Final Commish’s Mock Draft

April 21st, 2010
Might the Bucs get aggressive to land this guy? Will they even have to?

Might the Bucs get aggressive to land this guy? Will they even have to?

It’s the final manbeast of a mock draft from NFL Draft guru Justin Pawlowski.

You can soak in all the position breakdowns, team analysis and more right here. Still more to come.


1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma
6’4’’ – 236 lbs – DNP

 Rams’ Needs: DT, OLB, CB, WR, TE, OG, QB

Commish’s Take: For the first time during this draft process, I have questioned the Rams going with Bradford. The trade of Adam Carriker to the Redskins gives the Rams nothing at defensive tackle. Ndamukong Suh has to be considered here for the Rams, but in the end, Bradford will be the selection. The Rams have never drafted a quarterback in the 1st round of any draft, but after passing on Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez, the Rams need some hope for their players and their fans. Sam Bradford can be that hope.

2. Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh – DT – Nebraska
6’4’’ – 307 lbs – 5.04

 Lions’ Needs:  DE, DT, OG, LT, CB, RB

Commish’s Take: A potential trade of Albert Haynesworth will be key here. If the Lions get Haynesworth, expect them to go with Russell Okung.  If they don’t get Haynesworth, expect them to draft the most powerful and dominating player in this draft. Suh is ideal for Jim Schwartz’s 2-gap system for his defensive tackles. Suh would be Schwartz’s new “Albert Haynesworth.”

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma
6’4’’ – 295 lbs – 5.07

 Buccaneers Needs’:  WR, RB, OT, DE, DT, MLB, CB, SS

Commish’s Take:  As much as Suh is a fit for the Lions, McCoy is a fit for the Bucs. The speed is key here as McCoy has explosion off the ball and the ability to penetrate into opposing backfields. That penetration makes the ends better because opposing quarterbacks cannot step up in the pocket. It makes the linebackers better because opposing running backs will be knocked off their initial path and forced to bounce runs, which allows the Buccaneers linebackers to use their speed and create more tackles in the backfield. It also makes the defensive backs better because opposing quarterbacks will be forced to rid themselves of the ball quicker.

4. Washington Redskins – Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma St
6’5’’ – 307 LBS – 5.15

 Redskins’ Needs:  OL, DE

Commish’s Take: The big debate here is Russell Okung vs. Trent Williams. I’ve started to hear Williams is a better fit for what Washington wants to do. I’m not fully sold on that logic, and it could simply be a team floating that rumor out there in hopes of having Okung fall to them.  Okung is a very athletic and strong offensive tackle.  None of the offensive tackles this year are elite like Joe Thomas, but Okung is very solid and is a potential Pro Bowler. 

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Trent Williams – OT – Oklahoma
6’5’’ – 315 lbs – 4.88

 Chiefs’ Needs:  S, WR, OL, TE, NT, OLB, MLB

Commish’s Take: Bryan Bulaga has become the popular pick here and rightfully so.  Bulaga fits the type of offensive tackle Scott Pioli drafted in New England, but the measureables and the film both favor Williams.  Bulaga’s short arms are reminiscent of Robert Gallery, and someone like Scott Pioli will pick up on that quickly.

6. Seattle Seahawks – Eric Berry – S – Tennessee
5’11’’ – 211 lbs – 4.47
Seahawks Needs:  LT, QB, RB, FS, DE

Commish’s Take: With Williams and Okung off the board, Pete Carroll turns to his good friend, Monte Kiffin, for advice. With a big need at safety and for a playmaker, Carroll gets both in Berry. Berry fits a need and will start from day 1 for the Seahawks.

7. Cleveland Browns – Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech
6’3’’ – 266 lbs – 4.72

 Browns’ Needs:  CB, S, OLB, RT, QB, RB, TE, DE

Commish’s Take: With Eric Berry gone, the Browns will consider Earl Thomas, Joe Haden, and Kyle Wilson for their defensive backfield, but will realize that might be a bit early for any of them.  The true debate will be between Jared Odrick and Derrick Morgan.  Morgan will stand up at outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense for the Browns, but also have the ability to move to defensive end if there is a coaching change and the Browns switch to a 4-3 defense.  Hint hint.  Morgan has great character and is the most balanced defensive end in the draft.

8. Oakland Raiders {+++}– Mike Iupati – OG – Idaho
6’5’’ – 331 lbs – 5.30
 Raiders’ Needs:  DE, NT, QB, OT, OLB

Commish’s Take: You have to think outside the box with the Raiders.  Who is the most impressive player to look at?  I think a few players should be under consideration here; Bruce Campbell and Jason Pierre-Paul come to mind.  Don’t forget about Rolando McClain, especially with Kirk Morrison in the last year of his deal.  With that being said, I’m going with the most imposing and dominant offensive lineman in this draft.  Iupati might not have perfect technique or footwork, but he is dominant and plays the game mean.  This would be the first time that I agree with a Raiders draft pick!

9. Buffalo Bills – Bryan Buluga – OT – Iowa
6’5’’ – 314 lbs – 5.25
 Bills Needs:  OLB, DE, OT, QB, WR, NT

Commish’s Take: Nope, no Clausen here for me.  With Bulaga slipping a little, the Bills fill their biggest need by far with the Big Ten offensive tackle.  Bulaga is a nasty lineman who’s physical and has a great work ethic.  This should probably be a no-brainer for the Bills. 

10.  Jacksonville Jaguars – CJ Spiller – RB – Clemson
5’10’’ – 196 lbs – 4.37

Jaguars’ Needs:  DE, QB, LB, OG, S

Commish’s Take: This rumor has picked up so much steam that it is hard to ignore.  A pairing of Maurice Jones-Drew and CJ Spiller would give the Jaguars the best pair of running backs in the AFC, and maybe the NFL.  Drew would still be the every down back, but Spiller would bring the Jaguars offense to another level with his speed and playmaking ability.  Look out for the wildcat in Jacksonville if this happens.

11. Denver Broncos (via CHI) – Rolando McClain – MLB – Alabama
6’3’’ – 254 lbs – 4.61

Broncos’ Needs:  OC, OG, QB, TE, WR

Commish’s Take: After addressing their defensive line in free agency, the Broncos can look towards other needs in the draft.  McClain is the “Tim Tebow”of the defensive players in this draft.  His intangibles are off the chart.  McClain was a hell of a player at Alabama and was the leader on a defense that led Alabama to the National Championship.  A pairing of McClain and DJ Williams would be very scary for offenses in the AFC West.

12. Miami Dolphins – Jason Pierre-Paul – DE – USF
6’5’’ – 270 lbs – 4.69
 Dolphins’ Needs:  NT, OLB, TE, S

Commish’s Take: Even before the loss of Jason Taylor, I was saying this was a good match.  Bill Parcells loves drafting these hybrid players for his defense.  Pierre-Paul rushed so much better standing up for USF in 2009, so I think the transition should be seamless.  Parcells will view Pierre-Paul as a “DeMarcus Ware” type of player.

13. San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Davis – OT – Rutgers
6’5’’ – 323 lbs – 5.40
49ers’ Needs:  CB, MLB, RT, S, RB, LDE

Commish’s Take: The 49ers struck gold (no pun intended) with Joe Staley a few years back, but are in desperate need of an offensive tackle opposite of him.  Davis gives the 49ers to move Staley back to right tackle and play him at left tackle or vice versa.  Davis might have the most impressive film of any offensive tackle in this draft, and has been called the top pass protector in this draft.  Character concerns are the only issue here, but Mike Singletary has proven to work well with these types of players.

14. Seattle Seahawks (via DEN) – Charles Brown – OT – USC
6’5’’ – 303 lbs – DNP
 Seahawks’ Needs:  LT, RB, FS, DE, WR

Commish’s Take: I’m sure the Seahawks were hoping for Spiller here, but addressing offensive tackle is also a big need.  After Brown, I see a drop off in talent at the position.  Brown is a converted tight end, so he’s still raw and learning the position, but no one knows him better than Pete Carroll and Jeremy Bates who had him at USC.  Brown’s athleticism will make him a good fit in Alex Gibbs zone blocking offense.

15. New York Giants – Brandon Graham – DE/OLB – Michigan
6’1’’ – 268 lbs – 4.72
Giants’ Needs:  DE, MLB, DT, OL, S?

Commish’s Take: I’ve heard that the Giants want Jason Pierre-Paul, CJ Spiller, or Rolando McClain with this pick.  What happens if each of those players are gone?  That’s the dilemma I faced here.  With the recent rumors of Osi Umenyora being shopped around, I think a defensive end makes a lot of sense here.  Graham fits the Tom Coughlin mold of being a hard worker who had great production in college.

16. Tennessee Titans – Dan Williams – DT – Tennessee
6’2’’ – 327 lbs – 5.16

Titans’ Needs:  OC, DE, CB, MLB, DT

Commish’s Take: This pick will depend on the recent Albert Haynesworth rumors and where he gets traded to, if he gets traded.  If he’s traded to the Titans, they’d obviously take another position like defensive end, center, or corner.  If he isn’t traded to the Titans, Dan Williams would give the Titans an “Albert Haynesworth” type player from the same college Haynesworth went to.

17. San Francisco 49ers (via CAR) – Earl Thomas – S – Texas
       5’10’’ – 208 lbs – 4.49
49ers’ Needs:  CB, MLB, RT, S, RB, LDE

Commish’s Take: I feel that if the 49ers like Clausen, they’d take him with the 13th pick.  If you like him that much, why risk missing him at 17?  I’m guessing they don’t like him as much as other players.  I think the 49ers see an ability to win the NFC West this year, and they want draft picks who can contribute right away.  Clausen would find himself a seat on the bench for at least a year.  The 49ers have a need at corner and safety, so why not draft a guy who can play both?  Thomas is one of the best pass defenders in this draft, and his playmaking and centerfield ability makes him standout among the rest.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Kyle Wilson – CB – Boise St
5’10’’ – 194 lbs – DNP
Steelers Needs:  FS, CB, LB, OL

Commish’s Take: The Steelers have a need for a corner.  Wilson has been rising up the boards and fits the Steelers mentality.  He is a physical player with good speed and coverage ability.

19. Atlanta Falcons – Sergio Kindle – DE/OLB – Texas
6’3’’ – 250 lbs – 4.71
 Falcons’ Needs:  OC, DE, OLB, RT

Commish’s Take: Rumors recently have linked the Falcons to Sean Weatherspoon, which makes a lot of sense.  I like Kindle a little better for the Falcons because he can play outside linebacker on 1st and 2nd down then move down to end on passing downs in nickel defense.  Kindle is an aggressive player who fits Mike Smith’s aggressive defense.

20. Houston Texans – Joe Haden – CB – Florida
         5’10’’ – 193 lbs – 4.40
 Texans’ Needs:  CB, DT, OG, S, WR, RB

Commish’s Take: The biggest need for the Texans is in the defensive backfield.  I’m not falling for the running back talk.  This team needs corners and safeties desperately in a division that contains the Colts.  Haden has been considered by many to be the top corner in the draft.  Haden will step in and be the number one corner for the Texans, replacing Dunta Robinson.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jermaine Gresham – TE – Oklahoma
6’5’’ – 261 lbs – 4.72
 Bengals’ Needs:  OC, OG, S, TE, DT

 Commish’s Take: The Bengals have avoided drafting a tight end high long enough.  The Ben Utecht experiment failed.  Gresham gives the Bengals a legitimate threat at the tight end position to go with Chad Ochocinco and Antonio Bryant.  Gresham makes much more sense then Dez Bryant here.

22. New England Patriots – Dez Bryant – WR – Oklahoma St
6’2’’ – 225 lbs – DNP
Patriots’ Needs:  DE, OLB, ILB, RB, WR, CB, TE

Commish’s Take: With Randy Moss in the final year of his contract, the Patriots need some insurance in case he leaves.  Bryant is a dynamic threat with the talent of a top 3 pick.  His character will force him to drop, but the Patriots have proven to work well with these types of players. 

 23. Green Bay Packers – Jerry Hughes – DE/OLB – TCU
6’2’’ – 255 lbs – 4.69
 Packers’ Needs:  OT, CB, OLB, S, RB

Commish’s Take:  Offensive tackle and corner have been popular picks here, but I’m gonna stick with Jerry Hughes.  I love the way this guy gets to the quarterback.  I also feel he has enough athleticism to drop into coverage from the outside linebacker position.  Look out for the Packers if Clay Matthews Jr. and Jerry Hughes are coming off the edge.

24. Philadelphia Eagles – Maurkice Pouncey – OC – Florida
6’4’’ – 304 lbs – 5.15

Eagles’ Needs:  DE, MLB, CB, S, RB

Commish’s Take: The Eagles have stockpiled picks, but still carry the same mentality of addressing both sides of the line first.  Pouncey can play center or guard and could be the leader of the Eagles line for a long time with Kevin Kolb.

 25. Baltimore Ravens – Kareem Jackson – CB – Alabama
5’10’’ – 196 lbs – 4.48
 Ravens’ Needs:  OC, CB, DT, OLB/DE, S, TE

Commish’s Take: Jackson is a physical and aggressive corner who fits the Ravens mold.  The Ravens were to their 5th and 6th string corners last year, so addressing that position will be a priority.  Tight end is also a possibility here, but I feel they can do that in a later round with that position being pretty deep.

26. Arizona Cardinals – Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame
6’3’’ – 222 lbs – DNP

Cardinals’ Needs:  OC, QB, TE, RT, OLB, ILB

Commish’s Take: The wait is over.  Or is it?  I’m hearing that some teams might be sending feelers to the Steelers for Ben Roethlisberger.  You have to think that the Cardinals are one of those teams.  Ken Whisenhunt was Big Ben’s offensive coordinator when he first came into the league.  If Roethlisberger is traded, I think the Cardinals will be a main player in it.  If he isn’t trade, and Clausen falls this far, the Cardinals will have to consider him.  There really isn’t a hybrid linebacker, middle linebacker, offensive tackle, or center available that I’d be willing to take here.  Clausen would be able to battle for the starting job in 2010, but most likely become the starter either later in 2010 or in 2011.  The weapons are there for the Cardinals, it just depends on how much faith they have in Matt Leinart.

27. Dallas Cowboys – Rodger Saffold – OT – Indiana
6’5’’ – 316 lbs – 5.20
 Cowboys’ Needs:  OG, MLB, LT, FS, WR, CB

Commish’s Take: With the release of Flozell Adams, the Cowboys are in need of at least depth along their offensive line.  Saffold can play tackle or guard and has a quiet confidence about him.  He’d be a good pick to battle Doug Free for the starting left tackle job.

28. San Diego Chargers – Ryan Matthews – RB – Fresno St
5’11’’ – 218 lbs – 4.45
Chargers’ Needs:  RB, RT, SS, NT, DE

Commish’s Take: The Chargers have big needs at running back and nose tackle.  I feel there will be at least 3 nose tackles the Chargers can choose from at the beginning of round 2, but if they want Matthews, they’ll probably have to take him here because the Lions will be waiting to pounce.  Please pardon the pun.  Matthews is a balanced back who can carry the ball 20-25 times a game.  He’d be a good complement to Darren Spoles. 

29. New York Jets – Jared Odrick – DE/DT – Penn St
6’5’’ – 304 lbs – 5.06
 Jets’ Needs:  DE, OLB, S

Commish’s Take: Odrick is a player who could go as high as No. 7 to the Browns or right here to the Jets.  It’s just that kind of draft.  If Odrick is available here, I’d be shocked if he is not taken by the Jets.  The Jets need to address their front 7, but most importantly their defensive line.  Odrick is the top end for a 3-4 defense in this draft. 

 30. Minnesota Vikings – Devin McCourty – CB – Rutgers
5’10’’ – 193 lbs – 4.48
 Vikings’ Needs:  DT, QB, OG, CB

Commish’s Take:  Cedric Griffin going down at the end of the NFC championship game was devastating for the Vikings.  He’s questionable to be ready for the regular season, so corner is a top priority for the Vikings.  I feel McCourty should be in the discussion to be the top corner in this draft.  He is great in coverage, a good tackler, and the best special teams player in the draft.

31.  Indianapolis Colts – Sean Weatherspoon – LB – Missouri
6’1’’ – 239 lbs – 4.68
 Colts’ Needs:  OG, OC, OT, CB, DT, OLB

Commish’s Take: Without an offensive lineman to draft here, the Colts will consider the top player who fits their defense.  Weatherspoon is a great fit for the “Tampa 2” as an outside linebacker.  His coverage ability matched with his ability to stop the run is a great combination for this type of linebacker.

32.  New Orleans Saints – Taylor Mays – S – USC
6’3’’ – 230 lbs – 4.43
 Saints’ Needs:  OLB, OC, DT, S

Commish’s Take: With the recent additions of Alex Brown and Jimmy Wilkerson, I don’t expect the Saints to be taking a defensive end early in this draft.  I’m sure they’d be pissed if Sean Weatherspoon was off the board and would probably consider Daryl Washington, but safety is also a need for the Saints.  There is uncertainty as to whether Darren Sharper will be coming back, and even if he does, he won’t beplaying much longer.  Mays is an incredible talent with an unbelievable blend of size and speed.  Gregg Williams will find multiple ways to use Mays.

2nd Round

33.  St. Louis Rams – Brian Price – DT – UCLA
6’1’’ – 303 lbs – 5.15

Commish’s Take:  The trade of Adam Carriker opened up a huge hole at DT.  Price is an active defensive tackle who plays with a mean streak and will bring an attitude to the Rams’ defense.

34. Detroit Lions – Jahvid Best – RB – Cal
      5’10’’ – 199 lbs – 4.35

Commish’s Take:   The Lions are tired of losing Kevin Smith to injury.  Despite Best’s durability concerns, he is a big time playmaker in the Chris Johnson mold for Jim Schwartz.

35.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Demaryius Thomas – WR – Georgia Tech
6’3’’ – 224 – DNP

Commish’s Take:   This would be a dream come true for the Bucs.  Thomas gives the Bucs a legit number one receiver.  Don’t be surprised if the Bucs package this pick with a 3rd or a 4th to move back into the 1st round for Earl Thomas or Sean Weatherspoon. 

 36.  Kansas City Chiefs – Golden Tate – WR – Notre Dame
5’10’’ – 199 lbs – 4.42

Commish’s Take: Tate and Weis together again.  Tate opposite of Dwayne Bowe gives the Chiefs dynamic weapons on offense.

37.  Philadelphia Eagles (via WAS) – Everson Griffen – DE – USC
       6’3’’ – 273 lbs – 4.66

Commish’s Take:   Andy Reid stays along the lines.  Griffen tested very well and could finally give the Eagles a rusher off the edge with Trent Cole.

38.  Cleveland Browns – Tim Tebow – QB – Florida
6’3’’ – 236 lbs – 4.72

Commish’s Take:   Colt McCoy or Tebow?  Tebow’s intangibles win out for Mike Holmgren.  If Gruden is the next Brown’s coach, he’d be happy. 

39.  Oakland Raiders – Terrance Cody – DT – Alabama
                   6’4’’ – 354 lbs – 5.72

Commish’s Take:   After getting their offensive lineman in the 1st round, the Raiders other big need is at defensive tackle.  Why not address their biggest need with the biggest player in the draft.  Cody will eliminate opposing team’s run games. 

40.  San Diego Chargers (via SEA) – Linval Joseph – DT – East Carolina
6’4’’ – 325 lbs – 5.11

Commish’s Take:   Joseph has been moving up draft boards and is a good fit at either end or nose tackle in a 3-4 defense.

 41.  Buffalo Bills – Cam Thomas – DT – North Carolina
6’4’’ – 330 lbs – 5.28

Commish’s Take:   With a move to the 3-4 defense, the Bills will need to bring in personnel that fits it.  Nose tackle is a key position for a 3-4 defense, and Cam Thomas can step in right away and be that for the Bills.

 42.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via CHI) – Carlos Dunlap – DE – Florida
6’6’’ – 277 lbs – 4.61

Commish’s Take:   A ton of talent, but does Carlos Dunlap want to be great?  There is risk with him, but the Bucs need talented players, and Dunlap’s reward would be worth the risk here for the Bucs.

43.  Denver Broncos (via MIA) – Arrelious Benn – WR – Illinois
6’1’’ – 219 lbs – 4.53

Commish’s Take:   The Broncos need a new receiver with Marshall gone.  Benn is a raw receiver with a ton of talent and potential.  He has good character and a strong work ethic.

 44.  New England Patriots (via JAX) – Aaron Hernandez – TE – Florida
6’2’’ – 245 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   The Patriots don’t have any tight ends you’d recognize.  Don’t underestimate the relationship between Urban Meyer and Bill Bellichick.  Hernandez gives the Patriots another option in their offense.

 45.  Denver Broncos – Colt McCoy – QB – Texas
       6’1’’ – 216 lbs – 4.81
Commish’s Take:   Great fit for Colt McCoy.  He can come in and learn behind Kyle Orton for a couple years before taking over.  McCoy is the type of leader Josh McDaniels wants.

46. New York Giants – Daryl Washington – LB – TCU
6’2’’ – 230 lbs – 4.66

Commish’s Take:   Washington is a perfect fit for the Giants new aggressive “Tampa 2” defense.  He’s a big hitter and a sure tackler with a lot of speed.

47.  New England Patriots (via TEN) – Corey Wootton – DE – Northwestern
6’6’’ – 270 lbs – DNP
Commish’s Take:   Wootton’s size and strength allows him to come in and replace Jarvis Green along the Patriots defensive line.

 48.  Carolina Panthers – Mardy Gilyard – WR – Cincinnati
       6’ – 187 lbs – 4.52

Commish’s Take:  The Panthers are desperate for a receiver opposite of Steve Smith.  Gilyard was one of the most dynamic receivers in the Big East the last couple years, and can also contribute as a returner.

49. San Francisco 49ers  – Patrick Robinson – CB – FSU
5’11’’ – 190 lbs – 4.46

Commish’s Take:   Although the 49ers got Earl Thomas in the first round, they can play him at safety and play Patrick Robinson at corner.  The 49ers defensive backfield goes from being depleted to being one of their strengths.

50.  Kansas City Chiefs (via ATL) – Nate Allen – S – USF
     6’ – 207 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:  The Chiefs have a need at safety and a need for a leader on defense.  Nate Allen fits that perfectly and would start from day 1.

51.   Houston Texans – Lamarr Houston – DT – Texas
      6’3’’ – 305 lbs – 4.85

Commish’s Take:   Houston has great measurable and good character.  He’s a good pair for Amobi Okoye inside.

 52.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Jon Asamoah – OG – Illinois
6’4’’ – 305 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   Jon Asamoah has gone unnoticed because of Iupati and Pouncey, but Asamoah is a very solid guard who will upgrade the Steelers interior line immediately.

53.  New England Patriots – Dexter McCluster – RB/WR/KR – Ole Miss
5’8’’ – 170 lbs – 4.44

Commish’s Take:   McCluster is a big time playmaker who can be the replacement of Kevin Faulk in New England.  I view McCluster as a luxury pick to a team with fewer needs and multiple picks. 

54.  Cincinnati Bengals – Tyson Alualu – DE/DT – Cal
6’2’’ – 295 lbs – 4.93

Commish’s Take:   Alualu’s motor and work ethic will fit right in with the Bengals defense.

55.  Philadelphia Eagles – Chris Cook – CB – Virginia
                   6’2’’ – 212 lbs – 4.48
Commish’s Take:   Now that the lines are taken care of, the Eagles can focus on skill positions.  Cook gives the Eagles a bigger corner to pair with the smaller and quicker Asante Samuel.

 56.  Green Bay Packers – Bruce Campbell – OT – Maryland
6’6’’ – 314 lbs – 4.85

Commish’s Take:   This is good value for Bruce Campbell.  His film is not elite, but the potential is there.  For a team like the Packers who need an offensive tackler, Campbell is worth the risk here.

57.  Baltimore Ravens – Rob Gronkowski – TE – Arizona
6’6’’ – 264 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   The Ravens are in search for a tight end that is balanced.  There is no more balanced tight end in this draft than Rob Gronkowski.

 58.  Arizona Cardinals – Dorin Dickerson – TE – Pitt
        6’1’’ – 226 LBS – 4.40

Commish’s Take:   Dickerson is one of the bigger wildcards in this draft.  He doesn’t have elite size or blocking ability for a tight end, but his speed and hands make him very valuable.

59.  Dallas Cowboys – Morgan Burnett – FS – Georgia Tech
6’1’’ – 205 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   The Cowboys are looking for help in their secondary.  Burnett would’ve benefited from another year in college and might have been a top 15 pick in 2011, but came out early.  He is a raw talent who has a lot of potential.

60.  Seattle Seahawks (via SD) – Damian Williams – WR – USC
6’ – 197 lbs – 4.53

Commish’s Take:  Pete Carroll and Jeremy Bates get another familiar face.  Williams gives them their receiver to grow with Charlie Whitehurst.

61.  New York Jets – Chad Jones – S – LSU
        6’2’’ – 221 lbs – 4.56

Commish’s Take:   With the trade that sent Kerry Rhodes to Arizona, the Jets are in need of a safety.  Chad Jones is a big hitter from the strong safety position.

 62.  Minnesota Vikings – Vladimir Ducasse – OT – UMASS
6’4’’ – 332 lbs – 5.27

Commish’s Take:   Ducasse can play inside or at tackle.  He’s an underrated raw talent who plays with a mean streak.

 63.  Indianapolis Colts – Jared Veldheer – OT – Hillsdale
6’8’’ – 312 lbs – 5.08

Commish’s Take:  After the Super Bowl, Bill Polian was very critical of his offensive line.  Veldheer is a very athletic tackle from a small school.  He has a big frame and quick feet for someone his size.

 64.  New Orleans Saints – Navarro Bowman – OLB – Penn St
6’ – 242 lbs – 4.72

Commish’s Take:   Bowman is the next linebacker from “Linebacker U.” He can step in right away and start for Gregg Williams.

9 Responses to “Final Commish’s Mock Draft”

  1. justin F Says:

    ill be happy with suh or mccoy just please no okung at 3

  2. Dave Says:

    From, one of the better mock draft sites.
    if the Bucs did this, I would be very happy (although I would take Demaryius Thomas instead of Benn at 2b).

    1 – Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
    2a – Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU
    2b – Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
    3 – Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma
    4 – Jordan Shipley, WR/KR, Texas
    5 – Brandon Carter, G, Texas Tech
    6 – Zoltan Mesko, P, Michigan
    7a – Dennis Landolt, OT, Penn State
    7b – Kevin Basped, DE, Nevada
    7c – Jeromy Miles, SS, Massachusettes
    7d – Kyle Jolly, OT, North Carolina
    7e – Joe Pawelek, ILB, Baylor

  3. lecoat Says:

    I have a gut feeling that Dunlap will fall to Rd 3 if the Bucs pass on him (a la Michael Johnson last year).

    Wouldn’t it be incredible if the Bucs were able to nab McCoy, Thomas, PRobinson and Dunlap in their top 4 picks?

  4. gruss222 Says:

    I know it’s crazy but I would be ecstatic if it were:

    1. Suh/McCoy
    2. D. Thomas
    2. A. Benn
    3. Gerhardt/Blount/McCluster
    4 thru remainder of draft defense

    If both these two WRs are on the board I would absolutely stock our corp with both.
    Receiveing corp: Thomas-Benn-Stroughter with K-2 at TE and McCluster or Gerhardt out of the back field.

  5. WesTampa Says:

    You need to re-evaluate how you list team needs so we can determine greatest needs. Color code, put them in order…. Bucs don’t really need a RB too bad but I guess you could argue it.

    Jax isn’t going to draft Spiller. That pick is going to be the downfall of your mock. Teams don’t go with a 1st RD RB when you already have an elite player. 2nd round or 3rd is where you get a backup.

  6. thomas Says:


    u had the 32nd ranked run defense in the nfl last year and lost your best d-lineman to the best team in the division.

    How do your improve that weakness with your list of questionable o-weapons? you dont – hello 4-12 – and that is if Freeman gets better and not worse.My vote is that Freeman is worse this year.

  7. gruss222 Says:


    understandable thought on your behalf. However, for one, with that type of offensive weapons upgrade the offense SHOULD be able to stay on the field longer. At the same time, the DT would be upgraded in the first and personally don’t see DEs remaining in the second that are that much of an upgrade from what would be available in 4th.

    So my belief is to completely upgrade the side (off/def) with the most talent available the earliest and hunt for some hidden gyms for the opposite side with remaining pics.

  8. Eric Says:


    I like it!

    lets give the young qb some weapons!

  9. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Why hasn’t St. Loius signed thier selection ahead of time , like every other freakin team in the world does with the 1st pick.

    Is it just to drive us all insane??