“Walter Jones Trade” A Win For Bucs

April 30th, 2010

A lot has been made in recent days of Seattle offensive tackle Walter Jones, who announced his retirement this week.

How many knew the future Hall of Famer came to the Seahawks thanks to the Bucs?

It was 1997. The Seahawks were jonesing for an offensive tackle. So they swung a trade with the Bucs, shipping the 12th overall pick and a third round pick, 66th overall, to the Bucs for Tampa Bay’s sixth overall pick which the Seahawks used to select Jones.

Those two picks the Bucs received in return turned out to be Warrick Dunn and Ronde Barber, two key elements in the rebirth of the Bucs.

While Jones helped lead the Seahawks to a Super Bowl some eight years later, and Dunn left the Bucs after Father Dungy was fired, it’s quite possible the Bucs wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl without Ronde Barber, thus not being able to win the Super Bowl.

In Joe’s eyes, the Bucs got the best of the deal: A Super Bowl title. 

4 Responses to ““Walter Jones Trade” A Win For Bucs”

  1. Will Reed Says:

    Warrick Dunne would have contributed more than ward did last year and he’s a first ballet hall of famer

  2. Matt Says:

    No, sorry, he’s not even an eventual Hall of Famer.

  3. sunrisejeff Says:

    Win/win for both teams but with a Lombardi in our case and spider webs in their’s I say we come out on top as well 🙂

  4. JimBuc Says:

    See, draft picks have great value