Coach Freeman Working Double Duty Saturday

June 14th, 2010
The Bucs could sure use Kevin House about now

The Bucs could sure use Kevin House about now. The former Buccaneer great will join Josh Freeman, Jeff Carlson and a great coaching staff at a youth football camp in Lakeland on Friday and Saturday.

How would you like your kid to learn football and professionalism from Josh Freeman on Saturday?

Former Buccaneers Kevin House and Jeff Carlson have teamed up with some other stellar coaches to host a youth football camp for wide receivers, quarterbacks and kickers at Lakeland Christian School in Lakeland on Friday and Saturday.

You can get the information here.

Josh Freeman is now confirmed as one of the guest coaches on Saturday.

Joe thinks it’s pretty cool that young Freeman will be sweating out in Polk County with budding young football players before surely heading over to Bucs FanFest in the evening.  

Regardless, the affordable camp is an awesome opportunity for a teenager looking to get sharp for the upcoming season. There’s nothing better than learning work habits from current and former pros.

Joe wishes this was the 80s, so he could attend.

7 Responses to “Coach Freeman Working Double Duty Saturday”

  1. Eric S Says:

    One of my favorite receivers. I have always wondered if he got hurt at the end of his career. He was done by the age of 30. I also imagine how the ’79 team would have been a whole better if he was on it.

  2. dean Says:

    Kevin House ruled!!!

  3. Eric Says:

    Yep, if Benn or WIlliams is as good as Kevin, we are in business.

  4. Denny Gay Says:

    I loved Kevin House while i was growing up. He and Jimmie where a good threat, but it all died when Doug ‘Got away’.

  5. drdneast Says:

    What in the world could Jeff Carlson teach anyone than how to be “pretty.”

  6. Nick Says:

    My favorite Buc receiver of all time. I remember when he caught a 70 yard pass from Doug Williams in Green Bay with less than a minute left and fell down at the one yard line for Johhny Davis to bull it over. It was the frozen tundra and House made a miracle catch to save the game. This guy is what Michael Clayton wishes he was a receiver with awesome hands.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Absolutely! Kevin House was great fun to watch. Still my favorite WR drafted by the Bucs!
    And Freeman just continues to impress!
    Yeah Joe, I’d like to be at that camp too! Getting old sucks!
    Think I’m heading down to “Mugs”, to remind of of the few advantages ta getting old.