Draft Results Put Pressure Squarely On Raheem

April 24th, 2010

When the Bucs draft ended after selecting Stanford defensive end Erik Lorig with a compensatory seventh round pick (third to last), it was clear Mark Dominik handed off enough talent to Raheem The Dream to give Dominik a good-enough grade and to give the head coach all the pressure he could possibly want.

The Bucs have to improve in the standings with this bunch for Raheem The Dream to keep his job.

Joe’s not ramping up expectations, but, as Joe wrote previously, three or four wins won’t cut it no matter how patient Team Glazer claims itself to be.

Dominik was excited at his news conference about the quality of their picks, even very fired up about his seventh rounders, and he said a pile of additional new blood is on the way. “We are busy upstairs signing 10 or 12 college free agents. … And that speaks to the quality in this draft,” he said.

The baton has been passed. Good luck, Raheem.

*Joe will have choice nuggets from Raheem The Dream’s post-draft news conference later, and more quotes from Dominik, too.

38 Responses to “Draft Results Put Pressure Squarely On Raheem”

  1. NJBucsFan Says:


  2. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Go get em Mushmouth…Prove me wrong and I will forever sing your praises.

  3. thomas Says:

    Nobody should be worried about Radio feeling, or even understanding, pressure – and please don’t ask him to say it.

    He has no clue what to do from the standpoint of a HC other than excitedly try to rile his team-up speaking so fast that noone can understand him.

    I believe somewhere in that head that he understands defense – and probably 5 years from now when he makes it beyond puberty and the pubescent hormones calm down he may be a good coach.

    Expect him to continue to hang out with his buddies, errr players, and root them on and chest bump them when they are down by 3 TD’s in the fourth quarter – and speak like JIMBUC the eternal optimist wwhen they go 3-13 again!!

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    LOL thomas !!

  5. Eric Says:

    The baton has been passed. The first pic was outstanding, but the 2nd and fourth rounders seem questionable to me. Don’t know enough about the others.

    I just wish the Glazers and Dom had seen fit to fill some other needs through FA or trades and given Coach Morris a better chance to succeed.

    Im also very concerned about counting on one of the two rookies to be the number one wideout. Very poor support for five IMO.

    Like Mr. Mushmouth i would be very pleased to be wrong.

  6. Lakeland Bob Says:

    This was a kick ass draft for the bucs.We are a hell of a lot better on the

    defensive line and we picked up two speedy recievers.Everybody bitched about

    the blocking icon and we went out and addressed the problem.Freeman has 2

    speedy kids to throw the ball to that’s going to open up the running game.You

    guys keep bitchen about how Rah and Dom suck and just be prepared to eat

    shit when the bucs turn things around.

  7. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Hey Bob , how’s that Kool-aid taste ??? What’s your favorite flavor??

  8. sunrisejeff Says:

    Mine’s Cherry……thought the draft went very good as well Bob

  9. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas and Raido M == birds of a feather. First two haters runnign toi comment on Morris. On a day that should be one for optimism, you two jerks cannot even wait to spew your negative venom. Sad.

  10. safety Says:

    I like kool-ade, but I just can’t stomach hater-ade.
    It was a better than solid draft.
    GO BUCS!

  11. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I actually said I liked the draft , except for the abortion that was our 1st 2nd rounder, and trading up for no reason for the 2nd 2nd rounder.

    It’s just simply that I’m honest enough to admit our Coach and GM both suck, and that because they didn’t do enough , we are still going to suck ass next season…we may be even worse.

    If you can’t admit that , and if another shitty season is ok with you, then it’s your bad not mine….

  12. JimBuc Says:

    Here’s one for all the haters:


  13. Eric Says:

    Wow, A+ grade for the Bucs draft. According to this guy, they “owned the draft”.

    Good to see.

  14. Bucfanjeff Says:

    I thought they drafted very, very well. Only time will tell.

  15. Troxell8t8 Says:

    I’m a little confused on why it was such a bad move to move up in the second round to grab Benn. When the Bucs traded up with Oakland, they got in front of Buffalo and Seattle. How do any of us know that Buffalo and Seattle didn’t value Benn. Once Benn was drafted Seattle traded with Miami and Buffalo didn’t decide to draft a WR.

    I don’t believe anyone can just assume either team didn’t want Benn. In fact, the next WR taken was Golden Tate at #60.

  16. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Coach Rah
    This was an excellent draft. A lot better than the d@#$k measuring contest between Gruden and Kiffen. Domink and Morris did well.

  17. Troxell8t8 Says:

    All teams do have a draft board. Just because Seattle and Buffalo didn’t draft a WR after the Bucs moved up, doesn’t mean at the time that Benn wasn’t the top rated player on either’s draft board at the time of the Bucs trade. I don’t have a problem with any team identifying a player and doing everything they can to go get him.

    Unless some fans have inside information to the war rooms of Seattle and Buffalo.

  18. Mr. lucky Says:

    Last year I spent hours and hours studying the players in the draft. Since the Bucs were picking #19 it made it much more difficult to nail down a first pick. However with the change from Gruden and all the talk of an upgrade I was overly optimistic.

    I was anti-Freeman because I didn’t see where that was the Bucs biggest need. Between Leftwich, the new coaches, etc., the season was nothing more than a clusterf***.

    This year I hae to admit I didn’t really “care”. Maybe that’s why as i watched the Bucs picks I feel like they actually had a plan and the positions and players seemed to work – unlike Jacksonville’s 1st round.

    Players, statistics, draft work-outs, etc., don’t mean a thing unless the coaches actually work and bring out the best in these players. Dominik has passed the draft test – now he needs to sign these players and soon.

    The next step lies squarely on Morris.

    As for the Bucs records next year I think some of you may want to revist their schedule. Cleveland and Detroit both had very good drafts as well as the Bucs; Detroit in particular has got some very talented kids.

  19. Florida Girl Says:

    Boys, boys, boys….stop with your crying about who’s not going to the playoffs and what the other teams did……Bucs were clearly laying the key stones after a known rebuilding year. Solid picks all the way around and probably 50% of the picks get significant playing time next year…all in all, good draft that will truly be measured in 2-3 years.. My first live draft and a great experience in The City…good showing by Bucs fans. See you at preseason.

  20. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Radio-Kool Aid tastes great.Joses my man.Let’s get back to the bucs.Gruden and Allen left this franchise in ruins.Yes,I know they were operating under the tight purse strings of the Glazers,but the way to build the bucs is thru the draft.Not free agency where Gruden and Allen allocated their time and their resources.You can rip Dominick all you want to,but the man is proving he knows how to build a team.This is their second year,give them a little benefit of the doubt.How would you like to be a Detroit or Cleveland fan?.How many years have they been trying to rebuild?

  21. jake Says:

    I thought the draft picks were excellent I just hope that ownership allows Domimik to follow up with some post draft veteran acquisitions to fill some more holes that weren’t addressed in the draft

  22. Big Marlon B Says:

    im pretty excited about the addition of both Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams. Benn seems like a good kid, and if Williams can keep his act together he will be an absolute steal. both are big physical guys, who can catch the ball, run after the catch, and have adequate deep speed. and both are great run blockers. who knows…maybe they can show Hot Hands Clayton that its possible for a receiver to not only be a force in the run game, but actually hang on to the ball when it comes their way as well.

  23. Eric S Says:

    We will see. Seattle did not trade with Miami in the 2nd round. Miami got that pick on the 1st day from SD. Since Miami already got Marshall, there is no way they would pick a WR in the 2nd. Buff didn’t take a WR. It was a stupid trade.

    Some people need to put some spaces after sentences. Man alive. You can’t just live by the draft. When will people get that through their head. The best teams use free agency, trades and the draft. It is not wise just to rely on the draft.

  24. Will Reed Says:

    mushbrain mushmouth mumble jumble sad sack lame ass yo flipper head you have all the answers don’t you!!! if the Bucs could have stopped the run last year they would have won eight to ten games. Now they have a force a push a front that won’t be ran over like your sad one liners. it all started with Mr Selmon and they built around him Then it was recreated with Sapp as the necleus. You morons who feel you can throw money @ a problem obviously are broke mentally and financially. The N.F.L. is a show and prove league. Prove you can play and then they show you the money

  25. Eric Says:

    Well i guess we will find out if the draft only philosophy works, cause it is pretty clear from Mr. Dom that they aint gonna do much else, at least not this year.

    Wonder how long it will take to go from owning the draft to owning the scoreboard?

  26. Eric S Says:

    It amuses me that someone who calls other people morons doesn’t know how to spell nucleus. That’s classic.

    This draft will make or break the team. A few free agent pickups would have given the team more wiggle room. But they didn’t go that route. It’s all or nothing on this draft. Such a brilliant plan. If the team doesn’t win at least 8 games, both Rah and Dom need to be fired. Can’t complain about the schedule this year. And the team gets a break against Pitt by not having to face Big Ben.

  27. JimBuc Says:

    I know everyone likes to ignore it but Glazer told Dom, “you think long-term, we think long-term, you think short-term . . . .”

  28. Patrick Says:

    I really enjoyed the draft. We picked up some pretty talented guys and I feel a lot better about our chances. Especially since we finally got some receivers.

    QB- Josh Freeman, Josh Johnson, and we just signed Jevan Snead. CHECK
    RB- Cadillac, Derrick Ward, Earnest Graham, Huggins. CHECK
    WR- My projected lineup: Benn, Williams/Brown, Stroughter starting. CHECK
    FB- Chris Pressley. ??????????. Earnest Graham needs to be moved back to RB where he belongs.

    I felt like our offensive line should’ve been addressed more in the draft. It didn’t look all too pretty last year, so hopefully they make it better somehow. Other than that, our offense looks good for now.

    Defensive line:

    DE- Stylez White. CHECK
    DT- McCoy. CHECK
    DT- Miller/Price. CHECK
    DE- Moore/ Lorig ?????????.

    Starting cornerbacks: CB Aqib Talib and CB Ronde Barber. CHECK. Barber will
    be fine. Let lewis and biggers learn from Barber while he’s still around, so they can be reliable starters in the near future. We’re good right here.

    Safety: Jackson and Jones starting. CHECK.

    Linebackers: Hayes and Ruud fill two spots. The other one is still a question mark. I like the Watson pick though.

    Kicker: Connor Barth. ????? He showed flashes of talent, especially when he hit three 50 yard kicks in a row last year against the Dolphins. But still not quite sure. I say they should sign Matt Bryant back and let them have a competition.

    Yeah so that’s how our roster looks so far. We need to address the O line and DE positions. Also maybe we bring some veterans into the mix.

  29. tampa2 Says:

    Dominik had a good draft. Now he passes the baton to Raheem. Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and feeling good. Who is Raheem going to hand the Baton too? Because he sure doesn’t know what to do with it? You can have the best young players in the world. But unless they have someone to develop them and teach them how to play their positions at the NFL level, you still have the same problem you had last year. Look for another 4-12 year. The Baton will be lost in the shuffle.

  30. JimBuc Says:

    Tampa2 — another “haters” fallback argument (“We had a good draft and got good players but what difference does it make because we have Morris”)

  31. Mr. lucky Says:

    I liked the draft. Was it perfect? No but I feel 100% better about it than in 2009 or 2008.

    I still didn’t like wasting the 5th round pick to move up 3 spots – would rather have had Dominik give up 2 of the 7th round picks if he felt it was absolutely necessary..but since that is my biggest complaint I guess things went really well.

    Dominik needs to concentrate on getting McCoy signed and all these kids down here for mini-camp ASAP. Too many times these top 10 picks becomes victims to their agents and holding out for more $$$.

    I really like how the Bucs addressed the D-line; this is what I wanted LAST year. I think/hope that is draft marks a return to Dungyball where the defense takes the spotlight.

    To Barrett Rudd – you’re going to get the help up front that you didn’t have; make the most of it and step up.

    The ONLY think that would make me happier would be for the Bucs to hire Brooks to the team to help these kids gel and be a mentor/LB coach. Please get Sapp to help in rookie mini-camp with McCoy and Price as well, all it will take is some Caybrew and tickets to Mons Venus and a “get out of jail free card”

  32. thomas Says:


    Do you really believe that thisteam now b/c of this draft with this HC is ready to win 8 games next year (and yes w/ the easiest schedule in the league)?

    I will bet you dollars to donuts that this group with this leadership cant win more than 5-6 games. BTW – the league is rigged for all teams to be between 6-10 and 10-6. So even the very worst teams should win 6 games.

  33. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I like what Mr Lucky says. If Derrick Brooks is availiable, why not hire him as a coach ? Sapp too maybe ?

  34. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Raheem wiill do such a shitty job that he and Dominik will both be fired. Then we will hire Bill COwher , who likes to runa 3-4 defense ,and all these new undersized we picked wont fit his system . We will have to rebuild all over again. LOL

    That’s the flaw of this draft. We didn’t draft the best players available on defense , we drafted SYSTEM players….problem is these two morons wont be around long enough to implement a system after we tank again this year.

    I hope I’m wrong !!!

    I love the 2 Wr’s we picked , however.

  35. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — the league is “rigged?” LOL. You are too much.

  36. JimBuc Says:

    RM — I love how you offer a theory and then completely undercut it, all in the same post. LMAO.

  37. TJ Tillman Says:

    If he is as good as the Glazers thin khe is we should go at worst 7-9 at best 8-8

  38. tampa2 Says:

    You are so right! I think that we would have won at least 5 games last year, but for Raheem. He lost 2 games for us all by himself.
    I suppose that you think he worked a “Miracle” when he switched the defense back to the tampa 2, don’t you? Our whole defense trained for the tampa2 defense their whole careers under Kiffin. So does it surprise you that they played the tampa 2 better? Or do you really believe that Raheem suddenly tought them how to play after week 10? Since he is so brilliant, why didn’t he change back to the tampa 2 way before week 10, when they were gettin killed on defense under Bates? Answer that! o’ wise one!!