But seriously, 23 of 52 is not even half a year. When you do have to show up, show up! The average person has to work 50+ weeks a year. Getting 29 weeks off, while being paid millions, and getting to be famous, hardly makes the average person feel for you. WE WANT WINS BABY! Get your lazy butts in gear and practice like you are being paid.

  2. Joe Says:


    I think he was just yawning and you caught a ad picture of him.

    Joe did not catch Trueblood yawning. As Joe pointed out, it was Tampa Tribune photographer Cliff McBride.

    I am not sure that pic means he is slacking or taking it easy at practice.

    Joe never suggested such a thing.

  3. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    You are right, and my apologies.

    You said he was bored.

    Anymore observations about the team’s intensity lately?

  4. Joe Says:

    Anymore observations about the team’s intensity lately?

    The “Joe” who doesn’t have a smartphone, thus who wasn’t Twittering, just called this “Joe” to inform him he’s on his way back from camp with tons of stuff to post. In particular is a neat story on Arrelious Benn and apparently there was some unpleasant banter between a fan(s) and Gerald McCoy, the specific details this “Joe” is not exactly sure of.

  5. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    “unpleasant banter between a fan(s) and Gerald McCoy”

    That’s a little ridiculous. Why would a fan even bother his own hometown player?


  6. Joe Says:

    Details coming. Yesterday when Joe got his picture, GMC wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy. Joe didn’t think anything of it until just now when Joe heard there was something between him and a fan(s) this morning.

    Again, Joe has no idea what happened this morning. For all Joe knows the fan(s) should have had their ass(es) kicked.

  7. oar Says:

    Was just in line at bank and the fella in front of me said, he was just at the practices today and Clayotn is still dropping balls like in a game. Thought he was Mr WR August? Other than that said they didn’t look that bad. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ask him much(intensity, etc). Seemed like he was in a hurry.

  8. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Joe I can smell it too. Hell, I can almost taste it.

  9. Paul Says:

    When I looked at that picture, it made me yawn.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Unpleasant banter with a fan?? Uh oh, other than McCoy threatening ta kick yer ass, how was practice today, Eric? Lol

  11. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Training camp in this heat must be like you died and went to hell.There has been some serious injuries around the leauge already.The Bucs can not afford to lose any key players.I would prefer they slack off a little if it means they stay healthy.

  12. drdneast Says:

    FYI, the scientific reason for yawning is to relieve stress. Try expanding your reading to something other than the sports section.