McCoy Does Vegas With 11 Friends

June 3rd, 2010

Joe has to admit he likes how “Geraldini” rolls.

Geraldini would be Bucs rookie defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who wants to be called “Geraldini.” He’s loose. He’s living life. He’s smiling all over town. And he’s not afraid to share his on-top-of-the-world status with anyone.

God bless him.

Joe really doesn’t care much about what McCoy does, as long as he doesn’t belt defenseless cab drivers, or assault women and teammates, and as long as he wreaks havoc on Sundays. But Joe is aware that many think McCoy would be wise to steer much more clear of the spotlight before he plays a down in the NFL.

While Bucs fans think about his future, McCoy continues to savor every moment. Last weekend, he was spotted at a swanky club opening in Las Vegas with 11 buddies, so reported a reputable Vegas gossip magazine.

Now Joe’s been to Vegas several times, once with some very high rollers And Joe can safely say there’s an ulimited supply of debauchery and trouble to be found. And it’s far easier to access than New York City’s noted underworld.

Joe thinks McCoy is an extraordinary standup guy, and Joe hopes he can avoid temptation, which can destroy the best of them. But if McCoy can’t avoid temptation, Joe absoulutely would be pleased to join his posse for what should be an incredbile night out after he signs his $30+ million rookie contract.

11 Responses to “McCoy Does Vegas With 11 Friends”

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Now he is in Vegas ???

    Wow …this guy is the REAL “bust in waiting”

  2. Gary Says:

    Radio you are a fool. What, this guy can’t celebrate achieving what he has dreamed about his whole life with friends?

    Now, having said that, he better not be driving anywhere and stay out of trouble. If he does get in any trouble, the bucs need to put him on lockdown. He seems like a high character guy, I really hope we don’t hear anything bad about him.

  3. d-money Says:

    Radio Mushmouth,

    Get off your high horse.

  4. Dave Says:

    Lets see, if I was 22 about to paid millions, just got through my first few OTAs would I maybe take a little weekend to Vegas with a bunch of friends….. hell yea!

    See nothing wrong with it, as long as he is at the OTAs and singed and in camp

  5. Eric Says:

    show some balls, put 30 million on red.

  6. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Excuses Excuses. This goofball has been doing nothing but partying and tweeting since he got drafted.

    Josh Freeman has more money than McCoy , and he is in the film room 8 hours a day we are told.

    Who is more serious about winning??

  7. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Eric – Real “balls” would be $30 million on green.

    Radio – C’mon, dude. There’s nothing to show that McCoy isn’t working his ass off. The guy likes to have fun in the “offseason.” That’s no guage on whether he’s serious.

  8. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Maybe he is working hard , but you’d never tell it from his endless barrage of twitters detailing all his partying and crazy antics.
    The best players in the league will tell you there is no offseason anymore . That’s what makes them the best.

    The JeMarcus Russel’s are the one’s who you’ll find screwing off in Vegas all summer.

    If this clown thinks he’s going to get by just on superior talent like he did in college , then he is due for a serious ass-whoopin in between the lines. Mark my words…

  9. RastaMon Says:

    “Joe thinks McCoy is an extraordinary standup guy”
    Joe thought Freeman was “Bust in Waiting”….
    this time next year
    McCoy has not proved squat in the NFL

  10. Bucfever40 Says:

    Give the kid a break mushmouth, he’s NOT even close to being a millionaire, so don’t think that he’s being comped hotel rooms for spending big bucks in the lobby/lounge area, he’s just having a little fun with friends he may not see much anymore once the mandatory practices begin. He seems like a very jovial, happy go lucky kind of guy and I like that, it’s a big difference to the highly unapproachable Warren Sapp, lets just hope his talent is as advertised, and I personally think Tampa Bay fans will LOVE his play and his personality toward the fans.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Guys, BIG difference between playing DT in NFL, and Playing QB in NFL.
    Plus McCoy isn’t signed yet, he’s not allowed to hang out at OneBucPlace. Until signed, he’s only allowed limited workouts and OTA’s, so lower yer blood pressure.