Bucs Ranked On Cowboys’ Uncovered Draft Board

May 11th, 2010

How the Cowboys' personnel department ranked three Bucs rookies before the draft, Gerald McCoy, Brian Price and Myron Lewis, was uncovered by the Miami Herald.

Yesterday, the Miami Herald published a photo it secured of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones standing in front of his team’s draft board.

Joe’s first reaction was, ‘Who cares?’ and ‘Why does a Miami newspaper want to write a story about this?’

But upon further review, the picture, which the Herald blew up and spent lots of time scrutinizng, reveals how the Cowboys ranked various players entering the 2010 draft. Armando Salguero, the Herald reporter, claims he confirmed the authenticity of the photo with the Cowboys organization.

Dallass ranked manbeast-in-waiting Gerald McCoy as the No. 2 pick, ahead of Ndamukong Suh. So that was a feel-good moment for Joe.

But Dallass had defensive tackle Brian Price ranked 45th overall (the Bucs took him with the 35th pick). And cornerback Myron Lewis was ranked as a late fourth-round pick, 118th overall (the Bucs picked him with the 67th pick near the top of the third round). No other rookie Bucs’ rankings were visible in the photo.

Of course, this doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot. But it’s very interesting, especially during the NFL dog days of May.

Did the Bucs reach for Lewis? The Cowboys sure think so.

20 Responses to “Bucs Ranked On Cowboys’ Uncovered Draft Board”

  1. CreamsiclePasties Says:


    Keep in mind, draft boards are team specific….Lewis’ ranking on the ‘Boys board has less to do with his talent and more to do with Dallas’ lack of interest in drafting a CB as well as Lewis’ fit in the Tampa 2 VS Dallas’ blitz heavy 3-4

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    I know it’s not a complete board, but still – other than Dez Bryant, no WR’s can be found..?

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Upon further review…nevermind.

  4. jamie Says:

    The same could be said of Brian Price, who doesn’t really fit in a 3-4.

    But I’m a little confused looking at that picture:
    What’s with the big blank space in the second column? If you count down from the top of that colum, Price is 13th, so (32+ 13)= 45th overall. But why stop halfway down?

    By that logic, Brandon Ghee is two slots lower, so would be ranked 47th overall. But Ghee didn’t get taken until pick 96 by the Bengals, end of the 3rd round.

    With the 55th pick overall, the Cowboys picked Sean Lee (who I can’t find on the board). Similarly, Navarro Bowman is ranked 20th overall! But the Cowboys sure didn’t take him with their 55th pick, even though he was available.

    So why did the Cowboys take Sean Lee, when they had 2 other guys they rated so highly still on the board?

    Something about the analysis of this board doesn’t add up.

  5. jamie Says:

    The point is, if this really is how highly the Cowboys rated certain players, they didn’t follow this board when making their draft day decisions. Otherwise, they would have taken Navarro Bowman with their pick in the second round.

  6. sgw94 Says:

    In addition to the point Creamsicles made, which was a point I was about to make, its also worth remembering that the Cowboys drafted Barbie..excuse me Bobby Carpenter in the first round a few years back. And I say that as a long time Cowboys fan growing up. Price wouldn’t have been high on their board because of his size and the fact that they run a 3-4. Lewis was kind of all over the place on different boards but again the Cowboys play a lot more man than we do where you usually need smaller guys who don’t really have to tackle as much. Lewis fits what we do because he has the size to be physical both against the run and in getting good jams on the line vs pass plus the athleticism to make good drops and make plays on the ball in Cov 2. It is what it is. Our guys will be judged going forward in how they fit with us anyway. Unless they fall on their face nobody will go back and look at who we could have taken in their slots. And if they fall on their face then it won’t really matter anyway.

  7. JDouble Says:

    Joe is not the first to say the Cowboys had McCoy ranked higher from looking at this picture, but I think that is an incorret deduction. The names are stuck next to the team that had drafted them, or were projected to draft them rather. The ranking is the number next to each name. Suh is 1-2 (1st round – 2nd pick ) and McCoy is 1-3 (1st round – 3rd pick) Atleast that is how I see it.

  8. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JDouble – The Miami reporter explains the rankings in his story. Joe’s just going off that. Don’t have the time or desire to strain my eyes on that photo.

    Interesting, if nothing else.

    Sgw94 and Creamsicle — Knew it’s team-specific going in. Just putting it out there. Still a rare look at a draft board.

  9. Chargedcbh Says:

    Sometimes it’s best to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and erase all doubt….

  10. jamie Says:

    The dolphins website says they ranked sean lee 14th overall, which conveniently puts him right behind Jerry Jones’ arm. Until I see the video clip, I’m not buying it.

  11. TJ Says:

    About Lewis alot of people think they reached. I would not be shocked if he is the biggest bust. I think we should grabed a DE at least but according to the draftg Gurus there were better players at his psition avalable.

  12. Eric Says:

    Not sure, but I think some on the list are plastic surgeons.

  13. Sander Says:

    The Herald was not the media outlet that did this. It’s been going around the internet for about 2 weeks now, and it came from here: http://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2010/4/27/1446595/consolidated-cowboys-draft-board
    And here:

    For as far as I know. It may even come from somewhere else, but this is not something the Herald did.

  14. sgw94 Says:

    Of course according to the Cowboys’ board it appears that Brandon Graham and Ryan Matthews were probably the biggest reaches in the first round. of course both play positions they don’t really need though.

  15. thomas Says:

    Wow – some team didnt rate our draft as having all-time great value. you man someone rated price, lewis etc were reaches.

    unheard of, slanderous! dom would never reach, he clearly drafted 6 hall of fame starters,,


  16. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    This is bullshit . No management or scouts are snapping photos in the war room , and media is not allowed in.

    Jerry Jones obviously staged this photo, and the Cowboys leaked it on purpose to paint an image that they are such genuises, and got such a steal landing Dez Bryant at #24.

    Do any of you really believe Jerry is stupid enough to allow people to walk all around the war-room snapping pictures with thier board in the background, and then those photos leaked without his knowing of them? Bwahahaha what a fraud.

  17. Dave Says:

    It is interesting, but means NOTHING.

    It is all a guessing game and every team has different boards. Besides, Dallas hasn’t exactly drafted too good since Parcells left. They just traded their number 1 (LB Carpenter) from 3 years ago because he was a bust.

  18. Dave Says:

    Also, remember who has ALOT of say into their draft:


  19. Fatsacks Says:

    ok so were looking at dallas draft board…are we holding dallas too that much of a higher greatness than anyone else?!?!? Where has Dallas been in the last few season’s…o yeah watching the superbowl at home with the rest of us….

  20. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    and once again: dallas leaked this on purpose to try and show the value in Dez Bryant , an feed Jerry’s ego