Ronde Barber Just Fine With A Safety At No. 3

April 17th, 2010

Though Joe surely wouldn’t wager on it happening, Joe wouldn’t be completely stunned if the Bucs drafted super safety Eric Berry out of Tennessee with their No. 3 overall pick, or traded down to grab him and snatched another pick in the process.

Defensive backs guru Raheem The Dream probably soothes himself at night just by the thought of drafting Berry.

If Joe were betting, he’d cautiously lay a $20 bill on Berry being Raheem The Dream’s preferred pick, which is one reason Joe gives it a slim chance of happening.

Of course, the Bucs could use Berry (insert goat noise). And if they have him rated extraordinarily high, he’s probably as close to a can’t-miss pick as they could make.

Probably wearing knickers and a beret, and fresh off the Outback Pro-Am golf course in Lutz, Ronde Barber spoke with Joe Smith, of the St. Pete Times, about the draft on Friday. And Mr. Barber all but gave Mark Dominik the green light to draft Berry.

And while Barber didn’t reference Tennessee safety Eric Berry by name, he said teams shouldn’t rule out any specific position with their top picks. “Good players are good players,” Barber said. “If you find Ed Reed at No. 3, take him. Just because he’s a safety, doesn’t mean you wait until after the top-10 picks because it’s a safety.”

But Barber, a former third-round pick (in 1997) out of Virginia, said what also could make this draft for the Bucs is the middle-round guys.

“You have 11 picks, you build your team, like (GM) Mark (Dominik) says, from the bottom up,” Barber said. “Not always your first rounder, the guys that make up the bulk of the rosters are in rounds 3-4-5, maybe some of the free agents that nobody’s really paying attention to. With the number of picks we have, we need to find those guys this year and we need them to contribute.”

Joe wonders whether Barber has shared that same Ed Reed line with Raheem The Dream, or whether the head coach told it to him.

4 Responses to “Ronde Barber Just Fine With A Safety At No. 3”

  1. Evel Says:

    If Suh’s not there at 3, I wouldn’t be against it.

    McCoy just seems too soft in comparison.

    I’ll bet Berry’s favorite movie is NOT “The Little Mermaid.”

  2. thomas Says:

    The bucs were not 32nd against the run last year b/c of the Goat. They were ranked dead last b/c of coaching and d-line play. Fix both and you will see improvement. Yes, Suh is preferred and won’t be there, you are left with mccoy because a good d.tackle is better for this team than a very good safety.

    Berry is rated similar to reggie nelson out of uf a few years ago, how did he improve the jags? exactly.

  3. mlloye Says:

    I WANT SUH!!! But, if hes gone aleady, Berry is the next best “Talent” . I think we can get a DT = to McCoy later. Although I would not knock it if we take McCoy either, no matter who you take, theres always a risk. I do not want to see us take an OT at #3. I would rather us trade out for 2 picks than take something we dont really need, we can get Carter later. So we either take Suh, Berry, McCoy, or we trade out.

  4. drdneast Says:

    Ronde can play on this team until he needs a walker. The guy is total class and made the signature play of the Bucs organization when he INT’d McNabb in the NFC championship game and ran it in for the game clinching score.