Cadillac Shooting For 1,400 Yards

August 7th, 2010 photo by Kyra Hallett photo by Kyra Hallett

No matter when history looks back on the Buccaneers, surely Cadillac Williams will go down as one of the toughest most determined players in franchise history, maybe even NFL history.

To battle back after two horrendous knee injuries and churn out 823 yards on the ground last year, plus 28 catches and seven touchdowns, was extraordinary.

Now Cadillac expects a lot more.

While Joe and many Bucs fans are stressed out wondering when his knee will blow out for the third time, Cadillac is fearless. Speaking on The Ron and Ian Show, on WDAE-AM 620 this week, Cadillac said his knees are “like new — lovely. This is my sixth training camp. I think this is the best I ever felt.”

Cadillac explained that his injuries are an afterthought and he has Pro Bowl goals.

“I definitely want to rush well over 1,200 [yards], 1,400 yards anywhere around there. In this sixth year, I’ve put the injury and everything behind me. I’m done with that,” Cadillac said.

While Joe doubts Cadillac has that kind of season in him, right now Joe’s just going to stand up and applaud.

Kick some ass, Caddy.

16 Responses to “Cadillac Shooting For 1,400 Yards”

  1. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Caddy, I’ll be rooting for you.

  2. Jonny Says:

    Cadillac was a little older than most other athletes when he was drafted. Take 2 years out of his playing career in that short 6 year span and you have a guy that never had a decent chance to establish himself. I really hope Cadillac rushes for those 1400 yards. For a guy with a great work ethic as Caddy, retiring after not doing anything close to his potential and hype will haunt him for the rest of his life.

  3. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    If he stays healthy he’ll get it , no problem.

    But that’s a big “IF”…


    I wouldn’t bet on Caddy rushing for 1400 yards, not because I don’t think he’s capable but because for the Bucs to have a 1400 yard rusher would mean that the offense was flowing perfectly.

    It would mean that teams weren’t loading up on the run, whereby forcing Josh Freeman to beat them.

    Caddy (or any Buc RB for that matter) only reached the century mark once last year, in the OVERTIME win against the Saints.

    If Caddy runs for 1400 yards, the Bucs would go .500

  5. eric Says:

    I would never tell Mr. Caddy he can’t do something.

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe – WHY can’t Caddy rush for over 1,000 yards?

    Lets assume that his knees are healed and heathy. Caddy hasn’t had THAT many carries. He’s young and not been that well used.

    If the Bucs would concentrate on a run first game instead of a pass happy offense please tell me why Caddy wouldn’t get 1,000 yards?

  7. CharlieB Says:

    Caddy won’t hit 1000 yards because Olson calls plays and he likes to pass. Also, unless our defense has continued to improve, we’d be playing from behind and Caddy is also in a timeshare with Ward. I just don’t see him getting enough carries.

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think Williams needs to focus on breaking the 1,000 yard mark for the first time in 4 years before he can even sniff “1400” yards.

    He can talk about it all he wants, but it isn’t going to happen. He just not that good. Yess, he stands a chance to break 1000 yards, a small chance, but never 1400.

    And lets not forget…the man is 28 years old now…even if he somehow managed to reach 1000 yards, he’s about to hit the decline years. This time next year, Caddy will be gone.

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @Mr. Lucky
    He averages 3.9 yards per carry. At that rate he would need 255 carries in the season just to hit 1,000 yards. He would need 109 more carries to reach 1,00 yards.

    Do the math and he doesn’t perform like a starter.

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “He would need 109 more carries to reach 1,00 yards.”

    Should be “He would need 109 more carries to reach 1,400 yards.

  11. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    If his Knees remain healthy for the whole season, he can definately reach 1,200. But even if he doesn’t get there, I won’t be dissapointed at all. Just as long as he gives it his all.

    Run’em over Cadillac!

  12. Not A Rocket Surgeon :P Says:

    Hell has frozen over. 🙂 I absolutely agree with with Eric.

    I would never tell Carnell he couldn’t do something…

  13. Patrick Says:

    I love Caddy and have a lot of confidence in him to still play well. But they need to be careful with him. I’m glad to hear that he’s healthy and that he’s feeling good and all, but he can’t have too huge of a workload on 2 repaired knees. I think he has #1 RB talent, but you all know what I mean. If we made him a #2 OR just a little more caution with him, he might even be more dangerous.

  14. Big E Says:

    The biggest optical for Caddy will be the greatness that is Greg Olson. Little Chucky is more worried about putting the ball in the air to try an make Fremen look like an all pro. Caddy has the heart but not the play calling in his favor

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    I say put the ball in his hands and see what he can do. Let the man run. Quit all this talk about the two injuries, and give him the carries. He can definitely get the 1400 yards. Besides, what have they got to lose by giving him the opportunity? I would hate to see him go down with another injury, but you can’t play the game that way. You have to go out and give it everything you have every down. You can’t play players in ways to protect them from injury. That will ruin a team. Caddy has the talent and the heart.

  16. drdneast Says:

    To bad none of Cadilac has rubbed off on Clanghands during the last six years.