Mike Williams “Ahead Of Arrelious Benn”

June 2nd, 2010

The Mad Twitterer, aka Rick Stroud, of the St. Pete Times, talks OTAs, which he refers to as “basketball on grass” for some bizarre reason.

Stroud goes on to drop that wide receiver Mike Williams “is ahead of Arrelious Benn” at this point, along with some other unsourced buzz from today’s OTA session at One Buc Palace.

28 Responses to “Mike Williams “Ahead Of Arrelious Benn””

  1. aldo Says:

    how can compare two guys with different roles?? just my opinion but mike williams is the playmaker, that guy for the long pass, arrelious benn is the hitter, is the guy to be on traffic and punish the rivals!! i just wish the best for both!!! this two guys will be like fitzgerald-boldin was in the cards super bowl team!!!

  2. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Benn is supposed to be a YAC ( yards after the catch) guy , and Williams is a guy who will go up and make the fabulous catch, so it stands to reason he would flash more when they are playing shorts.

  3. C Jags Says:

    what is it day 5 of OTAs- take it easy

  4. hefferyjansen Says:

    Wow that was a worthless twitter!

  5. TJ Says:

    During OTA’s Micheal Clayton is the best player on are roster lol !!!!!!!!!!!!! lets wait until the pads and preaseason and see when they start taking hits over the middle

  6. Eric Says:

    We coulda had the real Boldin for a song…………………and/or BM, and/or SH and/or AB…………………..

    but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we gotta try and immediately develop rookies to avoid the embarassment of Clayton starting again.

    What a bunch of chumps. Pitiful. Pathetic. Disgusting. Idiotic.

  7. topdoggie Says:

    When I try to watch the video it says it is a private video

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Eric, don’t hold back…tell us how you REALLY feel!

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe i clicked on the video link and guess what – it’s like the Bucs; all promise and no delivery!!!!!!!

  10. Outside01 Says:

    “What a bunch of chumps. Pitiful. Pathetic. Disgusting. Idiotic.”

    Decribing yourself again?

  11. Jorge Says:

    Yup vid says it’s private for me too…Same thing happened a couple of weeks ago…

  12. BamBamBuc Says:

    Go to YouTube and search Rick Stroud, you’ll find the video on your own. That’s what I did. Works fine that way. And honestly, it is what it is…. ota’s. There will be many stories of this player or that moving up or down the depth chart. Some guys will look great, some not so much. We will get a better feel for this all when pre-season starts.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric, as usual, the only thing pitiful and Pathetic is your post!
    I will explain this again, using small words and going slow, so that Maybe it sinks thru even the thickest concrete.
    Boldin is 30, 31 this year. Josh Freeman is 23. by the time Freeman is at the top of his Game, Boldin. Is Retiring!! Why would you want to waste time building chemistry between the two, only to have Boldin losing steps to age, right when we are fighting for a title!! That’s the thought process of a Moron! Better Josh develop Chemistry with two young Recievers, who will grow with him . After playing together 4 years, they will be very dangerous together. Maybe Boldin can go see them play in the SuperBowl for a retirement celebration!
    Not to mention that Boldin wasn’t gonna come here. He is at the end of his career. Doesn’t wanna spend two of his last few years watching a young QB grow up. This whole team is young, and he isn’t. He is smart enough to know that, even if you aren’t!
    And why would we tie up that much money for a player who won’t figure in our future plans? Better to spend it on a couple young players who will still be around to help during our playoff years.
    Or meybe you thought Boldin was the last piece to put us in the the SuperBowl?!? If you believe that, with this young team, then I’m just wasting my time explaining all this, cause you don’t have a clue.

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oh, by the way,saying Wiliams is ahead of Benn, when we haven’t played a preseason game? That’s like saying the first house out of the stables is winning the Race. I hope Williams AND Benn are both ahead of everyone else. Wouldn’t that be worth noting!

  15. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Capt Tim – sorry buddy but I don’t buy your thought process about Freeman and the “kids” growing up together crap.

    Fitzgerald and Boldwin were teamed with Kurt Warner – now Warner is OLD.

    Kids leading kids is what you want? then kid-like football is what you’ll get. Especially with a yahoo calling the plays.

    I do agree Boldwin wouln’t have wanted to come to Tampa – heck what FA does want to come to Tampa?

    OTA’s are just like window shopping – you can’t make anything of it. Let’s wait until preseason. Heck more importantly let’s see if our rookies get SIGNED!

  16. Gary Says:


    Doesn’t BM have hip problems in MIA? I know he had surgery, not sure how serious.

  17. Dave Says:

    The only “Pitiful. Pathetic. Disgusting. Idiotic. CHUMP” I ever see here is you


    Seriouosly, PLEASE explain why you are so filled with hatred for a team you *allegedly* root for.

    It is a team rebuilding with young players and caoches you are doing nothing but throwing all of them under the bus every other day before they even get a couple yers to prove themselves.

    Tells ME about YOU. You are pathic and ignorant.

    If you disagree with the way they got rid of the vets and the young coach they hired and the GM they hired…fine. But eventually, GET THE FUC* OVER IT and move on.

    My guess is you are single, because if you remain such a DI** and mad and miserable and negative like this for other things, then I am guessing no man will stay with you.

  18. Joe Says:


    Joe won’t speak for Eric but Joe has an idea, and it’s not unique. Like Eric, a number of Bucs fans are passionate about their team. They believe that the team is being mishandled (for a variety of reasons) and as a result, the team suffers thereby Eric and others, a little piece of them dies as well.

    Eric doesn’t hate the Bucs, he hates what he believes is the mismanagment of the team and it angers him. Joe loves that kind of passion, that someone is that perturbed about how their team is doing they literally lose sleep at night. In some respects Steve White is no different, and Steve literally left blood on the field for the Bucs.

    To Joe, that’s a true fan. Doesn’t mean fans who always find the glass half-full aren’t true fans. Far from it. Just fans of a different feather.

    It’s not unlike the abortion that is the oil leak in the gulf. Day after day this catastrophe has been mishandled by all parties, from the highest reaches of the federal government to the BP clowns. Doesn’t mean people in high places aren’t trying to stop the leak. Still, people are rightly angered and upset.

    Not unlike what some Bucs fans believe is happening to their beloved team.

  19. Eric Says:

    As Colonel Frank Slade said, I’m just getting warmed up!

    I do have my tickets for the Cleveland game, and i will be there with my Brooks Jersey and cheering for our Bucs.

    I assume all my detractors are doing the same?

  20. oar Says:

    Cracks me up how many people on here turn to “you’re no true fan” or “you’re an idiot” or, now, “you’re gay” (“then I am guessing no man will stay with you.” BTW Wow Dave you’re a real cool dude!???), when you have YOUR OWN opinion and/or it’s not the same as someone elses.

  21. oar Says:

    Capt Tim, I have to disagree. I think rookie QB’s should have some sort of veteran receiver to grow with, as long as said veteran receiver is good. Do you think Clayton is hurting or helping Josh Freeman? Do you think Freeman would have had as many receptions or td’s last year without Antonio Byrant? Most rookie QB’s rely on veteran receivers, not rookie receivers.

  22. oar Says:

    Maybe this quote is more fitting from Colonel Frank Slade, “You’ve been in the sugar business for so long, you’ve forgetten the taste of real honey!”

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    I don’t think anyone would be upset about questioning what the team is doing. Coming off a 3-13 season, with the offensive and defensive debacle would make anyone do that.
    I think it calling everyone in the organization ” morons, idiots, pathetic, etc.” that gets under everyones skin.
    Its one thing to disagree, but the guys making these decissions have a lot more experience and knowledge than someone who just “watches” football.
    You can disagree with how a wars going, but to claim you’re a better military stratagist than the generals?, wow, that’s just pretty obnoxious.!!
    Plus insulting people on post, that you wouldn’t say to their face- that’s just cowardly!

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah, I’m with you on that one , Oar.
    But a journey Veteren is one thing, to bring in one of the top Wide recievers in the league is another. We won’t seriously be contenders for a couple of years. Boldin would cost so much, he would prevent keeping young , high draft picks, assuming they reinstate the salary cap.what he could do for a non -contender , compared to what he could do for Freeman, doesn’t balance out.
    But , yeah, this team is lacking in vet leadership.

  25. oar Says:

    Capt Tim, Do agree with the Boldin situation though.

  26. Patrick Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    “Boldin is 30, 31 this year. Josh Freeman is 23. by the time Freeman is at the top of his Game, Boldin. Is Retiring!! Why would you want to waste time building chemistry between the two, only to have Boldin losing steps to age, right when we are fighting for a title!!”

    30 is not that old. Only for running backs it’s an ancient age. Boldin is currently an elite NFL receiver. Look how well Joey Galloway played at an old age. He had a 1,000 yard season at age 38. Just because someone is old doesn’t mean they can’t produce! You said that by the time Boldin retires, Josh will be at the top of his game. First of all, Boldin is not even close to retirement and will probably retire when he’s 37 or 38. probably another 6-7 years left in him. You don’t think that’s long term? And you’re expecting that it’s going to take THAT long for Freeman to reach the top of his game?? Hell, I sure hope not! If Freeman is not at least a solid QB by 2011, he is a BUST and will/should be gone!!

    And you think we’d waste time building chemistry with Boldin?? Boldin is an NFL veteran who’s had multiple 1,000 yard pro bowl seasons. If he came to the Bucs, he would produce immediately and put up big numbers. There wouldn’t be such a thing as “wasting time building chemistry” with him. A good receiver is a good receiver and a bad receiver is a bad receiver. Period. Sometimes this “growing” thing gets to where it’s a bunch of BS and taken too far. Boldin also isn’t gonna “lose steps to age” anytime soon. He hasn’t even shown signs of it yet.

    “right when we’re fighting for title?” show me where dude!! I think you mean” when we’re fighting for progress”. Last time I checked we were 3-13. You believe Boldin would affect our chances of getting a title, but two unproven candidates won’t?

    Also you think it’s a lot better to “grow” with two young receivers that you say “will be very dangerous together.” First of all, you don’t even know how good Benn or Williams will be! They haven’t taken an NFL snap yet. And you’re so certain that that’s going to turn out better than trading a 3rd round pick for an immediate impact guy like Boldin who will get us wins for sure right now and who still has more than enough gas and years left in him. It seems like just because they’re “young”, they’re great right away. I think you’re thinking way too long term here. You’re thinking 14 or 15 years (Brooks and Barber) years. Not that many players in the NFL play with a single team for that long. 6-7 years is pretty long term in my opinion. Btw, I wasn’t even too crazy about the Myron Lewis pick in the 3rd round. Why not wait until next year to get a top notch CB in the 1st round since Barber is going to be starting anyway in 2010?

    “After playing together 4 years, they will be very dangerous together. Maybe Boldin can go see them play in the Super Bowl for a retirement celebration!”

    Oh, like he’s going to be full of envy. Capt.Tim, I think Boldin will have a super bowl ring LONG before the Bucs have one. Remember, he’s with the Ravens right now. They’re an elite team. 4 years from now, if one of them (Benn or Williams) turns out to be a bust, you’ll be looking back and wishing we had gotten Anquan Boldin. That could’ve been 4 years of production instead of 4 years of “hoping the young guys could do it.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Benn and Williams. I just hate the fact that we’re walking on eggshells by putting all our trust into a bunch of unproven rookies (this goes for the whole team) who might waste us some valuable years if they don’t pan out.

  27. nick Says:

    I love sabby and how many of u armchair quarterbacks have evn played ball or gone to college and played I bet not that many I personally feel the bucs are on the
    right track and will be much improved and btw probably only one either williams or benn will pan out recievers are hard to groom

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    you’ve presented some compelling points, and a well thought out arguement!
    But . . . . Yeah, 31 years old . Sorry, but yeah. The average retirement age for STARTING NFL wide reciever is 33 years old. Josh Freeman will be 25 years old when Boldin is 33. Freeman will be entering the prime of his Career. Even if Boldin is the exception, he’s still in Decline. Beter spend the BIG money on young players, when a team is rebuilding.
    I think the hardest part for us fans to realize is how brief these young men careers really are. The consistantly good teams( eagles,pats, Colts) frequently let fan favorite vets go, to replace them with young talent. As fans, it’s tough to see your favorite player traded for draft picks, but that’s what teams do to stay on top. I always thought Donovan McNabb was a great player, hard to imagine him not an Eagle. But that’s how you replace aging talent with young players, trade them while they have value.
    So, Yeah, as great as he is, wasting that kinda money on Boldin is just crazy, cause he’s TOO OLD