Draft Countdown: 11 Days

April 11th, 2010

Many old school Bucs fans were Dolphins fans before Tampa Bay got a team. Joe even knows his share of locals who still secretly and outwardly love the Fins.

As far as Joe is concerned, Miami is only good for two things: Brazilian women and various other exotic women.

But in today’s daily Draft Countdown, it’s time to learn about all things Miami from “The Commish,” draft guru Justin Pawlowski. Surely, Bill Parcells will be drafting heavy on defense and the Fins are yet another team in need of a wide receiver.

Joe suggests you check out the entire buffet of in-your-face draft analysis available here. And there’s plenty more to come!

Here’s everything Dolphins:

Enjoy. {+++}


4 Responses to “Draft Countdown: 11 Days”

  1. George C. Costanza Says:

    Here’s a Bucs draft theory for you to chew on, Joe.

    At #3, they take Okung, the alleged premiere OT in the draft.

    Why? Cause DT is the deepest position in the draft and they can afford to pass on McCoy in the first cause they can snag Brian Price, Tyson Aluala or Lamarr Houston — all pretty talented DTs — in the 2nd round, when the only remaining OTs on the board are below par.

    I don’t subscribe to this theory. I’d like to see McCoy come to Tampa. But this notion has been floated by at least one draft “expert” :


  2. Joe Says:


    There’s not a crying need for an offensive tackle. Picking Okung at No. 3 would be a virtual waste unless you plan to trade him.

    The positions the Bucs are in desperate need for help are defensive line, wide receiver and secondary. There’s not an elite wide receiver in the draft so you are looking at the Bucs getting Suh, McCoy or Berry or somehow trading down.

    Unless the Bucs are going to get rid of Dunderhead Trueblood or Donald Penn, there’s no need for Okung. Why draft a tackle if he’s going to sit on the bench when there are severe holes elsewhere?

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    the point of this is that you pick up the OT, this increases the O-line. you have a trade in place for a second round for Penn or Trueblood. Now you can grab 2 D-line men and a very good Wr in the second.

  4. George C. Costanza Says:

    Yes, The_Buc_Realist, I believe you’re right. Or, you keep Penn and Trueblood, see how they do, but still have a franchise OT (Okung) for the next 10 years. I like Penn, though, despite the concerns over his weight. I still want McCoy a 3, though.