Hoping HGH Scandal Steers Clear Of Bucs

May 20th, 2010
Earnest Graham wont be among those surprised if a Buccaneer is involved it a high-profile HGH scandal

Earnest Graham won't be among those surprised if a Buccaneer is involved it a high-profile HGH scandal

Joe pays attention to the sports world, so Joe’s very aware that Canadian doctor Anthony Galea was charged by authorities for smuggling human growth hormone (HGH) into the United States.

And the big kicker is the reports that three (maybe more) NFL players are involved in his allegedly shady HGH dealings, and some of his activity was allegedly in Tampa.

That means there’s at least a chance that a member of the Buccaneers is involved. The Redskins’ Santana Moss already has been fingered by the Washington Post.

Joe sure hopes not. Considering warden Roger Goodell probably will make a huge example out of any NFL player whose name surfaces when all the details inevitably leak from court records still not released.

Joe can’t imagine a bigger distraction to the Buccaneers, if it were to come down that a prominent Bucs player is involved. Especially since a lot of other Buccaneers could potentially start sweating getting outed by said player.

Now Joe’s not saying Bucs are using HGH, but Earnest Graham gave his powerful “30 percent” are using take on that last year, which Joe brought to light on a grand scale and turned into a national story. Surely, anyone would be foolish to think there aren’t HGH users on every NFL team.

Joe sincerely just hopes the Tampa connection to this HGH scandal is on Dale Mabry Highway — in the bowels of the New York Yankees’ Tampa headquarters.

15 Responses to “Hoping HGH Scandal Steers Clear Of Bucs”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Gyms are full of HGH users, it works great

  2. hendawg1906 Says:

    I really think the Tampa reference is tied to the Yankees. But if there were ties to any Buccaneer player, and I was asked to take a guess, my guess would be (and I hate to say it) Cadillac. I mean the man had a remarkable recovery from his latest knee injury and actually lasted a whole season. Please dont let it be Cadillac.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Are there any Bucs players that have been in the NFL long enough, or old enough, to have participated in such practice? LOL
    I mean, at the rate we’re gutting and rebuilding, we should be ready for the Pop Warner Championship in 2011!

    hahahaha….I kid…

  4. oar Says:

    Although not with the team anymore, David Boston comes to mind.

  5. oar Says:

    Apple, Yeah it works great! Huh? Here are just some of the known side effects of the undue use of HGH.
    — Acromegaly
    — Premature death (in case of acromegaly)
    — Heart enlargement (due to prolonged use of HGH. Can’t be reversed)
    — Low blood sugar with risk of going into a diabetic coma
    — Excessive hair growth all over the body
    — Excessive water retention
    — Liver damage
    — Thyroid damage
    HGH from reputed manufacturers are safe if used under proper supervision, but they come with a small disadvantage; they are expensive. Many who take HGH without supervision buy spurious products that come at a lower price. The side effects of indiscriminate use of HGH is bad, and it just gets worse when counterfeit products are used.

  6. d-money Says:

    Michael Pittman and Thomas Jones got those Biceps by doing curls….lots and lots of curls.

  7. Marlow Says:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers footballoutsiders.com
    Biggest Post-Draft Need: Safety
    This year, for the first time, the Football Outsiders game charting project tracked broken and missed tackles. On defense, no defense player was shredded more than 15 times, with one exception: Tampa Bay safety Sabby Piscitelli, who led the league with 19 broken tackles.

    (Ed. Note: For those curious, more broken tackle numbers are coming in next week’s ESPN Insider article.)

    Fellow safety Tanard Jackson, who has never quite been able to repeat his excellent rookie performance, also missed quite a few tackles when he came up in run support. When they weren’t busy missing tackles last year, Jackson and Piscitelli were trying to trying to cover up the play of cornerbacks Ronde Barber — who may have finally hit the age wall — and Elbert Mack, who allowed a dismal 11.4 yards per pass according to our game charters.

    The addition of Sean Jones and the return of Jermaine Phillips will bolster the Bucs’ depth chart, but neither is going to turn around a defense that ranked 26th against the pass according to DVOA. Third-round pick Myron Lewis of Vanderbilt could take a little bit of pressure off the safeties if he can play the nickel behind Barber and Aqib Talib and thus keep Mack off the field.

  8. Joe Says:


    Joe had that a couple of weeks ago. But Joe appreciates you looking out for him. Gracias!

  9. MVPFreeman Says:

    I just hope this has nothing to do with my boy Josh Freeman.

  10. Eric Says:

    If they had to use HGH to achieve 3-13, thats pretty damn sad.

  11. drdneast Says:

    Doesn’t A=Rod play for the Yankees in Tampa during springtime. BTW, Mr. Know It All (Marshall). Phillips won’t be returning to the Bucs this year. He and his numerous broken arms were waived.

  12. TJ Says:

    nobody these days would not suprise me. But one person I am for certian has and is taking them hold on I know it is going to be a blasphmey is Brett Farve

  13. Clayton's Moving Van Says:

    More doom and gloom for the haters, Joe?

  14. Gary Says:

    Please let a report come out that Sabby and Clayton were injecting each other in the ass!! J/K, we dont need that bad publicity.

  15. Paul Says:

    Last season it looked like the Buc’s were the only ones that weren’t on the stuff. Every team we faced, overpowered us so decisively that its obvious they didn’t take it.