“You Won’t See Trades”

April 20th, 2010
You better %^#n believe Ive got a say in this draft. You got that?

"You better %^#'n believe I've got a say in this draft. You got that?"

First, for those who thought Joe was making ridiculous, moronic leaps connecting Chucky’s quarterbacks series on BSPN with a covert, unethical scouting operation for Mike Holmgren, well, Joe has something for you to shove up your nose.

BSPN senior NFL analyst John Clayton, The Professor himself, said today on 1040 AM that because of Chucky’s close ties with Holmgren, if the Browns pass on quarterback Jimmy Clausen at No. 7 then you can make the connection “that Gruden didn’t like him.”

Now, for those who think the Bucs are trading out of that No. 3 overall pick on Thursday, Clayton doesn’t agree with you. 

Speaking on The Fabulous Sports Babe Show on 1040 AM earlier today, Clayton said the draft has so many A+ prospects that trades won’t happen high in the first round because every team will like what’s in front of them.

“Maybe see no trades in the top 12. In the end, these players are so good, you won’t see trades,” Clayton said.

12 Responses to ““You Won’t See Trades””

  1. d-money Says:


    I don’t think it’s a leap to assume that Gruden would share his knowledge with his close friend.

    I also don’t think it is unethical and I don’t think it is any different than you calling one of your buddies or contacts for a scoop on a story. If I have a friend who has knowledge of a job candidate or a potential business partner I would talk to them about it.

    Unless we are talking about Securities trading I’m pretty sure it is ok.

  2. JimBuc Says:

    Good stuff Joe. I guess that means McCoy

  3. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    Last night the Lions let it slip that they will take Suh……….so McCoy will be on the board at 3.

  4. gruss222 Says:

    Wow, d-money, thats about the fourth shot over Joe’s bow in as many days. You two have a good tug-a-war going. Lol.

    In todays era, do we really think a team is dumb enough to let “slip” what their true intentions may be?

    I understand that Detroit at 2 does not really have to smokescreen too much. However, if their true intentions and desires are to manuever a downward trade, would it not be in their best interest to convince anyone below them (interested in Suh) that their willing to take him at 2. If your team wants him you need to “convince” us to trade down.

  5. T in Orlando Says:

    The Rams just traded Carriker to the Redskins (per ProFootballtalk.com), possibly opening up for them to take Suh?!? With McCoy to the Lions?!?!?

    If that’s the case, maybe we can convince Cleveland they need to get ahead of the Redskins and Seahawks and deal with us to get Bradford. We’d only drop 4 spots, still have a shot at guy like Berry and pick up at least an extra second.

    For a real fun game of what if, imagine the trade I mention above, then we convince some team in the teens they need to move ahead of Buffalo and Jax to grab Clausen. Another 2nd rounder or two for that move, then we pick up someone like McClain, Weatherspoon, Dez Bryant or Brian Price.

    Only if both McCoy and Suh are gone.

  6. OAR Says:

    Joe, I just saw the Rams traded thier 2007 first round(#13 overall) pick DT Adam Carriker to the Redskins for a fifth round exchange of positioning. That’s it!
    This also means the Rams picking a QB isn’t necessarily a sure thing?

  7. d-money Says:

    LOL @ Gruss222,

    Joe is a big boy he can take it.

    Joe knows I love him. I agree with him most of the time it just happens the last couple of days i haven’t. Plus its been slow at work so I have more time to spend on JBF.com. I hardly get anywork done because of Joe.

  8. mlloye Says:

    If Lions take Hanesworth than why would they take Sue or McCoy?? If the Rams dont take Bradford then im sure they will want to trade “down” into a spot where they can get the QB they want in which case I see the Browns, Seahawks, Bills, or 49ers trading up for Bradford.

  9. gruss222 Says:



  10. Dub Says:

    I just can’t believe that the Bucs actually got a draft pick for Leftwich…I thought we’d have to give a draft pick to a team just to take him

  11. Fatsacks Says:

    lets not go and jump off the boat because the mighty Carriker has been traded…i still think the need of QB on that team is way more a high priority than getting Suh or Mccoy.. i mean they do have the 1st pick of the second rd where there are alot of great talented Dt’s im sure they could have there choosing from…i still see bradford going at first and hoping too see mccoy’s named called come 3rd pick,…

  12. tampa2 Says:

    To stick with the article, what would clayton know about “good”? he thinks he’s good. so that should tell you about his opinion! I’m still feeling the trade down. If Detroit takes Suh, then Tampa should take Berry. But no one knows what team glazer will do. But you can bet they think of money before they think of players.