Brian Price Is An Animal

August 29th, 2010

It was the second series of the game for Jacksonville and Joe had barely begun to enjoy his cold adult beverage when Joe became so excited he nearly chugged the $7 (yeah, cheaper prices!) cup of beer in one helping.

That was because Brian Price was playing like an absolute beast.

Talk about disruptive, Price was getting in the Jags’ backfield so quick it was as if he was the intended ball carrier.

On one pass play Price was the victim of a holding penalty. It was a must foul, meaning had he not been tackled, he would have leveled “America’s Quarterback” (per Adam Schein).

Why, Price was held so much, it was the type of embrace Joe fantasizes about making with Rachel Watson in the wee hours of the morning.

Sadly, not long after, Price limped off the field. Joe’s assuming it was his gimpy hamstring.

Folks, as good as Mike Williams has flashed as a wide receiver, Price is as good or better at defensive tackle… when he’s healthy.

11 Responses to “Brian Price Is An Animal”

  1. jason Says:

    cmon joe dont leave me hangin u doin the pool or not. Love your site come here everyday!

  2. Joe Says:


    Yes, Joe’s had previous announcements already.

  3. jason Says:

    I missed it huh? Dont get to repeat.

  4. AriToldMeTo Says:

    Joe, you successfully convinced the organization to bring down the price of beer!

    It had to be you, because you are the only one creative enough to keep slipping that $8 beer comment into your daily Buc rundown.

    So I am officially giving JBF credit for bringing down the game day beer prices.

    I mean, who else has talked about the $8 beers?

    That’s good stuff. Really. Your message has influenced the cause to lower beer prices at the stadium. That is freakin awesome.

  5. Joe Says:


    Joe REALLY hopes you are Rachel Watson.

    You’re too kind. But Joe can’t take credit for the drop in beer prices.

  6. big007hed Says:

    Price and Mccoy were living in the backfield!!! loved seeing that!!!

  7. Ash Says:

    Thanks for beer discount Joe! Haha, Price looked like an animal 2nite

  8. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Great to see Price playing like a BEAST! Hopefully his injury is nothing serious.

    McCoy + Price = D-LINE DOMINATION!

  9. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I hate to always rain on the parade , but did anyone else notice that we still can’t stop the run ?? LOL

  10. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    So…Joe thinks I’m “ridiculous” for already labeling Bennie the Goat as Crap so early, but he has already determined Brian Price is a “beast”. Can someone please explain to me the difference ? LOL

    It’s exactly the same , just on opposite ends of the spectrum. Funny stuff.

  11. jdouble Says:

    Benn is looking like a bust. A second round we on a team with no starting wrs should ne involved and contributing. The fact that he has been invisible shows there is an issue.

    Price is the same story as in college. Flashes sapp like ability but is always too tired and sitting on the bench.