NFL Draft: Mock Draft III

April 1st, 2010
Will Bucs fans be shopping for this guys jersey in a few weeks?

Will Bucs fans be shopping for this guy's jersey in a few weeks?

Joe is aroused. And there’s not a woman within 100 yards of Joe.

It’s another absolute beast of a mock draft! And a double mock draft, no less.

This time it’s a hard-hitting 5,200-word manbeast.

What’s a double mock draft? NFL Draft guru Justin Pawlowski, of WDAE-AM, goes deep into what each GM will do in the draft but also complements that with his personal selection as if he were the on-the-clock GM of every team.

Great stuff. And all part of the subscription draft coverage on Isn’t it time you got in on all the fun?

Pawlowski’s daily draft countdown continues, and quarterbacks and tight ends breakdowns will be out at the end of the week.

Enjoy the mock draft! {+++}

1st Round
1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma
6’4’’ – 236 lbs – DNP

 Rams’ Needs: DT, OLB, CB, WR, TE, OG, QB

Commish’s Take: After his brilliant workout, Bradford has solidified his slot as the draft’s top selection.  Next up, negotiating a contract.  As long as both sides can get close, Bradford will be the first pick in this draft.

Commish’s Pick – Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma

2. Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh – DT – Nebraska
6’4’’ – 307 lbs – 5.04

 Lions’ Needs:  DE, DT, OG, LT, CB, RB

Commish’s Take: The Lions have done nice things on the defensive line this offseason, but is that really enough to pass on one of the most dominating players in this year’s draft?  Russell Okung could definitely be a possibility, and he wouldn’t be a bad pick for the Lions, but Suh can bring the Lions’ defense something they’ve been lacking for a long time…swagger.  Suh becomes Jim Schwartz’s new “Albert Haynesworth” in the middle.

Commish’s Pick – Ndamukong Suh – Nebraska

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma
6’4’’ – 295 lbs – 5.07

 Buccaneers Needs:  WR, RB, OT, DE, DT, MLB, CB, SS

Commish’s Take:  This couldn’t workout any better for the Bucs.  With the biggest need for the Bucs being at defensive tackle, having McCoy fall to No. 3would be a dream come true.  McCoy is the best penetrator and pass rusher at the defensive tackle position in this draft.  McCoy also brings a swagger and charisma with him.  With so many needs for the Bucs, and the extra pressure of placing the franchise’s fate on the draft, the Bucs must select impact players with each of their first four selections.  McCoy gives them their first impact player.

Commish’s Pick – Gerald McCoy – Oklahoma

4. Washington Redskins – Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma St
6’5’’ – 307 LBS – 5.15

 Redskins Needs:  OL, DE, QB, RB

Commish’s Take: The big debate for the Redskins…Russell Okung vs. Jimmy Clausen.  I’d be slightly worried with Clausen getting $30 million before he ever plays a down.  Clausen has talent and could even be a later 1st round pick, but to invest a top 5 pick in him would be risky to me.  Okung fits a much bigger need for me for the Redskins.  The Redskins line was terrible last year, and their best lineman, Chris Samuels, retired.  Okung is the best all-around offensive tackle in this draft.  He displays good strength and outstanding athleticism.  Okung reminds me a lot of Ryan Clady for the Broncos.  It just so happens that Clady was Mike Shanahan’s last 1st round pick with the Broncos.

Commish’s Pick – Russell Okung – Oklahoma St.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Bryan Buluga – OT – Iowa
6’5’’ – 314 lbs – 5.25

 Chiefs’ Needs:  S, WR, OL, TE, NT, OLB, MLB

Commish’s Take: Pioli has recently been quoted as saying he would never draft a safety this high.  Granted, that could be a smokescreen, but I tend to believe him in this instance.  The Chiefs have many needs, and it has been documented that safeties selected in the top 10 struggle more than they succeed.  A selection of Bulaga allows the Chiefs to move Branden Albert to either right tackle or to guard.  The Chiefs should still be able to address safety with one of their two 2nd round picks.

Commish’s Pick – Bryan Bulaga – Iowa

6. Seattle Seahawks – Trent Williams – OT – Oklahoma
6’5’’ – 315 lbs – 4.88
Seahawks’ Needs:  LT, QB, RB, FS, DE

Commish’s Take: The early run on offensive tackles continues.  With the recent retirement of Walter Jones, one of the Seahawks’ biggest needs is at left tackle.  Williams has been moving up draft boards as he continues his workouts and more and more film gets out on him.  I would actually take Eric Berry.  Berry is an outstanding player on and off the field.  I’m also sure that Pete Carroll and the Kiffins have spoken about Berry, and, with Carroll being a defensive guy, Berry might just be attractive to pass.  Atleast he is in my eyes.

Commish’s Pick – Eric Berry – Tennessee

7. Cleveland Browns – Eric Berry – S – Tennessee
5’11’’ – 211 lbs – 4.47

 Browns Needs:  CB, S, OLB, RT, QB, RB, TE

Commish’s Take: It’s hard to see this playing out any better for the Browns.  With a big need in their secondary, they nail the draft’s top defensive backs.  Berry is a centerfielder with great ball skills.  He is also a tremendous person with great character.  If Berry is not available, I, as general manager, would want to get some more excitement on my team.  Joe Haden would be ok, but Bryant would bring excitement that my team has not seen in a long time. 

Commish’s Pick – Dez Bryant – Oklahoma St.

8. Oakland Raiders – Jason Pierre-Paul – DE – USF
6’5’’ – 270 lbs – 4.69
Raiders’ Needs:  DE, NT, QB, OT, OLB

Commish’s Take: It’s no secret that Al Davis likes to watch half-naked guys running around on a football field.  If this was not true, he wouldn’t have made half the selections he’s made in the past 7-10 years.  Jason Pierre-Paul not only fits a need for the Raiders, but fits that mold of what Al Davis likes to draft.  I’d select Anthony Davis because of the Raiders big need along their offensive line.  Davis fits that nasty mentality of the Raiders.

Commish’s Pick – Anthony Davis – Rutgers

9. Buffalo Bills – Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech
6’3’’ – 266 lbs – 4.72

 Bills’ Needs:  OLB, DE, OT, QB, WR

Commish’s Take: The most logical picks here have been Jimmy Clausen or an offensive tackle.  One thing I’ve learned from covering the draft is that you have to think outside the box.  Because of this logic, I think the Bills might throw a curve ball and go with a defensive player.  Derrick Morgan was recruited by Chan Gailey at Georgia Tech and is in a prime position to switch to outside linebacker in the Bills new 3-4 defense.  Morgan’s a very balanced player who is equally good against the run and as a pass rusher.  Morgan is also a class act off the field.  If I’m the GM and Trent Williams is there, it might be too tough to pass on him.  The Bills addressed their interior offensive line last year, but their tackles are liabilities.

Commish’s Pick – Trent Williams – Oklahoma 

10.  Jacksonville Jaguars – Rolando McClain – MLB – Alabama
6’3’’ – 254 lbs – DNP
Jaguars Needs:  DE, QB, OLB, OG, S

Commish’s Take: Jack Del Rio knows linebackers, and he’s probably chomping at the bit to get McClain.  McClain’s biggest knock is the fact that he has Crohn’s disease.  Well, it just so happens to work out that David Garrard also has Crohn’s disease and the Jaguars have figured out how to control that.  McClain is a big time leader and would be an ideal fit for Del Rio.  I’d also consider Dez Bryant here.

Commish’s Pick – Rolando McClain – Alabama

11. Denver Broncos (via CHI) – Demaryius Thomas – WR – Georgia Tech
6’3’’ – 224 – DNP
 Broncos’ Needs:  OC, OG, QB, TE, WR, DE, NT

Commish’s Take: There are a lot of questions revolving around what the Broncos will do.  The big talk swirls around Brandon Marshall.  It doesn’t look like Marshall will be with the Broncos next year, but if they are getting rid of him because of his character, why would they draft a player with character concerns.  This is a major reason I think they might throw an early curveball and go with Thomas.  Thomas has great size with the speed to match.  It’s a tad risky to take him this early, but it might be even riskier to wait till the 2nd round for a replacement for Marshall.  As GM, I’m willing to take that risk.  The Broncos interior offensive line is putrid, and since they addressed their d-line in free agency, why not grab the draft’s best guard.  Iupati might not have the greatest footwork, but he can simply dominate at times.

Commish’s Pick – Mike Iupati – Idaho

12. Miami Dolphins – Dan Williams – DT – Tennessee
6’2’’ – 327 lbs – 5.16
 Dolphins’ Needs:  NT, OLB, WR, TE

Commish’s Take: With the recent suspension of Jason Ferguson, nose tackle has become a priorty for the Dolphins.  Williams is an active nose tackle who moves very well.  I also think outside linebacker should be addressed by the Dolphins, which is why I grabbed Pierre-Paul.  I thought Pierre-Paul rushed the quarterback better standing up last year.  He could be Parcells’ next DeMarcus Ware.

Commish’s Pick – Jason Pierre-Paul – USF

13. San Francisco 49ers – Joe Haden – CB – Florida
        5’10’’ – 193 lbs – 4.40

49ers’ Needs:  CB, MLB, RT, S, RB, DE

Commish’s Take: This pick is a no-brainer.  The 49ers need a cornerback, and the top corner is still on the board.  Haden displayed his real speed at his pro day, which solidified the fact that he won’t make it past the 49ers here.

Commish’s Pick – Joe Haden – Florida

14. Seattle Seahawks (via DEN) – CJ Spiller – RB – Clemson
     5’10’’ – 196 lbs – 4.37
Seahawks’ Needs:  LT, QB, RB, FS, DE

Commish’s Take: The Seahawks got their tackle, but now need some speed on offense.  Spiller is one of the draft’s biggest playmakers.  I could see the Seahawks even taking Spiller with the 6th pick, but if they do not, they’ll take him here for sure.  With the recent trade for Charlie Whitehurst, the Seahawks will not be drafting Jimmy Clausen, meaning he could begin to slide if not drafted by this point.

Commish’s Pick – CJ Spiller – Clemson

15. New York Giants – Sean Weatherspoon – LB – Missouri
6’1’’ – 239 lbs – 4.68
Giants Needs:  DE, MLB, DT, OL

Commish’s Take: The more you learn about Weatherspoon, the higher you think he’ll go.  I’m not sure he’ll go any higher than 15, but the Giants would be a great fit for both parties.  Weatherspoon can either play the middle or outside linebacker position in the Giants hybrid “Tampa 2” defense.

Commish’s Pick – Sean Weatherspoon – Missouri

16. Tennessee Titans – Dez Bryant – WR – Oklahoma St
6’2’’ – 225 lbs – DNP
Titans Needs:  OC, DE, CB, MLB

Commish’s Take: In 1998, the then Tennessee Oilers had a need for a receiver and drafted Kevin Dyson over Randy Moss because of Moss’ character issues.  Redemption comes for the Tennessee franchise 13 years later when Dez Bryant falls into their lap.  Bryant is the most dynamic playmaker in the draft, and would be great opposite Kenny Britt.  I have the Titans taking Derrick Morgan as a typical Jeff Fisher workman type player.

Commish’s Pick – Derrick Morgan – Georgia Tech 

17. San Francisco 49ers (via CAR) – Anthony Davis – OT – Rutgers
6’5’’ – 323 lbs – 5.40

49ers’ Needs:  CB, MLB, RT, S, RB, DE

Commish’s Take: Anthony Davis has a ton of talent, but also a ton of concerns.  Some scouts have called Davis the best pass protector in the draft.  His character concerns might drop him, but with such a big need for a tackle, the 49ers should jump all over him.  I’d take Brandon Graham for the 49ers because of the type of player he is.  It seems like he’d be a good fit for Mike Singletary.

Commish’s Pick – Brandon Graham – Michigan

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Iupati – OG – Idaho
6’5’’ – 331 lbs – 5.30

Steelers’ Needs:  FS, CB, LB, OL

Commish’s Take: The Steelers lost their reputation as a physical team last year with the drop off in play of their offensive line.  Iupati fits the mold of the type of offensive lineman the Steelers are accustomed to.  Since Iupati is already gone with my Commish’s pick, I have to go with Earl Thomas to pair with Polamalu.  Thomas gives the Steelers two elite safeties in their defensive backfield.  Thomas could also play corner if need-be.

Commish’s Pick – Earl Thomas – Texas 

19. Atlanta Falcons – Sergio Kindle – DE/OLB – Texas
6’3’’ – 250 lbs – 4.71

 Falcons’ Needs:  OC, DE, OLB, RT, CB

Commish’s Take: One of the biggest needs for the Falcons is at outside linebacker.  With Sean Weatherspoon gone in both mock drafts, Kindle gives the Falcons an athletic presence who knows how to attack the quarterback.  Kindle is ready to contribute from Day 1.

Commish’s Pick – Sergio Kindle – Texas

20. Houston Texans – Earl Thomas – S – Texas
5’10’’ – 208 lbs – 4.49
 Texans’ Needs:  CB, DT, OG, S, WR, RB

Commish’s Take: There has been recent talk of the Texans going with a running back at this pick.  I can’t see how they could with the gigantic needs at safety and at corner.  With Earl Thomas on the board, I’d be shocked if they went in another direction.  If Thomas is off the board, I’d take Kyle Wilson if I were the Texans GM.  Wilson can try and fill the void of Dunta Robinson.

Commish’s Pick – Kyle Wilson – Boise St.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Maurkice Pouncey – OC – Florida
6’4’’ – 304 lbs – 5.15
 Bengals’ Needs:  OC, OG, S, TE, DT

 Commish’s Take: This doesn’t seem like a typical Bengals pick, but with a huge need at center, why not draft the draft’s best center?  The Bengals also have a need at defensive tackle, and if Dan Williams were to slip, I’d take him with this pick.  He’d be a nice fit in the middle of that defensive line, and a big assistance to keeping offensive linemen off of Rey Maualuga.

Commish’s Pick – Dan Williams – Tennessee

22. New England Patriots – Brandon Graham – DE/OLB – Michigan
6’1’’ – 268 lbs – 4.72
Patriots’ Needs:  DE, OLB, ILB, RB, WR, CB

Commish’s Take: It really is unfair how the Patriots luck into picks.  I think Brandon Graham is one of the great pass rushers in this draft, but slips due to overanalyzing and lower potential grades than Pierre-Paul.  Graham would be an ideal outside linebacker for the Patriots 3-4 defense.  Since Graham is unavailable for my pick, I’d address the Patriots defensive line, especially with the loss of Jarvis Green.  Odrick is the draft’s top fit for a 3-4 defensive end. 

Commish’s Pick – Jared Odrick – Penn St.

23. Green Bay Packers – Jerry Hughes – DE/OLB – TCU
6’2’’ – 255 lbs – 4.69
 Packers’ Needs:  OT, CB, OLB, S, RB

Commish’s Take:  The Packers could go after more pressing needs at offensive tackle or corner, but Hughes would be the best player available at this point of all 3 of those positions.  The Packers do need another outside rusher to play opposite Clay Matthews Jr.  Hughes opened eyes at the combine with his athleticism in outside linebacker drills.  He’s also relentless at attacking the quarterback.

Commish’s Pick – Jerry Hughes – TCU

24. Philadelphia Eagles – Taylor Mays – S – USC
6’3’’ – 230 lbs – 4.43
Eagles’ Needs:  DE, MLB, CB, S, RB

Commish’s Take: Even after grabbing Macho Harris last year, the Eagles need more of a presence in their defensive backfield.  Mays has all the tools you want from an elite safety.  He’s got the size, the speed, and the character.  The only thing Mays is lacking is production.  Some team will look at his talent and his ability and think that their coaching staff can get the most out of him. 

Commish’s Pick – Taylor Mays – USC

25. Baltimore Ravens – Kyle Wilson – CB – Boise St
5’10’’ – 194 lbs – DNP
 Ravens’ Needs:  OC, CB, DT, OLB/DE, S, TE

Commish’s Take: Jerry Hughes would have been a nice fit for the Ravens, but they have to go to “Plan B”.  The Ravens were down to their 5th and 6th string corners last year.  Whether it is Wilson or Jackson in my respective mock drafts, both corners will give the Ravens stability and an upgrade at the position.

Commish’s Pick – Kareem Jackson – Alabama

26. Arizona Cardinals – Bruce Campbell – OT – Maryland
6’6’’ – 314 lbs – 4.85

 Cardinals’ Needs:  OC, QB, TE, RT, OLB, ILB

Commish’s Take:  Campbell is a classic “workout warrior” with a great combine, but not great film.  The Cardinals do have a big need at offensive tackle, which is why they might want to take a shot on Campbell here.  The addition of Kerry Rhodes eliminates the big need for a safety.

Commish’s Pick – Bruce Campbell – Maryland

27. Dallas Cowboys – Jared Odrick – DE/DT – Penn St
6’5’’ – 304 lbs – 5.06

 Cowboys’ Needs:  OG, MLB, LT, FS, WR, CB

Commish’s Take: The Cowboys are always looking to add physical defensive players and quality depth.  Odrick is the ideal fit for a defensive end in a 3-4 defense.  If I’m Jerry Jones, I’m looking to add another dynamic receiver and willing to take a risk on Demaryius Thomas.  Thomas combination of size and speed should be extremely appealing to the Cowboys.

Commish’s Pick – Demaryius Thomas – Georgia Tech

28. San Diego Chargers – Terrance Cody – DT – Alabama
6’4’’ – 354 lbs – 5.72
Chargers’ Needs:  RB, RT, SS, NT, DE

Commish’s Take: The Chargers have a void at running back, but I feel their bigger void is at nose tackle.  The Chargers defense went downhill last year when Jamaal Williams went down with an injury.  When Williams was released this offseason, the void at nose tackle became huge.  Who better to fill that big void than Mount Cody?  Cody is a pure space eater, and with him dropping his weight from 370 lbs at the senior bowl to 345 lbs at his pro day, he has jumped back into consideration for a 1st round pick. 

Commish’s Pick – Terrance Cody – Alabama

29. New York Jets – Nate Allen – S – USF
6’ – 207 lbs – Did not participate at combine

 Jets Needs:  DE, OLB, S, WR

Commish’s Take: The Jets got Antonio Cromartie to play opposite of Revis, but have a huge hole at safety with the trade that sent Kerry Rhodes to Arizona.  Nate Allen still has yet to run a 40, but is a good centerfielder and ball hawk who made big plays for the Bulls in his career at USF.  I feel the Jets would like to add a bigger receiver to play on the outside so they can move Cotchery into the slot, which is why I went with Benn. 

Commish’s Pick – Arrelious Benn – Illinois

30. Minnesota Vikings – Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame
6’3’’ – 222 lbs – DNP

 Vikings’ Needs:  DT, QB, OG, CB

Commish’s Take:  There’s questions about Brett Favre and whether Tarvaris Jackson is still the future.  With Clausen slipping to 30, the Vikings will feel much better about those questions.  Clausen stock ranges from being selected 4th overall to the 2nd round.  Clausen’s pro day will tell us a lot in a couple weeks.  I would actually pass on Clausen and address a much bigger need at corner.  McCourty is a very good corner who is solid in coverage and a good tackler.

Commish’s Pick – Devin McCourty – Rutgers

31.  Indianapolis Colts – Charles Brown – OT – USC
6’5’’ – 303 lbs – DNP
 Colts’ Needs:  OG, OC, OT, CB, DT

Commish’s Take: After the Super Bowl, Bill Polian called out his offensive line.  To me, that is nothing to be forgotten.  Brown can finally give the Colts a boost to their offensive line.  Brown is also pretty athletic and good in pass protection, which fits right in with the Colts passing attack.

Commish’s Pick – Charles Brown – USC

32.  New Orleans Saints – Everson Griffen – DE – USC
      6’3’’ – 273 lbs – 4.66

 Saints’ Needs:  OLB, OC, DT, DE, S

Commish’s Take: Do you go with better character or better talent and potential?  Dunlap’s character has him falling, and I think the Saints will play it safe and let him fall further while grabbing Griffen who has better character.  As a Super Bowl Champion, I’d take the risk and see if the potential Dunlap has can be brought out by a championship attitude from his teammates.

Commish’s Pick – Carlos Dunlap – Florida

2nd Round

33.  St. Louis Rams – Jermaine Gresham – TE – Oklahoma
6’5’’ – 261 lbs – 4.72

Commish’s Take:  If the Rams take Bradford, why would they not want to draft his college teammate  here?
Commish’s Pick – Jermaine Gresham – Oklahoma

34.  Detroit Lions – Ryan Matthews – RB – Fresno St
5’11’’ – 218 lbs – 4.45

Commish’s Take:   The Lions want more stability at running back after Kevin Smith was injured again in 2009.  I like the pairing of Griffen opposite of Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Commish’s Pick – Everson Griffen – USC

35.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Golden Tate – WR – Notre Dame
5’10’’ – 199 lbs – 4.42

Commish’s Take:   Because of their own stubbornness in free agency, the Bucs have put themselves in position to HAVE to draft a receiver with this pick.  Why Tate, when I’ve been touting Benn and Thomas?  Well, I’m taking the Bucs coaching, or lack there of, into affect as well.  I’m unsure that the Bucs would be able to help a raw receiver like Benn or Thomas reach their potential, while Tate has already been productive in a pro-style offense.  He’s got excellent speed and is also a team leader.  Tate should be able to help Freeman continue to grow.  A receiver like Eric Decker or Taylor Price at the top of Round 3 would be nice to pair with Tate. 

Commish’s Pick – Golden Tate – Notre Dame

36.  Kansas City Chiefs – Kareem Jackson – CB – Alabama
5’10’’ – 196 lbs – 4.48

Commish’s Take: With most of the safeties gone by this pick, the Chiefs still address their defensive backfield with Jackson.  Scott Pioli has had some success with drafting corners in the 2nd and 3rd rounds like Asante Samuel.  If Nate Allen is available, he’d be my pick to patrol the defensive backfield.

Commish’s Pick – Nate Allen – USF

37.  Washington Redskins – Tim Tebow – QB – Florida
6’3’’ – 236 lbs – 4.72

Commish’s Take:   A selection of Tebow here could happen whether Clausen is available or not.  Some coaches like a challenge.  Mike Shanahan’s offense would be ideal for Tebow to use his full athleticism without thinking he just has to run every time.  The many bootlegs Shanahan uses will make it easier for Tebow to make the transition to the NFL.  Tebow could be Shanahan’s new Jake Plummer.

Commish’s Pick – Tim Tebow – Florida

38.  Cleveland Browns – Colt McCoy – QB – Texas
       6’1’’ – 216 lbs – 4.81

Commish’s Take:   All signs point to the Browns having fallen in love with McCoy.  Whether it’s McCoy or Clausen, I think the Browns might look for their quarterback of the future here. 

Commish’s Pick – Jimmy Clausen – Notre Dame

39.  Oakland Raiders – Vladimir Ducasse – OT – UMASS
6’4’’ – 332 lbs – 5.27

Commish’s Take:   After passing on an offensive tackle in the 1st round, Ducasse gives the Raiders a big body that can play either tackle or guard.  I’d go with Price from UCLA to continue to bolster my line. 

Commish’s Pick – Brian Price – UCLA

40.  San Diego Chargers (via SEA) – Toby Gerhart – RB – Stanford
6’ – 231 lbs – 4.55

Commish’s Take:   This would break the Bucs fans heart.  Gerhart gives the Chargers an every down back to pair with Darren Sproles.  If Matthews is still available, he’s the pick.

Commish’s Pick – Ryan Matthews – Fresno St.

41.  Buffalo Bills – Arrelious Benn – WR – Illinois
6’1’’ – 219 lbs – 4.53

Commish’s Take:   After Lee Evans, the Bills don’t have much at receiver.  Benn gives them a bigger receiver used to the cold to pair with Evans.  I’d take Cam Thomas to help my defense transition to a 3-4.

Commish’s Pick – Cam Thomas – North Carolina

42.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via CHI) – Devin McCourty – CB – Rutgers
5’10’’ – 193 lbs – 4.48

Commish’s Take:   I guess it’s just how the cards fell.  The Bucs do have a big need at corner, so when McCourty falls this far, they best jump on him.  McCourty would give the Bucs a great set of corners for a long time.  With McCourty gone, I throw a wildcard and grab Jahvid Best.  The Bucs have power backs already in Caddy, Ward, and Graham.  Why not a back that can be elusive and bust off a run longer than 20 yards?

Commish’s Pick – Jahvid Best – Cal

43.  Miami Dolphins – Chad Jones – S – LSU
6’2’’ – 221 lbs – 4.56

Commish’s Take:   The Dolphins struck out with Gibril Wilson.  They have a need next to Yeremiah Bell, and Chad Jones fits that need perfectly.  Jones is a big hitter and a hard worker coming from the SEC.

Commish’s Pick – Chad Jones – LSU

44.  New England Patriots (via JAX) – Carlos Dunlap – DE – Florida
6’6’’ – 277 lbs – 4.61

Commish’s Take:   Bill Belichick’s relationship with Urban Meyer has been well documented.  With Dunlap falling this far, Bellichick has the option to play Dunlap at end or at outside linebacker.  I’d take Damian Williams as insurance to Randy Moss if he leaves after this season.

Commish’s Pick – Damian Williams – USC

45.  Denver Broncos – Jon Asamoah – OG – Illinois
6’4’’ – 305 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   The interior of the Broncos offensive line is terrible.  Asamoah is a hard worker and a big upgrade for the Broncos.  With Iupati already drafted with my picks, I’d take Pouncey to finish off building the interior of the line.

Commish’s Pick – Maurkice Pouncey – Florida

46.  New York Giants – Brian Price – DT – UCLA
   6’1’’ – 303 lbs – 5.15

Commish’s Take:   Sometimes, this is just how it works out.  I actually like Brian Price, but with so much talent in this draft, someone has to fall.  The Giants reap the benefits.  As GM, I’d like to give Tom Coughlin more toughness up front on offense.  Ducasse is an upgrade over an aging Rich Seubert.

Commish’s Pick – Vladimir Ducasse – UMASS

47.  New England Patriots (via TEN) – Aaron Hernandez – TE – Florida
6’2’’ – 245 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   Uh oh, here’s that Belichick-Meyer relationship again.  The Patriots have a need at tight end and love tight ends that can stretch the field.

Commish’s Pick – Aaron Hernandez – Florida

48.  Carolina Panthers – Mardy Gilyard – WR – Cincinnati
5’11’’ – 187 lbs – 4.60

Commish’s Take:   The ongoing search for a receiver to play opposite Steve Smith comes to an end.  Gilyard is a big time playmaker and also a big threat in the return game.

Commish’s Pick – Mardy Gilyard – Cincinnati

49.  San Francisco 49ers  – Jahvid Best – RB – Cal
          5’10’’ – 199 lbs – 4.35

Commish’s Take:   The 49ers are in the market for a shifty player who can also be a returner.  If Best is available, he’s the guy.  If not, they go with McCluster.

Commish’s Pick – Dexter McCluster – Ole Miss

50.  Kansas City Chiefs (via ATL) – Dorin Dickerson – TE – Pitt
          6’1’’ – 226 LBS – 4.40

Commish’s Take:  Charlie Weis loves tight ends that can stretch the field.  Dickerson is slightly undersized for a tight end, but runs a 4.40 forty.  Weis should be able to get creative with him.  Dickerson would be what Ben Watson was for the Patriots under Weis.

Commish’s Pick – Dorin Dickerson – Pitt

51.   Houston Texans – Patrick Robinson – CB – FSU
5’11’’ – 190 lbs – 4.46

Commish’s Take:   Like in the 1st round, the Texans’ defensive backfield is embarrassing.  Robinson is good in man or zone.  Since I took a corner in Round 1, I go with Wright as a big hitter from Florida.

Commish’s Pick – Major Wright – Florida

52.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Amari Spivey – CB – Iowa
5’11’’ – 195 lbs – 4.51

Commish’s Take:   Spivey gives the Steelers a solid corner opposite of Ike Taylor.  After I took Earl Thomas in round 1, I want to address the offensive line.  Asamoah steps in and starts from day 1.

Commish’s Pick – Jon Asamoah – Illinois

53.  New England Patriots – Dexter McCluster – RB/WR/KR – Ole Miss
5’8’’ – 170 lbs – 4.44

Commish’s Take:   Is this fair?  The Patriots already got Graham, Dunlap, and Hernandez.  Now they grab, maybe, the best shiftiest playmaker in the draft.  McCluster would play all over the field for the Patriots and possibly be the heir to Kevin Faulk.  I’d love Gibson off the edge for the Patriots here.  Gibson gives the Patiots much needed depth at the linebacker position. 

Commish’s Pick – Thaddeous Gibson – Ohio St.

54.  Cincinnati Bengals – Rob Gronkowski – TE – Arizona
6’6’’ – 264 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   Gronkowski gives the Bengals the most balanced tight end in the draft, and their best tight end in years.

Commish’s Pick – Rob Gronkowski – Arizona

55.  Philadelphia Eagles – Daryl Washington – LB – TCU
6’2’’ – 230 lbs – 4.66
Commish’s Take:   The Eagles like aggressive linebackers, and despite his size, Washington is as aggressive as they come.

Commish’s Pick – Daryl Washington – TCU

56.  Green Bay Packers – Rodger Saffold – OT – Indiana
6’5’’ – 316 lbs – 5.20

Commish’s Take:   The Packers can’t rely on Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher forever.  Saffold has been rising up boards with his balanced play as a run blocker and a pass protector.

Commish’s Pick – Rodger Saffold – Indiana

57.  Baltimore Ravens – Thaddeus Gibson – OLB – Ohio St
6’2’’ – 243 lbs – 4.75

Commish’s Take:   Gibson gives the Ravens another player in the Terrell Suggs mold.

Commish’s Pick – Tyson Alualu – Cal

58.  Arizona Cardinals – Tyson Alualu – DE/DT – Cal
6’2’’ – 295 lbs – 4.93

Commish’s Take:   Alualu has similar size to Darnell Dockett, and gives the Cardinals some much needed depth at the position.  As GM, I’d be concerned with Joey Porter’s recent arrest and still grab another outside linebacker.

Commish’s Pick – Koa Misi – Utah

59.  Dallas Cowboys – Major Wright – S – Florida
5’11’’ – 206 – 4.48

Commish’s Take:   The Cowboys need another safety next to Ken Hamlin.  Wright gives the Cowboys a big hitter like Roy Williams, but with speed.  As GM, I’d take the best fit at defensive end for a 3-4 next to Odrick in Carrington.

Commish’s Pick – Alex Carrington – Arkansas St.

60.  Seattle Seahawks (via SD) – Damian Williams – WR – USC
6’ – 197 lbs – 4.53

Commish’s Take:  Pete Carroll gets his boy.  If Williams is already gone, I’d go with Decker.  I know he’s another possession receiver, but he’s a reliable receiver for whoever my quarterback is.

Commish’s Pick – Eric Decker – Minnesota

61.  New York Jets – Cam Thomas – DT – North Carolina
6’4’’ – 330 lbs – 5.28

Commish’s Take:   The Jets need depth and an eventual replacement for Kris Jenkins.  With Cam
Thomas still on the board, this should be a no-brainer.  If Thomas is off the board, I still see the Jets addressing the depth on their defensive line.  Wootton is a great fit at end in the 3-4 defense.

Commish’s Pick – Corey Wootton – Northwestern

62.  Minnesota Vikings – Chris Cook – CB – Virginia
6’2’’ – 212 lbs – 4.45

Commish’s Take:   Cook is an excellent fit for the Vikings “Tampa 2” defense.  His size and physical play helps in run support, but he still has the speed to mix in man coverage.  Since I took McCourty in round 1, I’d take Jones here as insurance for Pat Williams future departure.

Commish’s Pick – Arthur Jones – Syracuse

63.  Indianapolis Colts – Brandon Ghee – CB – Wake Forrest
6’ – 195 lbs – 4.42

Commish’s Take:  Despite the fact that the Colts run the “Tampa 2” defense, they seem to take more athletic corners than physical ones. 

Commish’s Pick – Patrick Robinson – FSU

64.  New Orleans Saints – Navarro Bowman – OLB – Penn St
6’ – 242 lbs – 4.72

Commish’s Take:   The Saints need to upgrade their linebacker corps.  Bowman has the ability to step in and play immediately for Scott Fujita, who left.

Commish’s Pick – Navorro Bowman – Penn St.

15 Responses to “NFL Draft: Mock Draft III”

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    If our first three picks end up falling this way I’d be very happy going into the weekend!

  2. zech Says:

    Who’s 21 for rutgers?

  3. zech Says:

    Thanks justin I have me a lindys draftbook! I found out its devin mccourty I personally think he could be gone by the 2nd round starts!

  4. gotbbucs Says:

    You have no idea who McCourty is yet you know where he is going to go in the draft. Amazing. You really must get Dominik a copy of that draft magazine that you’re getting all of your information from.
    So be honest now, do YOU personally think McCourty is going in the 1st or is that where your magical magizine has him going.

  5. FuNkYxMuNkeY Says:

    I would be very upset if we passed on Aluaha and Darryl Washington. Both of those guys would instantly help our D. Especially if we could get Graham in the 1st. That is the first 3 picks. Or atleast should be IMO.

    And that is funny zech. No need to tell people you had to use a magazine to know who the 4th best CB in this draft is. Way to be prepared!!!

  6. Joe Says:

    I saw the Lindy draft magazine yesterday and it was $9, but was written about 2 and a half months ago. If you want well written and in-depth old news, buy that magazine.

    War old media!!!

  7. zech Says:

    I didn’t know who devin mccourty was I never even heard of him until the draft starting to approach and I do think the titan might take a good look at him! And there nothin wrong with a draft book I got it for 7 bucks so its not gonna break me!

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    There’s probably 4 or 5 corners in this draft that could step right in and start as rookies.

  9. Mike J Says:

    For the more up-to-date draft info, check out the “USA Today” draft special. I find them at Publix with the newspapers.

  10. Mike J Says:

    “Pro Football Weekly” says:

    Posted April 01, 2010 @ 12:18 p.m. ET
    By Dan Parr

    With Sam Bradford and the Rams looking more like a match after his superb workout Monday, the Buccaneers are expected to nab one of the top two defensive tackles — Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy or Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh — when they make the third overall pick April 22. Tampa Bay has several other needs to fill, including wide receiver, and we hear they likely will get a chance to select one of the top receivers available this year with the third pick of the second round.

    Draft insiders say Notre Dame’s Golden Tate and Illinois’ Arrelious Benn — PFW’s third- and fourth-highest rated wideouts — are likely to still be on the board when Tampa Bay picks at No. 35. It’s possible that the second-highest rated receiver in the draft, Georgia Tech’s Demaryius Thomas, will slide into Round Two, and the top receiver in the draft, Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant, is falling down some boards after an unimpressive pro day.

    With five of the first 101 picks, the Bucs can be flexible in this draft and could be intriguing trade partners, but they would be quite pleased to land a top D-tackle and a top receiver with their first two picks.

  11. Joe Says:

    Mike J:

    How exactly “up-to-date” can something be if it has to be printed days if not weeks before it hits the newsstands?

  12. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    MikeJ – Being familiar with the inner workings of Dan Parr and ProFootballWeekly, Joe rarely quotes them.

  13. Mike J Says:

    Er, how else are you going to get hardcopy info on several hundred players?? Everything in print has some lag time.The college season is done, the Combine is over, a lot of Pro Days have been completed–how much can rankings & grades change from here on out??

    I don’t spend all my time on the computer.

    As to the “PFW” citation, are you saying that that organization is an unreliable source, Joe?? Besides, this was basically a pretty generic comment:”Bucs want a DT & will look at WRs next.”

    But I can keep my posts to myself, I suppose.

  14. Joe Says:

    Mike J:

    No, don’t take that the wrong way. Joe meant no harm.

    The “other Joe” should have specified that we (both Joes) know who Parr’s mole is; a member of the local fourth estate (or as the sedate, reasoned, objective Michael Savage would say, “the Fifth Column”).

    And no, Joe’s not saying who that is. 🙂

    So 95 percent of what Parr writes is rehashed from a local scribe. In other words, rarely will Parr have anything breaking. Nothing against Parr, Joe’s just sticking up for Parr’s mole.

    Er, how else are you going to get hardcopy info on several hundred players??

    If you don’t have a smartphone and you absolutely, positively have to have something 20th century in your paws, go to, paste the information you need into a word document and then hit print. You’ll save enough cash to buy a couple of cold Caybrews and your information will be much more timely if not more accurate.

    Even better, print out Justin’s info.

  15. Mike J Says:

    Disregarding your disregard for my sources, I was kinda trying to inspire some debate as to the second round. As I have said, we are concentrating too much on the initial pick.

    I still like to have something I can read on the john. I might even buy “The Sporting News’ ” draft preview.I dumped my sub to the local rag long ago.