Wilkerson “Recovering Ahead Of Schedule”

April 9th, 2010

Fresh reports keeps saying the Bucs are negotiating with starting free agent left end Jimmy Wilkerson to return, such as this new one from Jason La Canfora of NFL.com, but Joe can’t understand what’s taking so long if the Bucs really want him back.

However, Joe has obtained and transcribed some secret audio from deep in the dark bowels of One Buc Palace. The audio was scratchy but has been authenticated.

Mark Dominik: So Jimmy, we like you, but you’re 29 and just a few months off ACL surgery. Sure, you’re a locker room guy and a hard worker, but you’ve now been classified in what I’ve labeled Crowell Country. How about the veteran minimum with no guarantees?

Jimmy Wilkerson: You’ve got my cell number, right?

La Canfora reports Wilkerson is on his way to visit the Saints and is “recovering ahead of schedule.”

Joe’s really not sure why the Bucs would want to have Wilkerson return if they really want to see what they have in Tim Crowder and Kyle Moore. This is allegedly a youth movement.

Perhaps the Bucs are considering Wilkerson at tackle, as former Bucs DE Steve White explored in his assessment of Wilkerson’s 2009 season.

5 Responses to “Wilkerson “Recovering Ahead Of Schedule””

  1. thomas Says:

    they should sign jimmy. i wanted to remind all you sheep that “building through the draft” is not the best way to rebuild – it is the cheapest.

    Case in point: the 2008 Dolphins who went from 1-15 to 11-5. How? they started by firing there joke of a head coach Cam Cameron after 1 year and unqualified GM and brought in Parcells and Sparano.

    Second, they signed a FA vet QB (Pennington) and FA TE (Fasano – 7 TD’s) added 3 key defensive FA starters (Joey Porter, Jason Ferguson, Akin Ayodel). Third, Parcells and Sparano drafted 1 significant contributor (Jake Long) who started 16 games at LT.

    Conclusion: Replacing the H.C. and G.M. and adding 5 key FA’s added up to 10 more wins the following the season. But Parcells and Sparano wanted to win football games, not build inexpensively with fixed cost rookie contracts.

  2. Finerdetailz Says:

    With all the idiot moves this team has been making last year and starting off this year by weakening our club by letting ab go, you don’t understand how? Really?

  3. RahDomDaBest Says:

    I wouldn’t be mad if the bucs drafted McCoy, Golden Tate and then Terrance Cody…. I mean could you imagine that haul?

    Getting a run stuffer Nose Tackle to go with McCoy???

  4. Ajay Says:


    Wilkerson visited the Saints today.

    Source: Jason La Canfora, NFL.com

    check it when u get a chance.

  5. Patrick Says:

    Jimmy Wilkerson has been a very solid d-lineman for us. We need to re-sign him. There’s no excuse for not doing so.

    Maybe Wilkerson doesn’t want to play for the Bucs. I really don’t blame him if that’s the case. In New Orleans, he has Sean Payton as his coach instead of Rah Rah. He’ll get to be with a winning organization, watching us waste time with the Raheem re-building project.