Bisaccia On Field After Bonehead Play

August 15th, 2010

Joe loves the mental aspects of football.

If players don’t know precisely what to do, they typically get exposed, embarrassed and chewed out.

This was the case when seventh-round pick DE Erik Lorig fielded a short squib kickoff last night at the close of the first half and proceeded to run with the wet ball.

The play there for a plodding lineman with seven seconds left was to take a knee — primarily to avoid a turnover, but in a real game to possbily give the offense a play or two to set up a field goal.

Lorig screwed up and ate up four seconds. Special teams coach Rich Bisaccia was near midfield after the whistle to get in Lorig’s face.

Lorig, a Stanford superbrain who’s supposed to be special teams stud in the making, should have known better.

4 Responses to “Bisaccia On Field After Bonehead Play”

  1. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Yeah I saw that. That was kinda funny how Bisaccia chewed Lorig out for that. But really how can you blame the big guy? Big men rarely get the ball, and this one rolled right into his lap! When that happens to a big man, his first instinct isn’t to take a knee, it’s to run! So, seeing how this was a pre season game, and just for the simple fact that he won’t get the ball many more times, I’m willing to forgive the biggin.

    Don’t sweat it Lorig!

  2. brent Says:

    the ball on a kick-off should be dead when the kicking team obtains possesion since a kickoff cannot be advanced by the kicking team

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I forgive you too Lorig. Too bad you didn’t get the traction to run some people over.
    Just don’t do it again ……..

  4. Gary Says:

    LOL… your comments are funny. Poor Lorig, I agree it must have been hard to resist the urge to run. Hey atleast he didnt fumble.