Huggins Never Got His Shot

August 21st, 2010

Joe had written through the week that Kareem Huggins hardly has a roster spot secure, despite so many fans showering him with love, almost as passionate as the cuddling Joe would like to have with each of the sweaty Bucs cheerleaders on the sidelines tonight.

The Bucs’ defensive mastermind/head coach said this week that he wanted to see what Huggins could do behind the first team offensive line in tonight’s preseason opener against the Chiefs.

Huggins never saw that action.

His first carry was midway through the second quarter with Jeff Faine out of the game and Jeremy Zuttah in his place at center. Keydrick Vincent was in for Zuttah at guard and the rest of the line was in tact.

Huggins’ first three runs were for six, 11 and three yards. He looked pretty good and finished with eight carries for 44 yards.

But it was Derrick Ward who got the carries behind the first team line. And he only looked marginally better than in his horrid effort in Miami.

Ward missed an inside cut and barrelled into Earnest Graham and fell, which might have been his best effort of the night. He finished with five carries for 11 yards.

In fairness, Joe has to give credit for Ward doing an excellent job picking up the blitz on two occasions. Ward has his bell rung early in the second half and never returned.

Joe can’t imagine the Bucs would cut Ward. And with Clifton Smith sitting out the game as a precaution because of his hamstring, and the head coach standing tall in supporting Smith this week, Joe’s just still seeing a tough road for Huggins.

14 Responses to “Huggins Never Got His Shot”

  1. goodfellajay Says:

    A GOOD THX YOU TO THE INTERNET ..we watch the game free..and so can you google is ur friend…no black outs in my house so go to hell NFL….

  2. Patrick Says:

    Huggins has played very well this preseason and he hasn’t done anything to deserve to get cut. He’s a keeper.

    Ward had another bad game tonight, but it’s still too early to jettison him.

  3. Steve from Oregon Says:

    Joe….if Raheem is a man of his word regarding keeping the best 53 men on the team, he has to keep Huggins over Ward.

    We will see if he really is a man of his word, or just blowing smoke…..I’m really hoping he does the right thing.

  4. Greg Says:

    @ Steve from Oregon

    Rah is going to keep whomever Dominic tells him to keep!!

  5. Michael Says:

    C’mon Joe, there was only one guy missing from the line. It’s close enough to being behind the first string offensive line, and it’s as close as a third string RB will get.

  6. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Dammit! Ward sucked again tonight!
    Hey Ward! I don’t think 11 yards on 5 carries is a very good outing buddy! So thanks for the promise that wasn’t!

    Dammit Raheem! Free Huggy Bear! The guy couldn’t possibly be much worse than Ward!

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Huggins was our leading rusher, with 44 yards. It may not have been our 1st string line, but it looked like their starting 7 up front, which is even more impressive! Of course, who’s running won’t mean matter to much if Freeman’s thumb bothers him this year!

  8. pete Says:

    Sort of like the QB competition last training camp?

  9. Snook Says:

    Still not sure why people think Ward will be on this team… He hasn’t done ANYTHING since he got here to earn what he’s being paid. Huggins will make the squad. Ward will not.

    The last 2 pre-season games will seal the deal.

    Ward sucks. Bye-bye!!!

  10. Chet Says:

    Ok, Joe I have to call you out. You’ve got something against Huggins. What is it? Running back has got to be the least pedigree’d position in the NFL. Guys tend to excell at the position from all sorts of backgrounds. UFA’s, late round picks, etc. What is your beef with Huggins? I know he lacks game experience, but he’s clearly the 2nd best back the bucs have right now at the very least. Derrick Ward looks washed up.

  11. Steve from Oregon Says:

    I just read an article thats says Peanut now has “GOUT”, Ward has a concussion… this rate Williams and Huggins will be the only two healthy backs.

    I like Peanut as much as the next guy, but he hasnt shown that he can run the ball, his worth is returns and punts, Spurlock, Stroughter, and Benn can do that also… may be time to say goodbye to Peanut as well.

  12. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Chet – Actually, Joe knows Huggins and has spent a considerable amount of time with Huggins one on one last year and even last night. Huggins is a great guy. Joe’s not being personal here, just making it clear that Huggins didn’t get the shot that his coach allegedly wanted him to get. And he’s got a tougher road than most think. Hope he gets a some first-team time to show what he’s got.

  13. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Michael wrote: “C’mon Joe, there was only one guy missing from the line. It’s close enough to being behind the first string offensive line, and it’s as close as a third string RB will get.”

    Well Zuttah was the second string center and Vincent is the 2nd string guard, that’s two second-teamers in Joe’s book. …Only point is that Huggins didn’t get the first-team look Raheem said he wanted to see

  14. Irony Says:

    Lol Kendrick was the only addition. He’s better than Zuttah in that position anyways so really that’s a plus for Huggy. Faine was the only guy missing it wasn’t much of a difference lol. Plus he still got his shot against their starting seven which is all that really matters.