“There’s No Tough Questions At This Point”

May 15th, 2010

Joe beat up Raheem The Dream pretty good this week when he revealed the head coach’s bizarre and outlandish comments during a radio interview on 1010 AM.

Now it wasn’t all bad during that interview for Raheem The Dream. Joe was impressed by some of his candor and down-to-earth attitude. 

At one point, host J.P. Peterson told Raheem The Dream to sip his drink and brace himself for a “tough question,” which got Raheem The Dream all fired up.

Raheem The Dream replied: “What is a tough question, first of all? There’s no tough question when you go 3-13. You’re in the line of fire at 32 years old. Everybody’s calling for your head. You’re being replaced by [Bill] Cowher. There’s no tough questions at this point.”

Joe appreciated that response. It’s good to know the coach can keep it real (as opposed to thinking up Bill Belicheat analogies).

Nice take, Rah.

15 Responses to ““There’s No Tough Questions At This Point””

  1. Radio Raheem Morris Says:

    First, I am asking Joe to stop calling me Raheem the Dream….as the dream season is over…last year the Bucs won almost every game Josh Freeman started…this year is about rebuilding. Call me “Radio” from that wonderful movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as me! If you rent the movie you will be able to see where I obtained my football coaching experience as I have never been a Coorinator or Head Coach in the NFL. I have assisted in coaching a team in the movie which gave me the experience and the royalties to be able to pay the Glazer family to let me coach. Yes, unknown to Joe and “The Pessimist”, I am coaching the Buc’s because I am paying the Glazer’s, not the Glazer’s paying me to coach. I will promise the Buc’s fan that we will win at least 4 games this season and the Glazer’s have promised me a position on Bill Cowher’s staff next year! RADIOOOOOO!! RADIOOOOO!!!

  2. JimBuc Says:

    Positive is two days less newsworthy than negative.

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I think this year will tell a lot about Raheem and the Bucs. This draft has supplied him with a lot of Talent, and he will be under pressure to have a winning season this year. I hope he does, I just spent over 2 grand for seasons tickets! I had some friends stay with me from NY, and we watched 3 Bucs games last year. It was clear to them we were simply outmatched, as far as talent goes. It was not like the guys weren’t playing hard, at the end.
    Both Carolina, and the Jets really spanked us, but we paid New Orleans back for whupping our azz at home. Remember, it is the players playing, not the head coach. Steve Spurrier looked special at Florida, hell I could win at Florida. He became a mere mortal at South Carolina. We will see how much of a “genius” Belichek is, now that New England is not the dominant team it once was. I can see the hurt Raheem must feel as some call for his head before he has a chance to do his job. He covers it well, but you can see he works hard, and his pride certainly must be effected. I look for the Bucs to go to the playoffs this year as a wild card, or have a winning record at least. I will laugh at how the bandwagon Tampa Fans will fly their flags again, and sport newly purchased Bucs jerseys at their local alcohol fountains, after calling for Raheem’s head and/or Bill Cowher. These same people who were openly critical of the Bucs will be the “I Told You So’s” when we start winning again.
    The players love Raheem I am told, and will play hard for him. Hang in there Mr Morris, when the winning starts, it will quiet the negativity.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put in for the people of Tampa.
    Many of us appreciate you, and the team you and Dominick are patiently building !

  4. Eric Says:


  5. Eric Says:

    @apple roof cleaning

    Good for you man, I hope you are right.

  6. jlynch Says:

    Eric don’t you mean FUBAR ?

  7. thomas Says:

    apple roof cleaning:

    The roof cleaning business must be killing it b/c spending 2k on this bunch of hacks is going to be the biggest waste of $ in your life.

    of course raheem cares, he is just ill-equipped to h.c. in the nfl – he cant communicate!!

    as far as talent knows – none of us knows – they may have drafted 10 hall of famers in the last two years or 0 quality players. It is too early to tell.

    Tune in 2012 for the Cowher show, this team will be awesome and I will re-up my tickets then. Until then, lets let dom and rah run this org like Dom’s trading card business.

  8. sunrisejeff Says:

    No he meant Aybar! Nothing better than a walkoff HR to end the game…Go Rays!

  9. Eric Says:

    The new plyers have me intrigued enough to give the Cleveland game a try, against my better judgment.

    But, if Cleveland gives us a butt kickin, im out.

    What can I say, Barnum was right.

  10. tampa2 Says:

    They can have all pro-bowlers on the Bucs this year and it wouldn’t intrigue me enough to buy a ticket. Maybe you forgot last year when they had some good young talent and Raheem called them out in the Media for their mistakes, yet he neglected to develop or train them properly before they were thrown into the fire. These new players have the potential to be good. But who is training them? Same as last year I’m afraid. No thanks. You go and tell us what you seen! Lol

  11. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc wrote: “Positive is two days less newsworthy than negative.”

    Interesting take JimBuc, you made Joe take pause for a moment. But the when really is not important. This was a week-old interview to begin with. And everything gets played the same on this site, so it’s not like one was given more love than another.

  12. Hosstyle in Tampa Says:

    tampa2 says: “Maybe you forgot last year when they had some good young talent and Raheem called them out in the Media for their mistakes, yet he neglected to develop or train them properly before they were thrown into the fire.”

    You’re completely delusional…

  13. JimBuc Says:

    Joe: I think you do a good job of being fair. I guess I could have said “recycled story=slow new day”

  14. drdneast Says:

    So much verbal vomit comes out of Rah Rah’s mouth I just wish he would keep his piehole shut. As the great philospher Warren Sapp managed to articulate, “the proof is in the pudding.”

  15. tampa2 Says:

    @hosstyle in Tampa
    More delusional than Raheem? The only chance Raheem has this year is if they bring in someone to teach these young kids their positions at an NFL level. Raheem is not capable of doing that!