Draft Will Be Midway Or Waterloo For Dominik

April 18th, 2010

This is the week that may make or break Mark Dominik as an NFL general manager. The draft is just four days away. It’s what Dominik has been preparing for since he was named the Bucs general manager 15 months ago.

Veteran Tampa Bay area scribe Gary Shelton of the St. Petersburg Times notes how Dominik’s career fork in the road is fast approaching.

This is the week Dominik defines the family name. He either makes it sound like royalty, like one of those names that rolls pleasantly off the tongue, or he changes the pronunciation of it into something that sounds like a curse word. This week, he fashions the family crest. This week, he writes his own Wikipedia page.

This week, Dominik either turns around a franchise or he might as well turn around and leave.

Oh, and Mark?

No pressure, dude.

In roughly four years, it will be fair to judge Dominik’s prowess this week selecting players. This week may make him either the next Ernie Accorsi or the next Vinny Cerrato. This week could either be Dominik’s Chester Nimitz’s Midway moment or it could be Dominik’s George McClellan’s Special Order 191 Antietam moment.

Joe has already written about how dangerous it is to put the proverbial all eggs in the basket, banking on one draft to turn a franchise around. Joe won’t even bring up not swapping a throwaway fifth round pick for Santonio Holmes who could do wonders for a positively woeful receiving corps.

Banking on this draft to ressurect the Bucs is the football equivilent of loading the bases for Albert Pujols with two outs.

Pujols could ground out. Just as easily, he could hit a grand slam.

That’s what Dominik has done. He’s walked the bases loaded.

13 Responses to “Draft Will Be Midway Or Waterloo For Dominik”

  1. Tom Says:

    As poetic it is to think that Dominik will either hit a grand slam or strike out, we are aware that most drafts are a mixed bag, right?

    Having a top 3 selection in the majority of the rounds and an extra second surely improves his odds of getting a decent haul. That said, comparing a once-in-a-decade draft in 95 to this one really doesn’t do the guy any favors. It rarely ever works out that way, and it will likely not be a complete bust either.

    So what then?

  2. RastaMon Says:

    nice headline one of yous joes…

  3. Mr. lucky Says:

    Joe I think this draft may more than likely he Mark Dominik’s Battle of the Bulge – a concentrated effort to push through at the enemies weak spot and break a battle front into more managable fronts.

    I only hope that the team will be able to actually sign their #3 pick and there won’t be any hold-out (i.e., Crabtree).

  4. Eric Says:

    I prefer to view it as a Super Bowl. 20 seconds left, bucs down by six at oponents 25. Clayton breaks open on the crossing route, no one between him and the goal line. Perfectly thrown ball…………………………………………………………

  5. Mr. lucky Says:

    @Eric – sorry I don’t buy into that scenario because let’s face it how many rookies really have that much of an impact in their first year? Look at how Freeman was treated…This class could set a foundation but its real impact won’t be known for years.

    In your case we would have known the outcome right away….oh it was that close…

  6. Troxell8t8 Says:

    This draft is important. However, the season all rides on how much Freeman can improve. If he can make better decisions with the ball, the physical talent is all there. Certainly, it is a big “if”. Yeah, I know he needs more weapons.

    I’m hopeful we will see an improved Freeman. Call me an optimist. I just like the guy’s demeanor on the field. Josh has to get it done for the team to be much improved.

  7. mlloye Says:

    I would say that his job depends not only on this draft but on the players from last years draft really comming through this year and making an impact such as Freeman, Miller, Moore, Biggers, Stroughter, etc.

  8. JimBuc Says:

    Eric says:

    “I prefer to view it as a Super Bowl. 20 seconds left, bucs down by six at oponents 25. Clayton breaks open on the crossing route, no one between him and the goal line. Perfectly thrown ball…………………………………………………………”

    Eric you are like a ray of sunshine, always positive and excited about the future. Never ever dwelling in the past. Keep it up Eric. It’s refreshing!

  9. Eric Says:


    Aw cmon Jimbuc, I was only trying for a little humor.

    After all, it is all a fantasy. Everybody knows Clayton could never break open.

  10. Mr. lucky Says:


    Hey boss I got your humor (as did 90% of the other readers here)

    You gotta remember Jimbuc is one of the humorous curmudgeon’s that work at One Buc Place.

    Either that or he’s a Puker Retort Boy

  11. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    After the draft, when Joe has more time and energy, he’ll start sparring with JimBuc.

  12. Eric Says:

    I think he is getting ready for bed, drinking a glass of milk, and reading his cherished copy of “the little engine that could”.

  13. JimBuc Says:

    Wow, why is ever one focusing on Jim Buc. Eric, I got the humor and responded in-kind. By the way, I never have a glass of milk before bed. Messes with the sea-bond.