No Handshake Love For Raheem

April 9th, 2010

On gamedays, Bucs opponents don’t want to shake Raheem The Dream’s hand and they are surely not yearning to play for him.

The venerable scribe eye-RAH! Kaufman, of the Tampa Tribune, served up this information during a Thursday interview on The Fabulous Sports Babe Show on 1040 AM.

For context, Kaufman was talking about how the Bucs struggle to lure free agents despite having a designated recruiter.

“That’s why Doug Williams is here [to attract] free agents,” Kaufman said. “You see it. Down on the field, they don’t want to shake Raheem’s hand, they want to shake Doug Williams’ hand. They know his legacy. …But [the Bucs] can’t attract anybody.

Perhaps that’s why the Bucs radically changed their free agency philosophy after allegedly offering Albert Haynesworth gazillions of dollars, pursuing Jonathan Vilma, and giving fat contracts to guys like Derrick Ward, Michael Clayton and Mike Nugent last year. 

Maybe interest in playing for the Bucs has simply dried up.

46 Responses to “No Handshake Love For Raheem”

  1. Jake Says:

    Unfortunately, Eye-Rah is right. This is what our franchise has become, thanks to our wonderful owners. A coach struggling to gain credibility, experience and respect. An inexperienced GM, frugal owners (I’m being kind) and a team chock full of young, inexperienced players but for a very few vets. Why would any respectable free agent that has a viable option elsewhere want to come here? Answer is they wouldn’t. Sorry but the weather and lack of state income tax just isn’t enough to save the day. This franchise needs to regain its credibility and respect around the league before anyone worth anything will choose to come here instead of elsewhere.

  2. Eric Says:

    Wasn’t all that supposed to change, according to some media folk, after the exit of the evil Mr. Gruden?

  3. Tye Says:

    Who can blame them……. Most of these guys are competitors and it is no secret that the Bucs won’t likely be that for years to come…… Many players have to sign multipule year contracts which means they would be purposely denying themselves in their career a chance at a SB or even playoff shots for that matter!!!

    I have been a fan of the Bucs since way back but it is a business and if I were a quality player I too would avoid the Bucs these days like a plague!!!

  4. Tom Says:

    You know what makes free agency dry up for you?

    When you can’t offer what others can in money.

    And as we get to this Haynesworth BS:

    A. The Bucs offered less guaranteed money than the Skins.

    Don’t believe me?


    BAM! There’s some knowledge for you.

    B. The Bucs HAD TO HIT 80% OF THE SALARY CAP. It was part of the league rules, and the Bucs were farfarfar under it when Free Agency began. Hey, why not get the biggest fish in the pond when you have to spend the money anyways and sell some tickets out of it rather than giving Clayton a 10.5 million reasons to love his life.

    If this team gave a player more than any other team in league Rush Limbaugh could be the head coach and many of the players would gladly shake his hand if the price were right.

  5. Jake Says:

    @Tom. Thank you for sharing that Washington Post article about Haynesworth. The first thing all the Glazer apologists throw out there to argue the Glazers arent cheap is that they offered more money to Haynesworth than the Redskins did. Truth is, they really didn’t.

  6. Kirk Says:

    I am soooo weary of all this negative bullshit going around about this football team. I know all the experts out there think they know what is best. The way I figure it, maybe if the team just packs up and moves away, that will make everyone happy and they can all bitch about something else. It’s an effin game folks, nothing more, nothing less. If all you damn experts know so much, why aren’t you working for an NFL team?

    By the way Joe…Negative bullshit aside, this is still the best Bucs information site in town. A Caybrew to you.

  7. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Well, thanks Kirk. I know you’re not the biggest fan of what we do.

  8. Joe Says:


    Joe hopes you enjoyed the “positive post” that appeared at 2:30 p.m. today. 🙂

  9. CharlieB Says:

    I have to second Kirk’s opinion. The community here and the overall blind negativity make me want to stop coming back, but there just isn’t a more reliable place for information. Joe does a decent enough job of staying neutral, sometimes, but the folks that comment seem to believe that the only way to build a good team is to spend tons of money on people past their prime. If these guys are in the majority, I have no idea how the glazers claimed that the fans did not like Chucky. These guys follow Chucky’s theory to the T.

  10. Eric Says:


    when these guys win a Super bowl, or even an nfc south title, then they can talk trash about chucky.

    Till then it is all hot air, theory and speculation.

    Easy to stop the negativity, put a winning team on the football field.

  11. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the compliment. Joe strives to be objective. Some of the “haters” even mock Joe for not going after Raheem the Dream and Mark Dominik more often. 🙁

  12. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Great comments.Nice to know somebody else gets tired of reading this negative crap.How in the hell can you be a buc fan and never post anything but negative comments.I would like to hear Steve’s comments about all the negative feedback.

  13. Louie Says:

    It’s kind of hard to be very positive with a 3-13 team with little hope of improving next season.

    I’ve been a fan since ’76 and I sure don’t like all the negative stuff about “my team”, but it is what it is right now. Some day (soon I hope!) there will be reason for hope.

  14. Kirk Says:

    I have pretty much quit reading that other site that had a colorful magazine. The pap sold there is too hard to take. This site is by far the best. I was happy to pay ten dollars for draft coverage. I would be happy to pay if Joe decided to charge for subscriptions. This site is that good. But for now, as long as it’s free, I will invest in some cold Caybrew.

    Louie…It is hard to be positive with a 3-13 team. Not much to brag about, but this is still my team. Guess we could all start pulling for the Raiders. Now there is something to bitch about.

  15. safety Says:

    I agree with Kirk.
    I appreciate your dedication since ’76, Louie. I became a Bucs fan when we moved down to Sarasota in ’96.
    Honestly, we have every reason to believe the defense is going to be better than it was at the end of last year.
    The O-line completely underachieved last year and I’ll bet they are much more effective this year.
    Also, Derrick Ward doesn’t suck. Neither does EG or Cadillac.
    IMHO, I can see 7 wins or better this year, and I like what they’re trying to do.

  16. Joe Says:


    But for now, as long as it’s free, I will invest in some cold Caybrew.

    Please tell Joe you are actually Rachel Watson using a fake name!

    Thanks so much for the kind words. Joe very much appreciates the compliments!

  17. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Does it surprise ANYONE that no player would want to play for Raheem?

  18. CharlieB Says:


    You’re shooting down the future because of poor performance in a rebuilding year. You assume that young player progression doesn’t occur and disregard anybody without a clear history of success. Do I think that we’re going to be a playoff team next year? Probably not. Do I think our WR corp is anything better than laughable? Not a chance. But here’s what irks me: we’re supposed to be fans. What kind of fan refuses to have any sort of hope. The term “homer” comes from the idea that a fan will always see the team as better than what it is. You think it’s worse than what it is.

    When it comes down to it, we don’t know squat about running a football team. Steve White was hardly a pro-bowl player in this league, and he routinely shows that he has more football knowledge than the rest of the communities’ combined knowledge. Dom and Rah, while not necessarily the most credentialed, know a lot more than you and I as well. So while we have our right as fans to question and criticize, being so negative that every damned post is basically calling for their dismissal or the glazers to sell the team is pointless and ignorant. Maybe its cathartic for you, but it’s annoyingly ignorant to me. You can’t possibly know what a full offseason with decent a single coordinator will bring. You can’t possibly know what an entire season of experience adds to a squad. You can’t possibly know the exact impact the draft class will have. I don’t either, but you know what? We’re fans. Act like one.

  19. Eric Says:


    Well, i tune in and contribute as best i can on

    Wouldn’t bother if I wasnt a big fan of the team.

    I also put forth opinions which i think would improve the team, because i would like to see that happen.

    Even though I lack nfl experience, i still have an opinion. I don’t buy into the rebuilding plan, or the qualifications of those implementing it, or the sincerity of the ownership group. Im thinking i am not alone in those opinions.

    Even the ignorant might be right, sir. I think ill continue to state what i believe, even if you find it irritating.

    Of course, no one has to pay a bit of attention to me, or read my posts if they do not want to.

  20. Tom Says:

    I’ve said this before: There is no right way to be a fan. When you think you know the right way to be a fan, you need to go back to polishing your glass house.

    Do CharlieB and Kirk have valid points and have a right to be a fan the way they choose? Sure. Do they have a right to tell me or others how to root for, or boo the team or ownership when I please? No.

    The team went 3-13. The team is not contending and not competitive. The team has not spent a nickel more then they have had to since 2004. There is a great amount of speculation about the loans the ownership took out to finance their kickball team.

    And I will still root for this team on the field and on the message boards. I want Dominik to have the best draft in Bucs history and draft 3 HOF’s. I want to be pleasantly surprised by Raheem taking the team to 10-6 next year and making a playoff berth. BUT they haven’t shown that ability yet. They’ve gone 3-13, fired both coordinators, barely spent a dime to improve the product this year, while wasting massive amounts of required cap money on horrible free agent signings last year and BS’ed us for the reason why they are “rebuilding.”

    This isn’t the NBA, you can rebuild very quickly (See: Atlanta, San Diego, New York Giants, New York Jets, Dallas)

  21. feaster Says:

    Uh, you can rebuild damn quickly in the NBA. At least enough to keep your fan base happy. …Agree with Tom. Don’t tell me how to love me 3-13 suckfest. …Sometimes tough love is good.

  22. Louie Says:

    @Tom, well said!

  23. Mr. Lucky Says:


    So according to you a fan = STUPID.

    I’m a fan but unlike the polyann’s at Puker Report I keep it real.

    The definition of stuipidy used to be doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. According to you I guess we should change that to Bucs fan?

  24. Mr. Lucky Says:

    @Tom & Jake – I’m NOT going to be a Glazer apologist BUT as far as offering more/less money to Haynesworth let me ask you this:

    How do you think Danny Snyder is feeling today?

    I personally think ALL owners should pay the players on PERFORMANCE and stop this guarenteed OVERPAYMENT crap.

    When the President of the free world gets a salary of $450K and PLAYERS get obscene $$$$ there’s something wrong. If they play like $$$$$ (i.e., Antonio Bryant 2008) and earn it fine but look at 2009 – you mean that was a 9.7 million dollar season?

    Was Facestomper REALLY worth $30 million last year?

  25. Tom Says:


    As a Knicks fan….I’m afraid I disagree 🙁

  26. hawaiianbuc Says:

    This is the most ridiculous article I have ever heard (I know it’s not you Joe with the idea). These are professional athletes, they don’t make decisions on where they are going to go based upon the coach. First of all, it is about the money. They are going to go where they get paid the most, and that is usually not us. They want long term contracts and guaranteed money. How often do we offer that? If not, they are going to go somewhere that they feel will be a winner. This is also not us right now. Third, every pro knows that it’s stupid to go somewhere for the coach because coaches don’t last long in this league. Finally, even if they were going somewhere because of the coach (which they don’t), they are going to want to play for a “player’s coach” like Raheem. All the players around the league know each other, and our players really seem to like Raheem (I don’t think there is much arguing that), so word gets around that’s he’s a good coach to play for. I’m not defending Raheem, but to say that players aren’t coming here because of him is just foolish. It’s the philosophy of the organization, plain and simple. Do you think all these free agent players that are going to Chicago are doing it because they can’t wait to shake hands with Lovie Smith, a coach that will probably be fired if they don’t win 10 games this season? What about Mangenius, I’m sure the players are lining up to go to Cleveland because he is so respected league wide. I’m as frustrated as anyone at some of the players we have ignored in free agency, but to just make up ridiculous reasons like this is just plain stupid.

  27. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe wrote: ” Thanks for the compliment. Joe strives to be objective. Some of the “haters” even mock Joe for not going after Raheem the Dream and Mark Dominik more often.”


    Get real Joe – you always put your slant on the stories – that’s why people come here. If we wanted a “sanitized” story we’d tune into ESPN.

    As for “haters” mocking Joe? Who and where; or are you STILL upset about those Puker Retort boys?

  28. Tom Says:

    @Mr. Lucky

    Dominik has the incredible luck to make a strong push for Haynesworth, but failed to get the guy he targeted due to what was likely a couple million dollars.

    The reality is the Bucs had to spend that money, and after losing out on fat Albert paid out in other places. So you’re looking at either Haynesworth on the 2009 Bucs or Clayton/Ward/Nugent. Call me crazy but I’d take Haynesworth in a heartbeat over those scrubs.

  29. Eric Says:

    For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it.

    Patrick Henry

  30. Mr. Lucky Says:

    @Tom – thanks for reminding me about the BUST Nugent was last season. I’d almost forgotten that DUMB mistake.

    God when you put it like you did I’ve gotta ask how CharlieB can even ATTEMPT to be optimistic? Funny because I’d given Dominik a pass because of the great deal he got for Gaines…

    Well to be positive [for CharlieB] I know Dominik et al will have their best draft ever!

  31. Kirk Says:

    Tom….I have no desire to attempt to tell anyone how to do anything. All I am saying is enough is enough. This town has bashed this team like a red headed step child for so long it has become boring. It seems no matter how bad, or good this team is, the local fan base is unsatisfied. Even when the team won a super bowl, people came out of the woodwork claiming Gruden won with Dungy’s team. This area is so divided in its team loyalties, nothing other than the team moving away will make them happy. I do not suggest “my team, right or wrong”, I’m just saying give it a break.

  32. Mr. Lucky Says:


    Don’t forget – Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

    -Patrick Henry.

    Oh BTW – Henry was an outspoken CRITIC of the US constitution and led Virginia in the opposition to it’s ratification.

    I guess Henry wasn’t a fan of the US was he?

  33. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mr. Lucky — “Objective” might be the wrong word by definition. But Joe approaches his rants with objectivity, meaning the fan passion in the commentary is reasoned and written with a balanced approach, even if it doesn’t read that way. That’s sort of why JoeBucsFan works. Nobody wants to read baseless claims over and over.

    But you’re correct. If Joe were objective, this would be one boring-ass site.

    As for the “haters,” Joe reads his inbox and deletes his share of obscene comments. It’s not Joe’s paranoia or the colorful fellows. …Sometimes being the object of all that hate helps Joe think like Raheem. 🙂

  34. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe – thanks for clearing up the objectivity views. Speaking of which what happened to the Pessimist? Did he die or what? Too much “negativity” for readers like CharlieB?

    Maybe you should have an Optimist “ghost writer” – I sure the boys at Puker Retort have some free time on their hands; it’ll make Charlie happy too!

    Heck maybe even ask Radio to write a monthly column – asuming he isn’t too busy trying to get players to shake his hand

  35. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    THE PESSIMIST will return. He’s had some personal problems.

    Joe doesn’t think THE OPTIMIST is in the cards. Since Joe considers himself an optimist.

    As for a new columnist, Joe’s going to roll out something interesting in that realm this month. Something that perhaps has never been done in the history of sports blogs. …How’s that for a tease.

  36. Tom Says:


    I can’t speak for the Gruden-bashers or the Dungyites because I was neither of them. Are there people who projected that? Sure. Do I care? Not really. I care about what moves my team makes or doesn’t make far more.

    The people that think that McCardell, Dilger, Jurivicious, Pittman, Greg Spires etc were all somehow part of “Dungy’s team” despite the 125 yard rushing, 2 TD receiving, 2 sack performance et al those players gave for the super bowl has forever annoyed me. But that’s ignorance, that’s not someone who chooses to like or dislike his GM or head coach based on production.

    The “blow it up and start over” feeling you have, although I may think childish, is yours and you are entitled to it. There are fans that I think are dumb and can’t stand. Do I wish my team to go somewhere else because of it? No. Most people give a lot of credit to New York sports fans, but I assure you if you go to a sports message board on the Knicks you are going to find borderline retarded people spending all day on imaginary trade scenario’s that will never happen. I’ve never once wished they would move because of that.

  37. jake Says:

    Lets face it “‘Kool Aid drinkers” and so called “haters” all have one thing in common. They are passionate about the Bucs. They love the team otherwise why spend the endless time and energy posting on this and other message boards. The difference is while we all love the Bucs, we all don’t love its owners and front office nor do we all trust the owners and front office. You cant embrace the “plan” if you have a fundamental distrust and skepticism for its creators. It is up to them to dispell this distrust and skepticism with positive action before “haters” and “kool aid” drinkers unite as one.

  38. Eric Says:

    I for one think it would be a much better ending to the story if young Mr. Morris would, against all odds and without much help from his employers, turn this team around.

    Who knows, it might even turn out that way.

    Let me hear a Gooooooooo Bucccccccccs!

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    Republicans are never objective. Show me an objective Republican and I’ll show you a Democrat with brains.

  40. Kirk Says:

    Tom…I have never thought that blowing this team up and starting over is a good idea. I just realize that whatever the team decides to do is completely out of my control. I like this team, but I am not a kool aid drinker or hater. I just believe as my dear old departed daddy once said “no matter how big the dung heap, there has to be something in there worth a shit”. So rant on folks, there is so much going on in the world today that is so far out of our individual control, I guess bitching about a football team makes it all okay.

  41. Patrick Says:

    I think it’s complete bullshit that we already have to know we’ll not be competitive next year. As funny as it sounds, we should be trying to compete for a super bowl every offseason! And that’s how it should be with the 31 other NFL teams. That is the goal for every season, not 6-10 or 7-9! It really just disgusts me how low the standards have been set around the Bucs.

    Do i expect us to win the super bowl next year? Not at all. But I would at least like to see a damn effort by the team, along with high standards set. I hate this “we’ll be competitive in a couple years” attitude. What about now? Focus on 2010, not 2012 or 2013. We want to win now! I understand that we’re rebuilding, but seriously, we as fans are tired of this bull.

  42. tampa2 Says:

    @charlyB, You feel the way you do, I feel the way I do. Bt you seem to want everyone to think the way that you do. I am just as passionate about the Bucs as anyone. But when you fire a Good Coach & replace him with an amatuer that is just a tad too much. Not to mention all the cuts, all the hirings & firings that didn’t make sense one way or another, or the 3 – 13 season that you optomists seem to be alright with. Gruden brought in older players because the “3 scrooges” wouldn’t spend money. Not only would those players “Shake Gurden’s Hand”, they came and played for him for little or nothing. Show me just “one” seasoned pro that would come play for Morris under those conditions. None! There is a reason that opposing players “will not shake Morris’ hand”! Because he isn’t a Real Coach! Don’t call me a hater! I love the Bucs! But I do hate the tightfisted Culverhouse ways that the 3 scrooges have adopted since their Father is no longer in charge. Check out the Bucs record again this year and tell me how that does for you! Then you too may become a hater!

  43. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think the Bucs will be pretty good this year, as LD says, pretty, pretty good. Raheem had a bad rookie year, and he’s no Jon Gruden, but he got better as the season progressed. He made tough decisions that made the team better. I am starting to believe in Raheem and he made some excellent play calls when he took over the defense. Now they are calling it a new hybrid Tampa 2 scheme, with blitz packages and some press coverage. I like it and think Rah is on the right track here. Although I doubted him and have literally called him every name in the book at some point last season, now I’m in his camp. I think they will really surprise a lot of people and sneak up on teams that won’t expect the resistance they will encounter. I have my tickets, I’m drinking the Koolaid(with Vodka) and I am 110% ready for the Draft. We are going to get some good players to help fill this young team. Maybe I just love Underdoggies and the Bucs are sure that. But they’re coming and it’s going to be a better year, for sure. Well definitely a maybe. Where’s my drink? C’mon man, it’s Fried-day.

  44. Mr. Lucky Says:

    OMG – You guys are just so right! What have I been thinking? [gulp, gulp]

    I think the bucs are going to draft McCoy and he’ll have 16 sacks in his rookie year (1 per game). And I think Dez will drop to the 2nd round where the Bucs will draft him as well. [gulp]I bet Josh Freeman will have an all-Pro season. In fact with the new QB coach I think freeman can lead the Bucs to the playoffs. [gulp, gulp]

    During the draft I believe that Dominik will make a trade and send Clayton to the Redskins for Haynesworth. Heck with all the experience from last year I think Raheem will coach the Bucs into Super contenders. I’ll wager that the Bucs will have 10 shut outs. [gulp]

    Thanks for the kool-aid Big Mac

  45. Eric Says:

    @Mr. Lucky


  46. Tye Says:

    ROFL…….. Mr. Lucky, That cracked me up!!!

    [gulp]…… It sure is bitter and leaves and bad after taste!!!
    It must just be all that BS mixed with it!…… LoL