Dominik Has Priorities In Order

August 4th, 2010

Joe thought it was mighty nice for Bucs personnel czar Mark Dominik to spend a fair amount of time mingling with the fans sitting in the disabled persons section this morning.

Not knowing Joe was watching, Dominik was introducing himself, shaking hands and just talking football with these folks.

Later, Dominik was engaged in what looked like a serious on-field chat with beat writer Chris Harry, of, but quickly peeled away when he saw a contingent of men from MacDill Air Force Base leaving the practice.

Dominik seemed to just want to thank them for coming.

Joe thought those things were pretty cool.

14 Responses to “Dominik Has Priorities In Order”

  1. big007hed Says:

    I agree that is pretty cool, Dominik has been very good with military appreciation and recognition. I applaud that.

  2. McSiD Says:

    I totally agree with you Joe. I bumped into him at fanfest an had a 5-10 min conversation about football with him that I ended. He even answered questions about the Penn situation. He just came across as a real cool guy.

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    This is great news. Both he and Morris understand that the Bucs have alientated a lot of media people and fans. Stuff like this may eventually make ESPN forget about Dungy loading his SUV in the dark.

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mark Dominik is building quite a reputation amongst NFL insiders. He is proving to be an intelligent and savvy GM, at a very young age. We are lucky he is here! His respect for the fans, and especially our Military, sets the tone for the franchise. It also speaks highly of his character! Mark has the Bucs on the right track, and in good hands! God Bless our Military , both at home and abroad! We are the land of the free, only because we are the Home of the BRAVE!! Go Bucs!! God Bless our Military!

  5. eric Says:

    I wonder if 55 thinks he is a great guy?

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    wonder if u could bitch anymore? dont answer that, we all know the answer.

  7. JimBuc Says:

    Love that Eric “the hater” had to come take his regular dump on the Bucs. LOL. Like a scorned winey bitch, always around to vent anger over the past.

  8. McSiD Says:

    Well no one else picked up 55 either. So as much as it hurts to type Mark made the right move cutting Brooks.

  9. eric Says:

    Brooks has got more guts and class in his little finger than Dom has in his whole boyish body.

    Being nice to the military, as everyone should be, don’t cure it for me.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    For those of you who are new to Eric, it’s all about Jon Gruden! He cannot, and will not, ever forgive the Bucs for Firing Chucky. EVER!!! So every day, he writes between 4 snd 8 post. All negative, must Spun to prove that every event since Lil chuckys dismissal has been an act of insanity, performed by people who have absolutely no knowledge of Football at any level. I don’t know if he believes Chucky may still be brought back, or is punishing us daily for Breaking his Heart! But it is all about Gruden! Over and over again!

  11. McBuc Says:

    Eric…You are simoply posting negative comments for the hell of it. Please go cheer for a team you like. You can not even stay quiet on a nice feel good story like this one. How do you think the people in STL took it when orlando pace was cut. This is the NFL, guy grow old and get cut, it is business. Maybe they should have thrown a parade, but Brooks was not ready to hang it up. Brooks was and still is my favorate Buc of all time, but man you have to let it go. brooks is no longer here, in case you diod not get the memo. Please craw back under your rock.

  12. eric Says:

    I will never forget the way these guys treated 55. You guys can turn your back on him if you want.

    Not me.

  13. Joe Says:


    How do you think the people in STL took it when orlando pace was cut.

    TOTALLY different comparsion between St. Louis/Pace and Tampa Bay/Brooks.

    Brooks was the heart and soul of the Bucs. While Pace was important to the Rams Super Bowl run, the “heart and soul” of that team was either Kurt Warner or Marshall Faulk.

    Pace didn’t have near the local connections in the St. Louis area as Brooks did here (Florida State). In fact, Pace had zero local connections to St. Louis. I believe he is from Ohio (yes, Joe knows where he played college ball).

    Not sure if Pace has a high school named after him that he helped found but Joe’s guess is no. Brooks does.

    Football in St. Louis is a near afterthought. Remember what the Rays were when that scumbag Naimoli owned the team? That the Rays only had passing attention from the area between the NFL draft and the start of training camp? That’s what football is to St. Louis. It’s a garbage college football area and the NFL is a fad, something to watch between the World Series and the start of spring training.

    Brooks is an absolute icon in this area. Pace in St. Louis??? No where close. That’s reserved for Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith, Whitey Herzog and Albert Pujols.

    In fact, when Pace was cut, I’d be shocked if the Post-Dispatch ran a headline above the fold — on the front of the sports page. When Brooks got cut, it was like when that idiot kid rammed his plane into the Bank of America building in downtown Tampa.

    Now if you want to see a city flip out, if the Cardinals don’t resign Pujols, the governor of Missouri may have to call out the National Guard.

  14. McBuc Says:

    @Joe…LOL, you got me there. You are correct. I did not like seeing Brooks go either. I just wish some of the guys would start looking forward instead of backwards. I do however stand corrected.