Not Drafting Guard “A Bit Of A Mistake”

April 26th, 2010
Arron Sears was among todays cuts for the Bucs

Arron Sears was among today's cuts for the Bucs

Joe had no problem with the Bucs passing on a serious upgrade to their offensive line in last week’s draft. It certainly is among the strengths of the team, although Joe realizes the unit has a lot to prove.

Woody Cummings, Bucs beat writer for the Tampa Tribune, however, believes the Bucs would have been well served to have drafted a guard.

“I thought that was a bit of a mistake,” Cummings said on The Fabulous Sports Babe Show today on 1040 AM. “Maybe they feel better about Jeremy Zuttah than they let on. Maybe they feel better about Arron Sears, or [Xavier] Fulton.”

Cummings went on to say the Bucs’ inaction on the offensive line is a “major vote of confidence for Donald Penn and Jeremy Trueblood.”

The tackles will be free agents next year.

Joe knows the offensive line has to be very good next year — has to be. It’s a veteran group that has had plenty of time to gel.

The excuses are over. The Bucs have to run the ball.

85 Responses to “Not Drafting Guard “A Bit Of A Mistake””

  1. up the gut Says:

    Alan Fanaca

  2. Louie Says:

    I doubt the Bucs woke up this morning and decided to cut Sears loose. So, not drafting a guard in the early rounds is puzzling. I look forward to the lover’s excuse… err, explanation.

  3. Joe Says:

    Alan Fanaca

    Too old.

    Too expensive.

    Too much of a pain in the ass. Consider, he groused his way off the Steelers roster and four years later, Rex Ryan washes his hands of him.

    You do the math.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    We can’t draft everybody. Our two biggest needs were DL and WR – those were addressed. Next year it’s OL and RB.

  5. Eric Says:

    Better do right by Penn or we are really gonna have a problem.

  6. d-money Says:

    Well Louie here goes,

    I uh….i don’t know about this one. Except that it was clear defense was going to be the major focus of the draft.

    I guess they just feel that the guys they have are good enough for now. We’ll see if that holds true. We’ve been hearing for years how our O-line is supposed to be a strength. Personally I’ve never felt confident about it even with Sears.

    I don’t think cutting Sears makes a difference one way or the other. He wasn’t here last year and I doubt anyone really expected him to siignificantly contribute this year.

  7. TJ Tillman Says:

    I am shocked that tehy released sears I think they are wating to see which reciver to cut Clayotn or Brown

  8. sunrisejeff Says:

    I’m personally keeping my eye on one of our UDFA’s Sergio Render, G, VT. Was very surprised he went undrafted and think with a little technique work he may end up being a gem.

  9. d-money Says:

    Also they signed two undrafted Guards.

    Not saying they are the answer but a lot of good players went undrafted this year. They have to be a better option than a guy who can’t get his head on straight and hasn’t played in over a year.

  10. Gibby Says:

    They did sign rookie free agent OG Sergio Render from Va. Tech, who can play either guard spot. 4 yr. starter. Look for him to make the team. Dude can play.

  11. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    We could have gotten a Gaurd with that 5th round pick.

    Oh that’s right ,we gave it away….

  12. d-money Says:

    Let it go Radio, Let it go…the 5th round pick is never coming back.

  13. aldo Says:

    radio STFU!!!!!!

    and joe maybe faneca is a pain in the ass but at least for one year!!! the next draft will be searching for a OG and lot of Tackles

  14. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey I got an idea:

    Let Radiomm play at left guard next season – He’ll protect Josh.

    I mean no one likes to step in/on a pile of crap do they?

  15. aldo Says:

    look, we are not football guru’s or something like that, if the bucs wanted cut off sears last year they obviously can do that and thats all, but, they give him a year to see how overcome his issues, if the bucs are cuting him is because they are feeling safety in that position (remember xavier fulton of last year draft???) or sears doesnt improve it’em all, and what if the bucs have that 5th round pick than radio assole is talking about, all u will be saying 5th round is not enough for sears blablablablabla!!! so dont worry about it, after last season they can improve a lot!!! they have a lot of video to see whats wrong in their game and a year of playing together, of communication, now is a system that will not be hurried, is a worked system!!! so all “fans” like radio asshole get out to the kitties camp and stand away for the bcus

  16. Louie Says:

    @aldo, take a breath!

  17. Joe Says:

    joe maybe faneca is a pain in the ass but at least for one year!!!

    What’s the point of bringing this guy in at a hefty salary for one year? It’s not like the Bucs are one guard from a Super Bowl.

  18. JimBuc Says:

    The flawed premise that many here continue to operate under is that the Bucs are focused on winning the Super Bowl this year. They are not. They are only in the beginning stages of rebuilding a team. Its obvious that this drives most here nuts, but it is the way they have decided to proceed.

    So, as Dom himself noted, the 2010 draft was just a start. Do the Bucs still have holes? Of course they do. The Jets still have holes and they hope to compete THIS YEAR for the Super Bowl. The Bucs focused on their biggest deficiencies in a very deep draft. Mission accomplished. Move on already . . . Alan Faneca . . . many talk about not getting it.

  19. JimBuc Says:

    Radio Mushmouth — can we just save me the time and Joe the space and agree that until I say differently my response to anything you post is “You are a dope?” Fair enough?

  20. thomas Says:


    The Jets competed for a superbowl the first year under Rex Ryan (afc championship game) b/c his legit ownership under his direction completly rebuilt the defense w/ free agents: Bart Scott, Jim Leonard, kris jenkins etc they addded more via trade this year – cromartie. Rex Ryan didnt spew any b.s. about rebuilding through the draft only – he desires to win now, and b/c of free agency and his coaching ability he did.

    You are right that the bucs are not focused on winning a super bowl now, they are focused on cost certainty.You cant possibly believe that taking Price and Bowden was better than addressing O-line, D-End and/or safety.

    BTW – are you dating Mark Dominik or something or are you the Glazers illegitimate son Jim? I have never heard of a fan patient enough to handle 3-13 then be okay w/ competing sometime down the road.

  21. Mr. Lucky Says:


    didn’t you get the memo? JimBuc is really Joel Glazer – he couldn’t hide his IP address.

    As for the Jets vs. Bucs.

    The Glazers are more concerned with costs than the Jets. I’m becoming more and more convinced that the CBA won’t be passed and there will be a work shutdown in 2011 – possibly causing the season to be 8games or shorter. Heck look at the AFL – they shut down last year.

    Either way there is way too much $ on the line for this out of controlled spending to continue.

    1. There REALLY needs to be a rookie salary cap for the NFL. Goodell said it will cost 600 million to sign these 250+ players! Look at those like Sears who get paid and don’t cut it!

    2. The best the Bucs can hope to do is improve from 2009. For the 2010 Bucs to contend for the NFC South is their “Super Bowl” goal. Once you realize that and accept it (gulp..choke..choke) your BP goes down and you begin to realize there are other competitive teams out there to follow as well (specifically AFC teams)

  22. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe – What gives?

    “The Bucs have to run the ball?”

    So why do they have to suddenly run the ball since they drafted your asked for WR’s? I thought now Freeman was going to morph into the next Drew Brees?

  23. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — as I mentioned in a prior post I will leave you alone because you are the most irrational type of “hater” — the type that thinks the rebuilding is unnecessary, that we were only a few players away etc. Further proof is your comment about the Jets. The Jets and the Bucs were light years apart in 2008. They are still at opposite ends of the spectrum. The 2010 Jets are like the 2000 or 2001 Bucs, you know when we were adding free agents to get over the top.

    Mr. Lucky — correct and the Bucs are a small market team where the Jets are not, so it only makes sense that a small market team would respond to the absence of a cap — the one thing that makes small market teams competitive — by cutting costs below the floor. The small market teams cut their expenses (not just the Bucs) because they want to show the league what a “no-cap” league would be like.

  24. Eric Says:


    “The small market teams cut their expenses (not just the Bucs) because they want to show the league what a “no-cap” league would be like”.

    Im not following that one Mr. Jimbuc. What are they accomplishing by showing the league that? Some sort of need for revenue sharing?

  25. Eric S Says:

    I still don’t get how the Bucs are a small market team. That is a bunch of horse shit. I am sorry, but that isn’t true. The Bucs are the 8th most valuable team according to Forbes. They are 7th in revenue. They are 3rd in operating income. The Glazers are billionaires. Dominik said that he had no restraints in finances. Either Dominik is lying or he’s being held back in spending any money. You can’t have it both ways where the Glazers are “smart” businessmen, while also crying poor. The Glazers sunk all that money in their kick ball team that they don’t want to spend on the Bucs. It is as simple as that. The Bucs as a small market team. Don’t make me laugh.

  26. Patrick Says:

    I can’t believe they just released one of our best lineman!!! Arron Sears did not deserve this at all! Raheem handled this very poorly.

    Yeah I know Sears had issues. But it was said that he was in back in the weight room in March working out and trying to get better! And Raheem was ‘NOT CONFIDENT’ and thought he may have had too much of a setback. Since when does Raheem know anything?? How do you know if he was/wasn’t willing to come back and get his situation together?? Too much of a setback? Give the guy the whole offseason to get his situation turned around! Why does he have to be released now? Raheem handled this situation very poorly. According to, the Bucs front office declined too comment. Why??? I think us fans should have a little bit of info on what’s really happening. Hey Joel Glazer, how about you get out here and talk to the fans about what’s going on for once instead of hiding in your office all the time!

    If he’s having depression issues, then someone should’ve gotten involved. Why couldn’t Raheem show that he’s a decent person and try to help him out or something??!! I’m thinking that someone in that organization would have to show some concern for him. I realize that football is a business but I feel like they’re not even worrying about him as a person. Help him get his situation turned around. Depression is a serious thing, and that’s the right way to handle it. Releasing him like that is just unprofessional!

    I wish the best for Arron Sears. He didn’t deserve this kind of departure. As far as football goes, losing him was a big blow to this team. Not having him last year was the reason for our struggles on the line. Now it’s going to remain the same. All we have is Zuttah and a bunch of other unprovens competing for the job now.

  27. thomas Says:

    Jimbucs comment that the bucs are a small market team proves he is clueless.

    Idiot – this isnt baseball where there is no revenue sharing and tv monney is paid to each team based on their own contracts (big market ny with the yes network garners more than fsn tv money split w/ the marlins). the nfl has revenue sharing – all TV money is distrbuted 32 ways – which is by far the biggest revenue stream. All non-luxury suite gate money is all revenue shared. Merchandise $ – revenue shared.

    All teams have very close to the same revenue, the only excluded revenue sources are luxury suites/boxes and added revenue from teams that own their stadium i.e. dallas. The glazers have essentially ownership of rayjay b/c they are paid for all non-buc events – one of the best deals in the nfl.

    the only reason the glazers are not spending is to siphon cash – either for non-buc debt or greed. either way I am annoyed. The debt or greed is why we have to suffer through this raheem and dom era b/c they are by far the cheapest duo at there positions in the nfl. this is a dog and ponny show and as mr. lucky correcctly points out it also relates to a likely lockout in 2011.

    Jimbuc – stop posting here and start sending your love letters to dominick directly. we now know how clueless you are – small market v big market in the nfl – what an idiot.

  28. Louie Says:

    @Eric & Thomas, the next post from JimBuc will be saying that he is being misunderstood or taken out of context or some other $hit like that. I love it when he steps on his “you know what”!

    Great job guys calling him out on it.

  29. JimBuc Says:

    Eric – yes. The perils of a no-cap league because absent the salary cap and revenue share the Bucs would be the Pittsburgh Pirates

  30. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Mr. Lucky , don’t make me sick Steve White on you again.

    Thanks to him we all know now that you are a liar .

  31. JimBuc Says:

    Eric S — Tampa is a small market team The value of the team is irrelevant.

  32. Eric Says:


    Ok, i understand your theory.

    But i hadn’t understood that the salary cap issue was a major sticking point in the CBA negotiations.

    I thought it was the rookie contracts, benefits, etc. Lifting the salary cap would cause even a further rise in salaries wouldn’t it?

    The CBA theory is (1) if no football in 2011 owners don’t wanna invest in FA’s who wont be playing and (2) a “wait and see” approach before building a team because it may cost less in the future.

  33. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — since you called me clueless, let’s see how smart you are. Is there a connection between the labor strife and revenue sharing? (This should be interesting)

  34. JimBuc Says:

    Eric (and Thomas the dolt) — not a theory. Reported fact:

    10 second Interent search Thomas

  35. JimBuc Says:

    For my good friend Thomas the Dolt and Eric S and Louie — all of who referred to me as an idiot. You guys need to try reading some time:

  36. JimBuc Says:

    More for the crew —

    Eric, for you note the specific discussion of small market teams dropping below the floor:

    Sorry, I just assumed this stuff was common knowledge. Apparently not

  37. thomas Says:

    There is not a connection. You and the article miss an important point – the CBA is between the players and owners, the revenue sharing agreement is between the owners exclusively. no cap does not mean no revenue sharing. no cap may mean that some teams would have more available for salaries – here is a big kicker clueless – – before radio and dom took over and season ticket sales plummeted the bucs were top 10 in revenue.

  38. thomas Says:

    i am sorry top 8.

  39. Eric Says:


    So, are you advocating that the bucs are not spending because of the “build through the draft” mentality, because they feel it is in the best interest of the team, or due to the salary floor/cap issue?

    I thought u were a strong advocate of the build trough the draft approach, and the Glazers were simply chosing not to spend but “draft build” instead?

  40. thomas Says:

    no cap should be an advantage here clueless.

  41. Eric Says:


    None of these articles state that they are reducing payroll in order to “show the league” they can’t compete.

    Plus, there have been very few RFA signings, by anybody.

    And, the Glazers themselves, who you seem to trust, have stated “money will never be an issue”.

    Are you saying the Glazers are untruthful? If the salary cap is eliminated we are the Pittsburg Pirates meaning we can’t spend any money! So, how can it not be an issue if they are slashing spending to show the league they cant survive if no salary cap?

    Me is confused.

  42. JimBuc Says:

    Eric — the two are separate issues. I am OK with build through the draft and I understand that FA is better as an add on (just like the Bucs did) to help push a winning team over the edge.

    On the spending, I am suggesting to you that one reason — not the sole reason — why the Bucs and other small market teams are cutting salaries this year (i.e dropping below the floor) as opposed to spending freely to compete is because they have the most to lose if the league ever went uncapped so they want to signal that there response would be to cut salaries not to spend to comepte.

  43. Eric Says:


    It can’t be both. Either the bucs are not spending because of the build through the draft theory or they arent spending cause of the salary cap issue which you proposed as being “common knowledge”.

    Which one do you think it is?

    And you dodged my question about the truthfulness of the “money is no issue” given what you have stated is true about their small market status.

  44. thomas Says:

    he is also wrong with his premise that the bucs were not a high-revenue team. actually after the 2008 season the bucs were 5th in revenue generated. of course in 2009 they went 3-13 and season ticket sales have reduced 40% – most of it luxury suite money which is not shared.

    yes eric you are also right – clueless – is taking inconsistent positions but the premise upon which he builds his excuse, err argument is also fatally flawed.

    smarten up clueless – the glazers are not your friend, and i think dom is married.

  45. JimBuc Says:

    Eric — actually I did not doge your question, just did not get to it yet. My apologies.

    The two are not mutually exclusive. All teams build through the draft to some degree but not all teams are cutting payroll this year. See Chicago Bears, a big market team. Compare to the Bucs

    I did not mean the common knowedge thing as a slight to you, just the people who jumped to call me an idiot for a reatively simple concept. (Thomas still does not think there is a connection between the CBA and revenue sharing? LOL)

    The Bucs are not signing free agents (obviously they are spending on draft choices) because they are trying to cut exepnses and I would say that is because of the threat of the uncapped league, more than, say, greed. (The greed argument is a stupid one for anyone that has ever owned a business. You don’t make more money by cutting expenses — at least not over any more than a very short period of time. You actually lose money in the long run because your product sucks. Greedy owners spend)

    I say that the uncapped year is one issue (not the sole issues) because the Bucs are not alone, other small market teams are doing the same thing. You are right, the articles do not say the small market teams are colluding to cut payroll due to their dispute with big market teams. Does that surprise you? LOL. Did you expect to see Jim Irsay or Glazer or Dominik come out and give an interview to the paper that said “Uh, yeah all the small teams got together and we are going to cut payroll?” How about the teams coming out and saying “We all talked and we are all going to refrain from signing major free agents because we are in a labor dispute and we have told the players we are paying them too much.” LOL. I wish things were that clear cut, but you have to draw some reasonable (emphasis of reasonable) conclusions for yourself. Unless you are Thomas. 🙂

  46. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — you keep saying dumber and dumber things. I never said the Bucs had low revenue. I said they were a “small market” team. Just read the links I provided before you sound even more stupid. I am not giving you my opinion that the Bucs are a small market team. They are — that is a fact. Not even sure why it is controversial but for soem clear reading comprehension problems

  47. thomas Says:

    who cares if they are small market if they are big revenue genius?

  48. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas– I am going to leave you alone I promise but I have to say you made my evening. This is the single funniest comment I have ever seen on an website: (You are speaking about the cap and revenue sharing).

    There is not a connection. You and the article miss an important point – the CBA is between the players and owners, the revenue sharing agreement is between the owners exclusively. no cap does not mean no revenue sharing. no cap may mean that some teams would have more available for salaries

    LMAO. That is too freaking funny.

  49. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas, Thomas, Thomas . . . Just when I thought you could do anything dumber, you go and do this and . . . totally redeem yourself! I love this one even more:

    “who cares if they are small market if they are big revenue genius?”

    I love that you call me a “genius” sarcastically while making the stupidest statement on the planet. LMAO. Please . . . stop . . . please

  50. JimBuc Says:

    Sorry I need to correct a mistake. I said that Tampa was a “small market” team. The NFL classifies Tampa as a “mid-market” team not a small market team. My bad.

  51. Louie Says:

    @JimBuc, I have never called you an idiot. I frequently disagree with your point of view, but I avoid the name calling directed at fellow commenters.

    HOWEVER, if you are really one of the Glazers, Mark Dominik, Radio Morris, Stone Hands Clayton or Sabby the Goat, then yes, I have called you an idiot and much, much worse.

  52. JimBuc Says:

    Louie – like I said you have called me an idiot and much much worse. Baaaaaaahhhhh. J/k

    Sorry that I lumped you in I got called an idiot by so many people it was tough to keep track. 🙂

    You are quite the pot stirrer

  53. thomas Says:

    I may have called him an idiot and if so i am sorry – i meant in the most positive of all ways. i should have said that his opinions are idiotic, i am sure jimbuc is not an idiot.

    i will be forever in disbelief though that jimbuc actually believes that the “rebuild through the draft” plan is not primarily cost-sutting when the team is nowhere near the cap, in a revenue sharing league etc.

    Nobody is saying dont draft or stop drafting or draft poorly – what we are saying is make the draft a key every year, while signing fa’s to supplement the draftees and improve roster weaknesses like all other teams. Look for an A. Boldin or B. Dawkins last year or A. Cromartie or B. Scott or A. Fanaca b/c they are known quantities and all of the draft picks are not – they could all fail (i am not saying they will).

    That is all Jimbuc – some of us get a little irritated w/ your dominick and rah lust – like Duemig – but his company is being paid handsomely to ignore the truth and lie – you are not buddy (unless you are a glazer or reallly close to dom. maybe you worked with him in his trading card empire / business)

  54. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Joel,

    Please don’t mistake thomas for me – I’m the one who called you the old curmudgeon.

    Get it right you idiot! 😉

  55. Eric Says:


    Ok, i see were you are going with it.

    But, if the Glazers are cutting expenses for reasons other than the fielding of a competitive team (CBA), that really isn’t a lot different than what a lot of folks are complaining about, and for which you criticize them for.

    Not to harp on it, but u still didn’t address the “money will never be an issue” comment as to whether it is truthful or not.

  56. Eric S Says:

    I have never called him an idiot either. So I am not sure what he is referring to there. The Bucs aren’t a small market team. And the articles you posted just talk about the lockout possibility. Everyone with a brain knows about that. The Glazers haven’t spent consistently for several years now. They can’t make the excuse about the lockout for the last few years as well. I think the lockout will be avoided. I am not worried about it. But according to some people here, the Glazers are the best owners in the whole wide world, Rah is the next coming of Vince Lombardi and Dom is Ron Wolf part 2 here. Rose and lillies for everyone!

  57. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Thomas I’m only responding to your last post.

    The Bucs aren’t committed to FA for several reasons:

    1. Looming 2011 lockout
    2. Philosophy – long term vs. short-term
    3. current status of team

    The Bucs management is on a 3-4 year plan that is predicated on keeping costs low and to build into a contender in 3-4 years. Gruden’s mindset was to win now and at all cost (finances were restricted)

    The goal of the 2010 Bucs isn’t to win the NFC conference or even playoffs. The teams goal is to build a foundation and become competitive.

    I don’t like giving up on 2011 but from what i’ve seen that is the mindset of the Bucs management. Let’s face it rookies can contribute and if the Bucs get 3-4 starters from last weekends draft GREAT but it is what it is.

  58. JimBuc Says:

    Eric – it is different though because cutting expenses due to the revenue sharing dispute is temporary as opposed to greed or being broke, which I assume most mean to be permanent. Most talk about the Bucs spending as if it is unique, which it is not, and as if it is permanent, which it cannot be because the Glazers are too smart (i.e. Businesses don’t make long-term profits by cutting expenses.)

    I think Glazer said money is not a constraint meaning that they have the money and will spend it. I know they have the money but I don’t see them spending, yet. McCoy’s contract changes that but the big issue for me is what happens when the labor/uncapped year issue sorts itself out. If they do not spend then, I will join you and even Thomas (check that — not Thomas, sorry) in shouting from the rooftops that the Glazers are the cheapest bastards on the planet.

  59. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas, all kidding aside (and I am only joking so please don’t take offense) you sure do read a lot into what I write. You comment a lot on what you think I said rather than what I said.

  60. Louie Says:

    My 2 cents…

    1) Revenue sharing and the CBA are not directly related. For example, if the union was disolved, the revenue sharing would continue.

    2) As Eric just stated, the Bucs have had the lowest payroll since 2004 — long before the CBA was an issue. I believe the Glazers are in a financial pinch and that’s why they aren’t spending. If the Glazers had the money and REALLY wanted to win, they’d be spending. I don’t believe the market size anything to do with it.

    3) JimBuc, the ONLY thing you’ve said tonight that I agree with was about greedy owners. I think as soon as the Glazers can, they’ll dump the low budget Dominik and Radio and bring in the big names. You know they love those big-name coaches.

  61. JimBuc Says:

    Eric S — I actually corrected my “small market” reference The reason the NFL refers to them as a mid-market team is due to stadium deal.

    What I was trying to explain — without boring everyone even more — is something Thomas clearly does not understand and that is that the salary cap is based on total league revenue which means that large market teams raise the cap such that small market teams (defined as teams without access to big non-shared revenue) become less competitive. An example would be stadium naming rights, which are not shared but which raise total league revenue. I am pretty sure that even Thomas would agree that fee for the the right to name RayJay was substantially less than the fee for the new stadium in Dallas or the new meadowlands or whatever it is called.

  62. JimBuc Says:

    Well said Mr. Lucky

  63. Louie Says:

    Mr. Lucky, if the goal isn’t to win this year, why should we spend the money on tickets?

  64. JimBuc Says:

    Louie — at least I got one thing, which is nice.

    The CBA and revenue sharing are related for the reason I just described above.

    The Glazers have cut payroll for a number of reasons since 2004. One being the ManU debt (not siphoning money, but wanting as much$ as possible from Bucs), another being the economy, lack of key draft pickss to re-sign due to horrific drafting. I was just stating that all or most teams are not signing free agents this year due to collusion over CBA and small market teams are cuttign even more due to revenue sharing dispute.

  65. JimBuc Says:

    Louie — you shouldn’t if that is how you feel.

    FYI — the Glazers are less interested about people on this board than the fair weather fans, some of whom will respond to a good ealry start or a key draft pick or even improved economy or lower prices. Hard core fans are not the key.

  66. thomas Says:

    glazer said money is not an issue – ok – clinton said he did not have sex with that woman.

    analyze actions in addition to words. eric is correct – the bucs have spent less on player salaries than any team since Manu was acquired – so your cheap b/c of a possible lockout is a weak at best argument.

    mr lucky – that is what is being said publicly – and the uncertainty of 2011 is a contributing factor – but remember players arent being paid during the lockout and other teams are signing fas past 2011.

  67. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — my poor misguided and reading-challenged friend. You keep trying to explain the current by looking at the past. I said that ManU was part of the reason — IN THE PAST. ManU made a hug profit starting at the second half of last year (the beginning of 2009 if you count the Ronaldo sale) so ManU was an issue but should not be now.

    I am just pointing out that the Bucs and other teams have a external reason to cut expenses and that is the lockout/revenue sharing issue.

  68. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — you might want to look closer at your last statement to Mr. Lucky

  69. Eric Says:

    @Mr. Lucky

    I am largley in agreement, except I think Gruden would have liked to have draft choices which paned out, but most of the selections were not good while his team was in power.

    For example some considerable effort was made to rebuild th o-line with young players, with some success, although the departure of Mr. Sears shows it wasnt great success by any means. The secondary was also addressed with Talib and Jackson, again with only partial success. No need to mention the Dexter Jackson and Adams fiascos.

    I am not sure if that is “win now at all cost” or just poor drafting.

    I also don’t think the differences beteen these NFL teams is so large that you have to “rebuild” for 3-4 years to be competitive. Thats more a late 70’s early 80’s approach.

  70. Louie Says:

    @JimBuc: If there was collusion going on, the union would be making BIG deal about it (I think that’s illegal). Besides, there are a number of teams spending money — maybe not as much as usual but not next to $0 like the Bucs. Example: Cincy, Detroit (I picked both a small and large market team since you seem to think that matters).

    The Bucs are anorexic compared to everyone else when it comes to spending. For a team with as many holes as they have, they could certainly be able to justify spending — especially when they’ve said “money will never be an issue”.

    Now we have a huge hole at left guard. There is currently only one left guard on the team (Zuttah). What if he is injured? They are going to have to juggle the line to fille that hole or pray one of these undrafted FA’s comes to the rescue. That’s not a good plan if you ask me.

  71. thomas Says:

    2009 profit for manu is being disputed by many in england. if you had any accounting experience then you would know that profit can be defined in many ways – one is by treating debt and interest thereon separate and in a way that makes the business look presently strong for potential purchasers.

    i believe that the glazers recently sold off manu salaries for nothing further upsetting there fan base supposedly due to the overwhelming and snowballing debt.

  72. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas: you are really angry at the Glazers. I do have accounting experience. More importantly, I actually follow the ManU issue very closely for professional reasons. If you did, you would understand that you are wrong. ManU just went through a successful bond offering. To do the bond deal, they had to open the books as part of the underwriting. ManU has been profitable (after debt service and under GAAP) since June 09 and since first qtr 09 if you count the Ronaldo sale.

  73. JimBuc Says:

    Louie — Too funny how some take everything so literally others do not. Problem with text over conversation I suppose. All NFL teams collude. That does not mean they all wear signs that say “hey, we are colluding.’ That just means that they absolutely provide a united front against the union. The union has accused them of colluding. Internally, they also break down against each other small versus large market.

  74. JimBuc Says:

    Here, just read this please. It will explain why external factors influence many things on the Bucs (and all teams) including even the hiring and retention of Morris and Dom:

    Notice the Glazer are not unique, let alone broke or greedy.

  75. Eric Says:


    Well if all that is true, which it surely could be, our Glazers have been a little less than honest about the matter with all the “if you think short term we will, if you think long term we will”. “money will never be an issue”.

    I understand they cant come out and say “we are cutting back cause of the CBA situation”, but they are laying this “build through the draft” thing on pretty thick.

    Personally, if I were Dom/Rah I wouldn’t count on them backing me up if the coming season is like last year.

  76. JimBuc Says:

    Eric — i think it is probably somewhere in between. The Bucs built a competitive team for a decade primarily through the draft or at least it started through the draft. On the other hand, the “build through draft” approach is probably convenient under circumstances

  77. Eric Says:


    Ok, we have come to an agreement. I will formalize it and send it to Judge Joe for entry of the order.

  78. JimBuc Says:

    I have seen many agreements breakdown upon submission to the court.

  79. Patrick Says:

    I think it’s a real shame that Arron Sears was just let go today. Maybe he did have isssues and all, but I think Raheem handled this very poorly!! Give him the whole offseason to get in shape and to get his life together! Why the hell do you have to release right now? He was the missing ingredient in our offensive line last year. Our running game struggled because of that spot on the O-Line.

    Bring in Alan Faneca. Yeah I know that he’s not “long term, and he’s too old.” But we currently have no one else on the roster who is capable of starting at guard. Zuttah can’t do it. Bring in Faneca as a short term fix until we can get someone in the draft next year. He can still play at a decent level and he would bring some needed veteran leadership to the team. There’s nothing wrong with “patching up” the hole if you’ve got no one else.

  80. Joe Says:


    Bring in Alan Faneca. Yeah I know that he’s not “long term, and he’s too old.”

    Won’t happen. He will only be around for one year. Would be different if the Bucs were on the cusp of the playoffs. They are not.

    Think about what an arse Faneca must be. He bitched and moaned his way off the Steelers’ roster. Three or four years later, Rex Ryan washes his hands of the guy. Ryan will put up with just about anything.

  81. adam Says:

    this cut was shocking…the bucs have really kept it under wraps but the dude must have really lost his mind or something….before this whole fiasco, he was like our best young lineman with room for improvement….this is a huge loss because we never x’ed him out the picture…we all just figured he is on the back burners…now he is officially x’ed out and might be off to the insane asylum….can you imagine trying to contain a guy that size in a rubber room and straight jacket… know they are poking the shit out of his ass with sedative shots……dude lost his mind and i wish him well…but now there is a void in our line…he was our mean streak…our toughest lineman when he was at his best….what a shame….he couldnt be more than 25 either……adam from ny

  82. adam Says:

    word in new york is faneca is shot and they really havent been happy with his play the past couple of years…they liked his leadership and all but his play wasnt up to par…thats really why he was cut……

    adam from ny

  83. adam Says:

    what about developing that project guy we already have….i think his name is marc dile….i hear the team is pretty high on him…but he is big and raw…..just like my c*ck after sleezy hooker sex……..but anyway, maybe he can help….and some of these free agents we just signed might be ok too….adam from ny

    ps all linemen who go cookoo are shipped off to credemore

  84. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Most players get better from competition.

    The opposite happened with Sears. After we drafted Zuttah is when he went nuts.

  85. adam Says:

    sears is an ahab…..needs to get his head fixed……dude is killing our offensive line….adam from ny