Why Is Matt Bryant Referencing The Glazers?

May 21st, 2010

Vacation Man, aka NFC South beat writer Pat Yasinskas of BSPN.com, cornered Falcons kicker Matt Bryant, the former Bucs fan favorite, for a feature story posted late this morning.

Vacation Man nearly got Bryant to spill the beans about his somewhat suspect exit from the Bucs last September. But Bryant resisted his urge to talk yet made it clear he’s no fan of Mark Dominik and somehow Team Glazer was involved at the end of his Bucs tenure.

The Bucs spent $2.4 million (more than double Bryant’s salary) to bring in kicker Mike Nugent.

“That was their guy,” Bryant said. “It was very clear and obvious. I’d love to tell you the whole story and if I do it would actually accomplish something. If I thought it would do any good, I would. But it would probably actually hurt me. Let’s just say it was a very frustrating situation that could have been easily resolved. All the way from the top, from the owners to the GM, it was a frustrating situation that I wish I never had to have been a part of it. My family and I loved Tampa and the fans were absolutely great. But there are some situations you can’t pick and choose.”

The Bucs kept Bryant through training camp as he dealt with a hamstring injury. He said he was healthy enough to kick by the final preseason game, but the Bucs didn’t let him. They released him in the final cut and the perception around the league was he still had hamstring issues.

Bucs fans remember that Nugent stunk up the joint before Dominik cut him and went with young stud kicker Connor Barth, who proceeded to nail three 50-yard field goals in one game and cemented the job.

Aside from the black mark on Dominik’s record for paying Nugent a fortune for no production, it all seems to have a happy ending for the Bucs.

For standup Bryant, Joe’s just beyond curious how the “owners,” as Bryant said, were somehow involved in circumstances surrounding the release of an aging, injured kicker. Joe always thought Team Glazer didn’t get invovled at that level.

Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t.

41 Responses to “Why Is Matt Bryant Referencing The Glazers?”

  1. safety Says:

    Bryant owns some of my all time favorite moments. Beating the Iggles with that 60+ yarder made him one of my favorite players. He and Bidwell were a great pair of players, and struck me as true character guys. I wish we still had him, and I wish him the best, even though I hope the Falcons go 0-16.

  2. JimBuc Says:

    It was all about money!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. MVPFreeman Says:


  4. Snook Says:

    Why do people cling to Bryant? Sure, it was a tear jerking story, but stories don’t keep guys on rosters past their usefulness. The Bucs tried to upgrade their kicker. Can’t blame them for that. We’re better off now with Barth anyways. If not for the failed Nugent experiment, we might now have Barth. Fact is, Bryant is an average kicker if that. There’s NO WAY he ever kicks 3 50 yarders in one game.

    Its a BUSINESS, Matt. Move on and quit complaining.

  5. oar Says:

    “There’s NO WAY he ever kicks 3 50 yarders in one game.”
    But, I thought that was all the Bucs offense under Gruden was good for? Damn Gruden for not trying more 50 yard field goals!

  6. Snook Says:

    Huh? Who cares about Gruden?

    We’re talking field goal kickers here. Not head coaches.

    Who cares if some ex-player is still upset that he got cut?

    Were the Bucs supposed to bet on the fact his injury would be healed by the first game?

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    It wasn’t money…remember, they gave more to Nugent. Let’s not forget Bryant had health issues last year too. The Bucs made the right move in letting him go.

  8. Snook Says:

    And the only reason he has a job now is because Elam went down the toilet.

  9. Dave Says:

    Get over it Matt.
    You are getting old, had an injury and are a kicker who can barely make 45 yarders now. You do not have leg strength on the kickoffs. THAT is why they went with Nugent. You guys are about equal, but he had leg strength on kickoffs and had a chance at 50 yarders.
    Of course we all know it didn’t pan out.
    Now they have a rookie with better leg strength than both of you and will paying him less.
    Other than overpaying Nugent, it all worked out for the Bucs.

  10. Snook Says:

    I had forgotten all about Bryant’s crappy kickoffs to the 10 yard line…

  11. oar Says:

    I guess you don’t see my point, that Raheem tried (3) 50 yarders in one game and Gruden never did, yet some say his offense sucked? BTW head coaches make those decisions in game time not the kicker, that’s why I brought it up.
    Seeing how they have handled Lynch, Brooks, and Byrant. I think it’s a telling of their treatment of players that were loyal and hard workers. Releasing and letting an aging player go is fine and I understand it happens, but they should been treated little better to me, especially the good ones.

  12. Snook Says:

    I don’t have a fetish with Gruden so I don’t care about his offense or what you’re saying. This discussion is about KICKERS. Bryant sucks. So he was cut. If Bryant and Barth were on this team in preseason, Barth would easily win out. THAT’S the point.

    I’m sure Gruden wouldve tried more 50 yards field goals if he could. But since Bryant wasn’t consistent even from 40, why would he try 50?

    You’re right. I don’t see your point.. Because you don’t have one.

  13. Snook Says:

    How would YOU have handled the cutting of Bryant? He was cut. It was a business.

    And Bryant is hardly a Buc legend like Lynch or Brooks. He has a 62 yard field goal in a MEANINGLESS game to his credit. What else?

  14. bucfanjeff Says:

    …to the 10 yard line on a good day…

  15. Gary Says:

    I agree with Snook. He got cut cause he sucked, plain and simple.

    OAR, I still dont understand what your trying to say. Lets assume your trying to kiss Gruden’s ass. You must mean that since Bryant couldnt make 50 yarders, Gruden could never go for them, hence ppl unfairly say his offense sucked.

    But I counter with this: if we are in position to make a 50 yd. FG, that means with are either VERY CLOSE TO or actually IN the no mans land part of the field where punting doesnt gain much and going for it on 4th makes more sense. Since Gruden was in more of those positions and couldn’t convert them, or worse yet, lied down like a pathetic dog and punted to get a few more yards of field position… yes, that does mean his offense sucked balls! Especially since he was a “genious”.

    I’ll take the Rah approach of having some balls and going for it then losing, rather than being an offensive genious, playing conservative, and then losing anyway.

  16. oar Says:

    Oh Snook, You got me. I’m so sorry I voice my OPINION, just like you! I know he isn’t a Bucs legend like Brooks or Lynch(please, and who said anything about Bucs Legends, see I can do that too), but he was a great player on and off field and it sounds like there was something unsavory that happened from the organization in the way it went down, again like with Brooks and Lynch. Hell, you can even throw Rice into that mix. They all were left with bad tastes in thier mouthes from the organization and the way they were handled. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire, but hey it’s your word that is gold and you’ve probablly never been fired before either.

  17. Snook Says:

    Here’s something else…

    Why is Bryant still running his mouth about this? Derrick Brooks was more wronged than Bryant. And he’s a REAL Buccaneer legend.

    Is he still complaing a year later? Bryant’s just showing his true colors.

  18. Snook Says:

    Oar: you’re the one who included Bryants name with Lynch and Brooks (two legends). Do you not remember that?

    And I’m not saying Bryant wasn’t a great guy off the field. But you think he was a “great” player? That’s just plain laughable.

    AGAIN, what was so great about Bryant’s PLAYING career in Tampa? Please enlighten me. We all loved his 62 yard FG. But that was ONE game in an otherwise average career.

  19. Snook Says:

    OAR: and please tell me how Bryant shouldve been cut.

    And if you think he should still be a Buccaneer, then you’ve lost your mind.

  20. oar Says:

    Gary, Never said I did or didn’t agree with the his releasing did I? I did understand the reasons and agree, but don’t know what your guys deal is with having to tell me again and again what the reasons of his releasing were. It’s just my opinion that they could have a little more etiquette in his releasing, as with several others(mentioned).
    As for Gruden’s conservative approach, I believe it was the awesome defenses we had that lead to that.
    As for my point, I guess since you and Snook agree with “…or what you’re saying.” I don’t have to try and explain or look for a reply. Hey I get my point, but isn’t that what these blogs are about afterall(insert sarcasm here)?

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Wow, could Snook be the all too infamous DR in disguise? And the battle continues.

    I must say that OAR usually wins those arguments in the court of public opinion, and common sense.

    Why be an @$$ just to be an @$$? I never quite understood that. It may just be a lack of nooky for a snooky.

  22. Snook Says:

    Who is DR?

    Oar: what etiquette would you have used to cut Bryant? A ticker tape parade?

  23. oar Says:

    Snook, For someone “not caring about what Im saying”, you sure are involved.
    I NEVER SAID BYRANT WAS A BUC LEGEND or compared them in any other way, than they were all released the same pathetic way.
    Maybe I shouldn’t have used “great” as an on the field adjective, but 83.1% FG and 98.4% EP and 626 points for us doesn’t suck, as you put it.
    As for releasing Matt or any of those players, I don’t know I’m not a GM or owner. All I know is they have all said things about thier releasings that were similar.
    But like I said, your word is gold and mine is aluminum. Or why should I have any opinion that is not agreeable with you? What the hell was I thinking?

  24. oar Says:

    Snooky, “Oar: what etiquette would you have used to cut Bryant? A ticker tape parade?”
    How old are you?

  25. oar Says:

    D-allss R-etard or the great spin-DR is who he refers too.

  26. d-money Says:

    Raheem hates players named Bryant.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    d-money. LOL

  28. oar Says:

    d-money that is funny!

  29. Clayton's Moving Van Says:

    Hilarious that idiots can read that article and say that this happened because of money. THEY PAID NUGENT MORE RETARDS!!!!

  30. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    You have one job and one job only, kick the damn ball through the goal post. If you cant do that, you’re worthless. I feel as sorry for him as I do Gramatica. At least Bryant didnt tear his ACL jumping up and down like a 12 year old girl after making a field goal.

  31. Eric S Says:

    Bryant was a good kicker. Very accurate. He didn’t suck. But his range had dipped the last 2 seasons. And his kickoffs weren’t the greatest. This release was definitely not about money. It’s very clear to me that Rah didn’t like Bryant’s attitude. So they got rid of him. I never figured out the Nugent signing. The guy is just not that accurate or consistent. The Bucs had another guy after Nugent who didn’t work out. The jury is still out on Barth. He only hit less than 74% which is not good. People seem to be blinded by that one game. He did miss a few easy ones. Barth seemed to have settled down in the end. I am not ready to crown him a Pro Bowl kicker just yet.

    BTW-It was Bill Gramatica who hurt his ACL and not Martin Gramatica the Bucs kicker. The case of Martin getting cut doesn’t even remotely compare to Bryant getting cut. Martin couldn’t hit a barn for about 2 seasons and Gruden would not get rid of him for whatever reason. Bryant was still making his fair share of kicks. He would almost always make the 30-39 FGs unlike Barth. His long range accuracy was his downfall. I didn’t mind the cut, but with Nugent taking over? That was just dumb.

  32. McBuc Says:

    Bryant hurt himself by not kicking in the off season. There is no “nice” way to let anyone go in any porfession. Lynch seems to LOVE the Bucs, and Brooks will too. In fact I remember Lynch saying he did not like the way it went down, but he understood the reasoning. Not too many come back from the injury he had. He sure did though. I say good luck Matt, and thanks for some good times.

  33. Snook Says:

    Oar: its funny how you didn’t like how he was treated when he was released but you can’t come up with a way to do it that would’ve been better. You say you’re not a coach or GM. Well, if you can complain about something, at least have a better solution in mind.

    The Bucs cut an average kicker in Bryant. They don’t owe him anything.

    Get over it, boy.

  34. Jonny Says:

    @OAR: “I guess you don’t see my point, that Raheem tried (3) 50 yarders in one game and Gruden never did, yet some say his offense sucked? ”

    Good point. Gruden most of the times would not want to attempt a 50 yd FG attempt. He would go with the punt. Yeah, our offense sucked in those days.

  35. Patrick Says:

    The thing that pissed me off about Bryant getting released last year is that Nugent was just given the job and didn’t even have to compete for it, like he was supposed to!!! Right? Wasn’t there supposed to be a competition between the two?

    I remember before the final preseason game against the Texans, Bryant said he just needed a couple more days and his leg would be healed. He said it wouldn’t be in time for the game though. Just cause he couldn’t kick in a damn game, we had to cut him!!?? In the preseason, I remember Nugent was missing kicks all over the field and playing shitty just like he did in the regular season. That should’ve been a red flag right then and there. Matt Bryant is 100 times better than Nugent. He for sure would have kicked better at the beginning of the season than Nugent did.

    I agree that Barth is good, but don’t let his good play last year let Raheem and Dominik off the hook. They just got lucky with him after having to go through 3 kickers!

    Oh, and i’m reading how Bryant didn’t have a strong enough leg?? Huh? People, the guy made a 62 yard field goal a couple years back!! If you make a field goal that long, you’ve got a strong leg. Gruden never even attempted long field goals that often.

    As for the age thing, i really don’t think it matters in a kicker. All the guy does is kick, that’s all. He’s not getting tackled or hit. Look at John Carney and Matt Stover. They both kicked very well into their 40’s.

  36. Louie Says:

    I think the hard feeling stem from the way the whole situation was handled. The Bucs leak a bunch of crap about Bryant. Over the last year, the Bucs have done a crappy job of letting popular player so (Brooks, Bryant, AB, etc). It’s just a pretty sleezy way to do things.

    Also, Nugent had a terrible pre-season. It was pretty obvious the kicking game was going to be a problem. Instead of cutting Bryant with some class and being able to bring him back, they burned the bridge and had scramble to find a replacement.

  37. Jonny Says:

    @Patrick, get a clue, Bryant had a weak leg. Did you ever watch his kick offs in 07 and 08? Signing of Nugent might have been a bad move, but Bryant deserved to get cut. He missed like half of the 40-50 yd kicks we attempted in 08. What if Gruden did not want to attempt kicks above 40 yd range? May be because he does not trust Bryant’s leg. Isn’t it a better option to have a guy that can kick 50-55 yd FGs and go for 3 points instead of punting?

  38. oar Says:

    Snooky, I don’t think they owe him anything. Again, it’s just my opinion that they could have a little more etiquette in his releasing, as with several others(mentioned). And boy? You better check again!

  39. Snook Says:

    “It’s just my opinion that they could have a little more etiquette in his releasing, as with several others(mentioned).”

    Are you going to keep dodging the question?

    Please explain what YOU would’ve done to have “a little more etiquette” in releasing Bryant.

  40. Raheem Says:

    Nugent is terrible.

  41. oar Says:

    Snook, What does it matter you “didn’t care what I was saying” to begin with”. Besides it wouldn’t matter what I said anyways. I don’t know? Why don’t we ask him, Brooks, Lynch, Rice, and Hiliard, cause they have all said something similar!
    Since I’m sure your still wondering, my point with the Gruden and FGs before was, that’s all you guys bitched about was Gruden and his offense was only good for GFs. Yet, here you are HAPPY to kick (3) 50 yard plus field goals in one game!?