Olson’s Worried About Winslow

April 13th, 2010

Joe can’t describe offensive coordinator Greg Olson’s body language and voice quality when talking about Kellen Winslow, Jr. recently. For that, you’ll have to watch the latest edition of the hit video series Behind The Flag on Buccaneers.com

Media-loving Olson stepped into the hot seat for a face-to-face with Bucs video guru Scott Smith, who peppered him with questions.

One query was about Winslow and how much more the Bucs can expect from him in 2010.

And that’s what cued Olson’s somewhat stressed and very measured response.

Olson raved about Winslow’s talents, although he said Winslow needed to improve his run blocking. However, Olson clearly went out of his way to dampen fans’ hopes that Winslow might put the Bucs on his back and pull in 100+ catches and another new Bucs receiving record for tight ends.

“You gotta be careful with him at this point in his career,” Olson said of Winslow “There is an issue there where you gotta be careful about how much you play Kellen because you want him to be durable throughout the season. …We expect the same kind of season [as in ’09].”

The Bucs were careful with Winslow last season, with him taking on limited action in many practices. But this is the first Joe has heard of the Bucs limiting his action in games. Winslow has had multiple knee surgeries on his right knee and broke that leg in 2004.

Joe’s very concerned about Olson’s response and the way he delivered it, saying the Bucs have to be cautions with Winslow “at this point in his career.”

The guy has three more full seasons before he even turns 30. It’s troubling that the league’s highest paid tight end must be babied to keep him healthy.

One could say it’s wise to try and preserve Winslow for when the Bucs can really compete for a playoff spot. But on gameday fans pay their hard-earned cash to see the best football the Bucs can muster. Nothing else.

13 Responses to “Olson’s Worried About Winslow”

  1. Eric E. Says:

    Whats wrong with this team? We need to bring the toughness back to the Bay! I’m tired of always hearing about wearing our players out. Put the best players on the field and make them earn their $$$

  2. big007hed Says:

    As long as he puts numbers similar to last year, I am totally cool with them babying him during practice but during games Freeman is going to need all the help he can get!

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    If only his dumb ass stayed off the motorcycle.
    What could have been for him.

  4. thomas Says:

    his numbers last year were good but not 30 plus million good. winslow’s stats were arguably worse than brent celek, heath miller and ancient ony gonzalez. his numbers didnt come close to dallas clark, gates, witten and vernon davis – and according to the article winslow is paid more than all those guys. Most of those guys are good run blockers.

    So all of you idiots who swallow the org b.s.- analyze winslow’s pay versus value b/c we have a franchise that counts pennies and doesn’t employ a win-first strategy.

    Managing winslow’s work-load is further evidence that this team prioritizes asset protection and cash versus winning.

  5. Half full Says:

    Winslow is delicate in more ways than one. What drives me nuts about this is that right after the Bucs acquired and payed boatloads of money to Winslow, the Falcons acquired Gonzalez for a cheaper price :/

    Maybe Gonzalez would not have come here anyhow…

  6. Louie Says:

    This isn’t something you want to hear of our ONLY credible receiving threat.

  7. OAR Says:

    Thomas, Been saying that since the season ended. Pay versus production = no where close to highest TE contract in league.

    Half-full, I second that!

    Bucfanjeff, That and if he could block, he never would have been traded to us or out of Cleveland.

  8. Eric Says:

    “preserve Winslow for when the Bucs can really compete for a playoff spot.”

    This is the kind of statement that drives me nuts. These guys have so lowered expectations that everybody wont hold them to any kind of standard but just sit back while their idiotic plan takes effect.

    Allowing people to get away with long term rebuilding projects is total crap. Parity began in the NFL with the salary floor and free agency. Other teams turn around on a dime (Falcons) . We sit around sitting on our hands saying “gee I hope they are good in three years”. and “oh don’t be so harsh they have a plan”.

    Perhaps if we did stuff like re-signing Ab and trading for Holmes we could compete for a playoff spot and Winslow wouldn’t have to be “preserved”. What winning organization even thinks like that?


  9. Nick Says:

    Its ok to limit Winslows touches, we have so many weapons to throw to we can afford it!! I mean come on, Clayton, Stroughter, Stovall those names bring fear every time they step on the field. Who needs Winslow? Oh yes and the all pro receivers we will be drafting will be out there too!

  10. Nick Says:

    Eric the Culverhouse years were one big rebuilding project where all we could hope for were good draft picks. Well those days are BACK and now we have the Glazerhouses years!! I guess I can start planning Sundays for something else besides watching Buc games as this news just keeps getting worse and worse. If I had not stomached all of the Culverhouse garbage I wouldn’t have the stomache for this crap. Bring it on Glazers I can take your worst team and STILL BE A LOYAL FAN UNTIL YOU ARE RUN OUT OF TAMPA!!!!

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    I say again. Olson is an idiot. Kick him to the curb……& hurry.

  12. tampa2 Says:

    Joe; ” One could say it’s wise to try and preserve Winslow for when the Bucs can really compete for a playoff spot….” With thise current Management group, by the time the Bucs get into position to compete for a play-off spot, they will have to “pickle” Winslow’s cold, old body!

  13. TJ Tillman Says:

    I have been saying this for a while Winslow is a injury a way from being out the NFL It is a what if but what if K2 goes down then what