Bucs Cheerleaders At The Beach

May 11th, 2010

Marlena ArefRecently, some quasi-misguided soul — he couldn’t be too misguided, after all, he reads Joe — commented that only women Twitter.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Joe tried to educated this man (?) that Twitter, when used properly, is very much a manly thing. Truth be told, women don’t have the NFL Network.

Want proof of how Twitter is good for any red-blooded American male? Think a scantily clad Marlana Aref, one of many beautiful Bucs cheerleaders. Seems as though some intelligent being over at One Buc Palace has decided to tag along as the Bucs cheerleaders frolic on some sandy white beach for their calendar shoot.

And said someone from One Buc Palace (intrepid Scott Smith perhaps?) is attaching various “behind the scenes” photos of the calendar shoot on the Bucs official Twitter feed.

Now that Joe has linked to the Bucs Twitter feed, feel free to waste time at work gawking. Joe won’t blame you at all.

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