Dominik Smells Defensive End In 2011

April 27th, 2010

The Bucs' GM gave a huge vote of confidence to Stylez White and Kyle Moore yesterday

Before last week’s draft, Mark Dominik talked about how this time around he had 12 months to prepare properly.

So, by that logic, Dominik and his crack staff are already head first into preparations for the 2011 draft.

Dominik confirmed that Monday while speaking to the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, on WDAE-AM 620. The Bucs personnel czar explained why Tampa Bay all but ignored defensive end last week.

“I wouldn’t say it was the deepest draft at defensive end. I actually I have an early inkling that’s next year’s, by looking at the kids that might be coming out. But we weren’t going to reach for a defensive end. And our mindset was Kyle [Moore] and Stylez White both have really come in in great shape already to our offseason program. They really look good to go. They’re humming early. Tim Crowder came in from Denver last year and played well for us. We feel like we have some guys that can come in here and step up and excel in that type of role, if they have the pressure and production up front. And I think, obviously, with Gerald McCoy, and with Brian Price, and Roy Miller and those kinds of guys to be inside to cause disruption, we’re hoping our defensive ends will feed off that. And they will.

Gosh, sometimes it just blows Joe’s mind how young this Bucs team is. And it’s probably going to get even younger before opening day.

It’s going to be tough to be successful on the defensive line next year, just because of all the youth alone, let alone the overall talent level. As for defensive end, Joe has no problem with the Bucs standing pat in the 2010 draft. You can’t upgrade every position.

Giving Stylez White a chance to open the year as a starter for the first time is a good thing, Joe believes. White has earned the shot, and Joe expects him to get 10+ sacks, if he stays healthy.

As for Moore and Crowder, the Bucs might as well see what they’ve got.

Though Joe is starting to tremble thinking how ugly this season could turn if the Bucs are hit with injuries.

13 Responses to “Dominik Smells Defensive End In 2011”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    I don’t thing DE will be the highest priority come the 2011 draft.
    “There has been a trade with the first pick in the draft with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Buccaneers select….Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama.”

  2. Ash Says:

    Robert Quinn DE UNC is the pick if were picking in the top 7 picks next year (hopefully were not though!)

  3. Angelo Says:

    DE isn’t our biggest need? The game is won in the trenches. We need a guy to get a lot of pressure and some sacks.

    Ingram is good, but you just don’t pick a RB that high.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Carlos Dunlap would have filled that need, but we decided to take McCoy’s career back-up instead.

  5. Patrick Says:

    Stylez White has been a pretty good lineman for us over the years. I think he can start at one end, but we still have to find a guy for the other end.

  6. adam Says:

    yes seems like we are missing one defensive end at this point…..styles g should benefit from the hopeful success of the new dt’s….and ruud as well….ruud should look good this year with stuffers in front of him…..backs wont be coming at him with a full head of steam after running through gapeing holes…hopefully…..i think price in year 1 might look better than mccoy…but mccoy will develop…price is more beastly and that will help him acclimate quickly in year one with that high motor….

    the bucs are banking on a solid styles g on one side and hopefully they can get enough production out of the other 3 to be sufficient for a while… the meantime dommy will keep his eyes open for waiver wire moves, cuts, and potential trades for the junk we are trying to move….

    then of course the trick move would be to get osi for ward…but will the giants bite?

    adam from ny

  7. adam Says:

    selvie off the waiver wire late in camp might be a solid pick up to add to the DE mix….gotta wait and see on that one

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I now realized why Mark Dominik won’t give you that access you want:

    First you say Dominik likes Benn’s body and now he’s smelling a DE?

    Are you insinuating something “hidden” in Mark’s closet?

    Maybe the next headline would be:

    Mark comes out of the closet about draft picks?

  9. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Why would we trade for Osi ??

    It wouldn’t fit our plan of having nothing but inexpiererenced crappy 21 year old rookies.

  10. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    Great point about not being able to upgrade every position in one draft Joe. I think we did pretty well in the draft this year. And if our DT’s work out, and they get good pass rush up the middle this year, that is going to force QB’s to roll outside straight into White and Moore and will make our DE’s better.

  11. Finerdetailz Says:

    So now the draft is over is Dominik (glazers) still against going out and signing FA’s? Teams are letting go of potential veteran leadership which this team desperately needs. We need one good veteran on both sides of the ball. We need our Hardy Nickerson now to show these guys how to carry themselves as professionals. Dominik can’t and should not ignore this important ingredient.

  12. Will Reed Says:

    Yeah that sounds about right Osi would be a great pick up if the price is right

  13. Fatsacks Says:

    i agree a de MAY be a need in the next year or soo…i do not think that dunlop would have been an answer of mccoy radio…how do you turn down someone who is going to get double team and make openings for the other guys around him…i think your going too see miller and price become big time play makers this year already alone because of mccoy…the old tampa def is starting to look like its making a come back! I wouldnt mind seening Osi come here or even push out price to the de spot and see what kinda noise he could make out there. He got a very quick step and im truly in love with this guy upside! Im not so worried about next years need as much as im worried about whats going to happen this year! I dont know about the rest of you folks but im pumped about having those season tickets now with the talent they got in the draft…dont sleep on tampa this year..there gonna turn some heads!!