Dancing Piscitelli Embarrasses Joe

August 29th, 2010

Joe’s had about enough of this Sabby Piscitelli character.

During the Bucs’ loss against Jacksonville at home last night, this Sabby celebrated a late third-quarter tackle he made, which was a three-yard gain, as if he just registered a sack in a playoff game.

There was Sabby dancing around like a Mark Gastineau. Funny how none of his teammates were at his side to slap him on the ass.

And you’d think Sabby might have been a little humbled by the moronic 15-yard penalty he incurred on punt coverage minutes prior.

Joe, for a brief moment, was embarrassed to be a Bucs fan.

Late in the game, Sabby suffered a mild concussion while solo-tackling a Jags wide receiver along the sideline.

Apparently, taking a good angle, for a change, can be dangerous.

43 Responses to “Dancing Piscitelli Embarrasses Joe”

  1. Ash Says:

    Not sure if it was the same play (def a little drunk at ray jay) but there was one play he was celebrating and we were backed up against our goal line. LAME. He has a better shot teaming up with The Situation for the next season of Jersey Shore then being a productive NFL player

  2. Joe Says:


    Were you in the end zone for tonight’s game? There was some guy Joe met who said the exact same thing about Sabby and the Jersey Shore.

  3. ZeroExpectations Says:

    “He has a better shot teaming up with The Situation for the next season of Jersey Shore ….” bwahahahahahahahaha!!!

  4. Ash Says:

    I was next to the party deck at that time. Black tee, grey shorts

  5. ZeroExpectations Says:

    If Sabby was really dancing all night after his plays, under the latest circumstances, then he is pretty much proving to be clueless.

    The Bucs should just go ahead an cut him. Not because I hate him, but because I am tired of hearing everyone else hate on him. Time for a new story. This goat has neye’d his last ney. Or something like that.

    Anyway, trade him or cut him.

    John Lynch said that Clayton had his visior on all night. He seems to think he is a gonner too.

  6. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Goats know how to dance? Who Kew?!

  7. Fish Says:

    Seriously, Sabby is a cocky, underachieving jackass and he always will be.

    I had high hopes, like most, when reviewing his playmaking potential or athletic ability, but he’s showing that he’s all show an no play.

    I don’t know what it is about Cody Grimm, but he gets me excited… just throwin’ in out there. He’s the anti-Sabby.

  8. Fish Says:

    P.S. – Feel like I need to give Joe some love. I absolutely love the blog. First site I visit on a daily basis and the first one I visit on any Bucs news.

  9. goodfellajay Says:

    yea it was funny the way he acted with the dance then got hurt

  10. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Joe is an idiot for critisizing sabby on that hit…..he rocked the running back , and even John Lynch was impressed. It was a great shot in open field. If a safety comes up and makes a tackle for a three yard gain , that is actually great. You act like he was playing LB. Get serious. Wow, what a reach.

    Critisize for something deserved. When you reach like this it just makes you sound like you have an agenda. ( which you do).

    By the way , where was your boy Arrelious Bustilous last night?? He is still the “Invisible Z” apparently…

  11. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Watch the play again today on the the replay Joe , when you’re actually sober, and listen to John Lynch’s comments. If that is the play you are embarassed about , you have issues.

  12. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Radio – Joe has already seen the video several times. (Don’t ask.) It was a strong tackle, but it has nothing to do with what was written in this post. The level of celebration was ridiculous and embarrassing. And there’s never an agenda here. Joe just writes what he thinks. Really don’t put any time into crafting agendas.

  13. bucsrthebest Says:

    Someone needs to tell Sabby to tackle with his shoulder first, not his head!

  14. Joe Says:

    Wow, Fish that’s a very nice compliment. Joe’s touched Thank you.

  15. Night Man Says:

    oh radio, what would you have said if benn went around celebrating like sabby after the block he threw to spring carlos brown against the chiefs, when that play actually deserves more celebration then sabbys, its a rhetorical question, like i said i have no interest in what you say after what ive heard from you so far

  16. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Yes becuase I’ve never seen a safety celebrate after a big hit ….neeeeeever….are you freakin serious ?? It happens every week.

    The only reason you are embarassed is because you’ve made such a commitement to destroying Sabby , that you don’t want anyone to notice when he does something good…you’d rather him slink back to the huddle quietly . LOL

    Very weak and biased commentary. John Lynch had no problems with the celebration. Enough said.

  17. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    …and BTW, I fully expected Joe to use the phantom fair-catch interference call as his chance to do his weekly Sabby “pile-on” article ….never expected he’d find fault with a great defensive play , LOL.

  18. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Night man….if and when Areallylousy Bust ever makes a good play , I will give him credit.

    Make no mistake , I am not a Sabby apologist …he needs much improvement. I just find it amusing the witch-hunt by Joe and many of the posters on this site. You’d think the guy had raped all your daughters….

  19. Night Man Says:

    radio, your a tool man, and by the way i never i liked or didnt like sabby, think before you speak, i actually do want him to succeed and live up to his potential as with every other buc player, and i think he could be really good, the fact is hes not now, the fact is, arreilious isnt there either, hes in his first offseason, but hes not a bust, anyone would say you cant call anyone in the draft this year a bust yet

    and been actually did alot of good things last week, stats may not show it, but brian price and gerald mccoy had an awesome week this week, but the stats might not show that either

    the only thing i didnt like was the comments he made about it mnot being a fair competition and whining

    sabbys celebration was a little overdone (is it that big of a deal no) but not every safety celebrates like that when they make a big hit, i actually think he brings good energy on the field with stuff like that, maybe save some of that for an int or forced fumble or a def td or save some energy to make some more plays on the field

    and ur turning this into an arguement over sabby on whether i like him or not and this and that. the whole point was to point out to you, you should think before you speak so you sound more credible andd you so dont sound like a joke all the time thats not funny (thats what you are, a joke that nots funny, hey maybe lynch doesnt have a problem with that, so enough said right) when calling arrellious a bust and complimenting sabby, they both havent done much, but show a lot of promise and sabby is not a rookie, your coments are flawed, and mine are in no way biased, if sabby plays well and back into the starting lineup, im all for it, same with clayton and ward, but if they dont, then id rather have someone else, and i think grimm has actually outplayed sabby. but then again it is the preseason

    and it wasnt a great defensive play, it was a nice solid play and a nice hit, things he should be doing at the strong safety spot, and just cause lynch says he has no promblem with it, has no influence to my opinion on the play, i form my own opinions with my own thoughts, you should try it

    take her easy there turbo

  20. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I can actually remember very FEW times when a safety didn’t prance around like a peacock after blowing someone up. They always do..It is a big deal for a safety . For a safety making the big hit is what they live for.
    Seriously, find something legit to complain about and quit wasting our time.

    Benn has shown absolutely ZERO promise….that is my problem with him . The guy can’t even get open on 4th string corners that are going to be flipping burgers next week. I’m not asking him to look like Mike Williams , I’m just asking him to flash against the other teams’ bums. The problem is he can’t , because the has no football instincts and his athletic ability appears to be merely average.

    Sorry, facts.

  21. Joe Says:

    Sorry, facts.

    Sorry facts indeed!

  22. topdoggie Says:

    I actually agree with Radio for a change. Joe must have had a bad bowl of goat stew at some point.

  23. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    you said “The Bucs should just go ahead an cut him. Not because I hate him, but because I am tired of hearing everyone else hate on him. Time for a new story. ”

    I’m pretty much on board with that. Otherwise, we will never hear the end of it. Besides, I am eager to see who the next scapegoats will be. I mean, there just HAS to be someone at fault for the Buc’s upcoming failures, never Raheem. 😉

  24. Pete Dutcher Says:

    You know what Sabby’s celebration reminded me of? A Rookie Tryout acting the same way. We see it every year…from rookies.

  25. eric Says:

    The most disgusting celebration I have witnessed was Rah and Clayton all slap happy after the Dallas LOSS.

    Plus we got a chest pumping head coach!

    Glad we got a guy to take Sabby’s spot, but this is a little piling on after a good play.

    Now if Jones starts missing tackles perhaps there are more systemic problems.

  26. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    LOL exactly Eric….apparently the coach running out on the field and doing a flying chest bump after defensive tackle does not embarass Joe , but sabby making a good play does.

  27. drdneast Says:

    Joe, get off the Sabby attacks, they are getting real old and very prejudiced. Sabby laid a good lick on him and that was the only reason he was :pumped up.” Good for him. As for his penalty, I read in the paper it should have been called on the Niko MLB guy. Give it a rest.

  28. Joe Says:


    If Joe wanted to attack Sabby, he would have written (another) post about (another) dumbass personal foul he had.

  29. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    See. Everyone knows Joe is being a biased hack on this one….I just still can’t believe he is trying to defend the position ,instead of of blaming it on the $8 dollar beers .

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting Joe’s outrage and embarassment next time a Buc defender celebrates after a good play….

  30. Joe Says:

    Radio Mushmouth

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting Joe’s outrage and embarassment next time a Buc defender celebrates after a good play….

    So long as said defender doesn’t lead the league in missed tackles, doesn’t blow coverages worse than a porn star, doesn’t unload on his coach for rigging a competition and doesn’t commit two dumbass personal foul penalties in three preseason games… you betcha.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Beers have dropped to $7, $6.75 for Bottles. Just wanted to clear that up.

    You betcha, gee darn don’t cha know. Is my girl Sarah P in the house?

    Sabby needs to get fired up, and I want him to succeed because he’s a Buc. He’s all Buc’d up, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, this time. The interference call was stupid like most of the 999 penalties they called, on both sides.

    It was nice to see McCown play well. Maybe we should have kept him, don’t cha know.

    Night Man, when you write drivel without any effort or respect for the English language, no one will take you seriously. Thanks for saying you will not be back, because you will not be missed.

    When you hide behind one screen name, why do you have to hide behind another??? It’s like lies on top of lies.

    Okay, it’s almost 4AM, time to go to work.

    I had a blast at the game. We were loud as hell, our entire section. It’s contagious and I can’t wait until Cleveland comes to town. I wonder if they will let us throw beer bottles? What? It’s Cleveland. C’mon Man.

  32. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Now the fair catch interference was Sabby’s fault also ? When he didn’t even touch the returner and it was clearly a mistake by the ref ???

    Seriously, Joe, at least try and show a little professionalism and grow up.

  33. Joe Says:

    Words from Radio Mushmouth:

    Seriously, Joe, at least try and show a little professionalism and grow up.


  34. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    LOL is right , you’re a joke . 🙂

    Care to explain how the fair catch interference call was legit , Mr. Professional Journalist ??

  35. Joe Says:

    Radio Mushmouth:

    How is it you are trying to defend one of the worst players in the NFL?

    Or are you going the RahDom route?

  36. Night Man Says:


    thats what ive been saying, how do you come on here and blast everything wether its true or not and talk a bunch of bologna about the team, and then of all people to defend and say good things about, was one of our worst performing starters last year on the bucs, i dont know about the nfl, although i could see where you could argue it

  37. Night Man Says:

    big mac, i dont even know what your talking about


    Big Mac, I don’t even know what you’re talking about?

    is that better for you

  38. Night Man Says:

    and also big mac. this is a site to post your thoughts, your not writing a paper for school, your taking this way too serious broseph (you do know outside of this site, what you type or how you type it, really doesnt mean anything in the real world) im not gonna take time to make it look proper and pretty, i just wanna get my point across, call it lazy i guess, i dont really care mon frere, it clearly doesnt mean as much to me as it does you though

  39. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I’m not defending Sabby , Joe , I’m calling out ridiculously unfair criticism by you.

    If you want to make your site all about piling on players you dislike personally , and miscontrue and flat-out lie about events to paint them in a bad light at all times, then be my guest. It is your credibility that will take the hit , not mine. I’m just a commenter. You, however, are SUPPOSEDLY a real journalist… although I doubt that the more time I spend here.

    Now answer my question( which you keep dodging): How was that fair catch interference call legit on Sabby , when he never touched the guy ?? It was Niko who made contact, and even that was questionable. Exactly what part of his actions during that play made him a “dumb ass” ??

  40. Joe Says:

    Radio Mushmouth:

    If you want to make your site all about piling on players you dislike personally , and miscontrue and flat-out lie about events to paint them in a bad light at all times, then be my guest.

    Joe has nothing against Sabby personally and everything against him as an alleged NFL player.

    You want to crucify a guy who has yet to play a game in the NFL at a position rookies often struggle with coming from a school that did not run an NFL offense and you want to throw him overboard yet a guy who has demonstrated to be one of if not the worst starters in the NFL who goes after his coach you side with. Amazing.

    Confucius say, “Don’t pick a fight with the guy who has a key to the gate.”

  41. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    ..and Joe still doesn’t answer the “fair catch” question….

    As for Benn , (which is totally off topic ) we will see if Benn is ever good won’t we?? One thing is for sure. If he finally DOES make a good play , and has the audicity to actually CELEBRATE , you won’t see me embarassed by it. That is freakin ridiculous…

    Which leads me to believe it is TOTALLY personal . Did you fail to notice that you are the only media member or Professional commentator on the planet who gave a sh*t , or even mentioned it ??? Does that not strike you as ODD ?? LOL. You think maybe, just maybe, there is some bias there ?? Grounded in the fact that you’ve made such a spectacle of trashing Sabby over the last year or so , that if he actually did turn it around it would make YOU look bad ??

    No , of couse not…

    If your confucious qoute is a threat to ban me from the site , go for it. If you are so weak that you would ban people who have the balls to call you out when you say something stupid , then I don’t want to be around here anyways. There are lots of other forums .

  42. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Radio – Of course, the rest of the media not in synch with what Joe is doing does not surprise. If this site was like theirs’, what would be the point? Of course, it’s not odd at all.

    Sorry you don’t like Joe giving his opinion about a wild celebration from a guy with massive baggage after a meaningless third-period play in a preseason game.. Sabby’s entitled to his emotional outbursts, as are you, and as is Joe.

    Joe sincerely hopes Sabby turns it a round in a huge way, especially if he sticks around. Joe invests no energy hoping players play poorly.

    Regarding the fair catch, Joe gave his opinion. You gave yours. Everyone is free to look at the tape. Get over it.

  43. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Whatever, you think only great players can celebrate. That is fine.

    But hopefully we can see this same outrage after Rah gives one if his flying chest bumps while his team’s record is something like 1-9…