Warren Sapp Called The John McKay Selection

June 15th, 2010

Say what you will about Warren Sapp, but the soon-to-be Hall of Fame defensive tackle for the Bucs is a football historian.

So much so that when he learned Monday morning that the Bucs were going to add another blast from the past to the Ring of Honor, Sapp cited via Twitter the Bucs first coach, John McKay as the next person worthy of such an honor. 


@QBKILLA: Coach Mckay. Should Have Been 1st.

Later, Sapp fielded protests from fans who scoffed at Sapp suggesting McKay should be inducted.

@QBKILLA: 3rd Year Hosted NFC Championship Game! Had the Tools! Wouldn’t Pay And Keep Doug! Doug Williams Curse. U Sure U A Buc Fan?

And just so people were not misled, Sapp later reinterated who he thinks should be in the Ring of Fame, in order.

@QBKILLA:  Lee Roy, Coach, Doug And Rick Bell 1st Four Or Somebody Done Bumped Their Head!

@QBKILLA:  The Coach (Mckay), The QB (Doug Williams) & A Fallen Brother (Ricky Bell)! Four Corner Stones!!

A few hours later, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune broke the next that indeed, it will be McKay.

6 Responses to “Warren Sapp Called The John McKay Selection”

  1. Matt Says:

    Say what you want about Sapp, but at least the man knows his Bucs history.

  2. J. Demler Says:

    I love Sapp! He is spot on with his “Four Corner Stones” take! I’ve followed the Bucs since `76 and these guys deserve it. I think it’s great that he brought up Ricky Bell!

  3. pete Says:

    Four Corner Stones! (jimmy Giles was a key part too) This is spot on. The 79 team first, then maybe James Wilder, and then we can look to the modern era.

  4. Louie Says:

    Bucstats called it too. Of course, the Mad Twitter said it would be Brooks — wrong as usual.

  5. RustyRhino Says:

    Yeah Sapp knows his Bucs history, You always tend to know if you have helped create some history your own self. I like the choices and agree with posts of who should be put on first, Jimmy Giles, James Wilder, Paul Gruber With the list that Sapp wrote in that order as well.
    I remember those players! Batman Wood is another. Id like to have him back as a young man in our D now, to see what he can do.
    I am happy for Coach Mckay and his family, he deserves this (wonder how he would do as our coach today) 0-20 something indeed.

    Joe any whispers about if & who of the old school bucs are around the team, for me this was one of the things i hated about Doug Williams loss in the front office. the interaction of the older crew with the new crew. Gruden and Allen started that and me for one hope it continues on.

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    QBKiller. Still point on!!