Mark Dominik Is After Dez Bryant

April 22nd, 2010

Seems like Mark Dominik realizes like Joe that the Bucs are in a desperate need for a wide receiver.

How desperate? The Bucs are looking to trade back into the first round to get troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant. That’s the word from Vacation Man of

But the Bucs might not be done for the night. According to a league source, the Bucs are open to the possibility of trading back into the first round if wide receiver Dez Bryant is available at a certain point. Makes sense because the Bucs are holding 11 picks still.

Interesting. Joe would be willing to wait for Golden Tate. But Bryant sure would be an interesting selection.

39 Responses to “Mark Dominik Is After Dez Bryant”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Don’t tease Joe, Rachel doesn’t like it…

  2. Tom Says:


  3. big007hed Says:

    Going to be a interesting night!!!!

  4. Finerdetailz Says:

    That would be awesome. I didn’t think I could or would be excited at this year but I am pumped up. Go Mccoy, Go Bucs. Woohoo!!!

  5. Finerdetailz Says:

    If Dominik makes that happen I will never say a bad word about him again.,

  6. Jeff Says:

    I’m Pumped too….. GO BUCS

  7. Finerdetailz Says:

    Gotta love chucky on the four letter network.

  8. justin Says:

    I really would like to have dez bryant I will be excited for this season with him and mccoy

  9. Finerdetailz Says:

    The best line of the night was the boomer saying look Mccoy has already sacked the commissioner…go Bucs . It amazing what a little draft can do for the spirits.

  10. Finerdetailz Says:

    The trades are flying hot and heavy.. Go make it happen Dominik..

  11. JimBuc Says:

    Wait a second! I thought the Glazers were broke and that the Bucs would trade out of the third pick because they would not want to pay that huge guaranteed contract. What is going on? Now talk of trading back up into the first? What? Maybe they found some money in an old shoe box? refinanced the ManU debt again? What is going on with our broke, cheap Bucs??

  12. Eric Says:

    Get Dez Bryant!

  13. Troxell8t8 Says:

    get it done, get it done

  14. Patrick Says:

    I’m unsure about this one. This guy’s got issues. There will still be many talented receivers in the 2nd round (Demaryious Thomas, Golden Tate, Arrelious Benn).
    He would help our team though. No question.

  15. Eric Says:

    Better trade now, NE will scoop him up at 22.

  16. kyle Says:

    Troubled, really? It’s not like he beat his girlfriend, killed dogs, rapes women, or smokes tons of pot and drinks like big ben. All he did was lie to the NCAA big deal draft him Tampa!

  17. zech Says:

    Looks like baltimore will get dez bryant so I guess no 1 wide reciever for freemen!

  18. Finerdetailz Says:

    No dez.

  19. Eric Says:


  20. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Dez Bryant would be nice, as would Golden Tate. But unless we stop the other team, our offense seldom gets the ball. Build a team around defense. Mc Coy was a start, lets keep going in that direction. There are some sleeper receivers that will still be around in later rounds. Lets get some more blue chip defensive studs to compliment McCoy

  21. zech Says:

    No dez he went cowboys so no legit number 1 reciever. I guess claytons our number 1 reciever!

  22. zech Says:

    Well our defense might stop everyone but if our recievers can’t catch u can kiss freemen good by!

  23. Mr. KJ Says:

    The Bucs will absolutely rue the day they didn’t get a deal done for Bryant. You have to be kidding me. Clayton and Stovall again?! Sorry Josh. Bryant will be an abolsute star. He’s never been arrested for anything, doesn’t drink, and doesn’t smoke. All he did was tell a fib about meeting with Deion Sanders and forget a pair of shoes. What a shame. He and Josh would have been a great tandem that could have put fans in the seats and electrified the fan base here. And D. Thomas is gone too. If we don’t get Golden Tate I may just throw up on myself.

  24. Joe Says:

    The way things are shaking out, the Bucs can get Golden Tate tomorrow night and not have to give up any draft picks.

  25. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    You guys are crazy for wanting to trade up and get Dez…thank god we didn’t. If we wanted a scumbag trouble-maker at WR we could have just kept the elder Bryant, Antonio.

    Tate will be better for us if we can land him.

  26. zech Says:

    Dez isn’t a scumbag or a trouble maker he’s gonna be a big star man big mistake! We should traded up for him!

  27. Eric Says:

    ok, i am game, get Tate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every time i saw tape on that clausen guy, tate was catching the ball and running after the catch.

    Anybody, i mean anybody, who can beat out the blocking icon is good by me.

  28. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Either Golden Tate or Arrelious Benn will be there for us tomorrow. Don’t be an idiot. We need all the picks we can get , and trading up to get a head-case would have been stupid.

  29. Louie Says:


  30. Louie Says:

    I’m sorry, Dez isn’t a head case. That was all draft talk. Worked out really well for Dallas.

  31. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Dez is going to Dallas guys, and it is said once there he will compete with Tony Romo for Jessica Simpson ……

  32. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    LOL @ claiming Dez is not a head case.

    That’s funny , Louie, you should have been a comedian.

  33. Louie Says:

    Whatever, I guess you’re content w/the status quo. Get ready for another crappy ass season.

  34. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Golden Tate will have a better NFL career….bank on it.

    Dez will be shuffled around from team to team just like all the A-hole wr’s – Owens , marshall, plaxico, etc. – except he wont be as good.

  35. Eric Says:

    Ok, thats a wrap. One future hall of famer in the books.

    Now, a couple of more tomorrow, including the wideout who will be as good as Brandon Marshall.

  36. Eric S Says:

    I would have traded both 2’s to get Bryant. Once again Mark D is asleep at the wheel. Bryant is better than Tate.

  37. Patrick Says:

    This guy did have issues. But after thinking about it, we should’ve gotten him!!
    Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas, the best receivers in the draft, are gone!!!! Gone already! We needed one of those guys. Look at our receiving corps!!!!! Look at it!!! Clayton and Stovall. I’m so mad at the zero effort Raheem has put forward to improve our embarrassing receiving corps. Dez wasn’t that bad! Get over the issues already! What does it matter? We’re going to have another bad season! Yeah, letting AB go was such a great decision. Nobody’s perfect.

    Just watch, Raheem won’t go for a receiver in the second round. He’ll continue to ignore it!

  38. Louie Says:

    I can’t wait to hear the excuse why the didn’t trade up for Dez. They’ll probably say, “we really didn’t want Dez, but we’ve got this great receiver in the 7th round we’re targeting”.

  39. Patrick Says:

    Tate is nothing special. We need big, tall, guys on this team that can jump over defenders and can catch the toughest passes. Tate is good, but he’s way too small, and we already have a small guy in Stroughter on the team. Two starters under 6 ft? I’m not sure.

    Though he might be the best guy left now that we missed out on Bryant and Thomas. So we definitely need to take a look at him. He is talented.

    We need a guy like Thomas. He could do it all. Very explosive, tall, good overall size. Same with Dez. Raheem really messed up by not getting one of them tonight.