Chucky To Mold Young Men In Tampa

April 27th, 2010
Listen you candass high school kids. I dont give *&*% about your homework. Were going to get this right. You wanna end up like Michael Clayton?

"Listen you candyass, silver spoon wannabees. I don't give *&*% about your homework. We're going to get this right. You wanna end up like Michael Clayton?"

No surprise. Chucky has joined the staff of the Carrollwood Day School high school football team, writes Adam Adkins, of The Tampa Tribune.

The small private school is in Tampa. His son, Deuce, plays on the team. Chucky will do his best Bill Muir imitation and be an offensive line coach, per the Tribune report.

Joe believed this would happen last year. Gruden’s a regular at games, and it’s only a natural to want to coach your kid.

Joe can’t decide whether it’s appropriate to go to games and playfully heckle the elder Gruden with chants of “Put in Mark Alstott” or “Just beat those Raiders, Jonny.”

16 Responses to “Chucky To Mold Young Men In Tampa”

  1. KOB Says:

    you’re a dingleberry Joe

    give it up, douchery will only get you so far

  2. Eric Says:

    Good going Chucky!

  3. lightningbuc Says:

    Man, I feel bad for the center on that team! Can you imagine his line calls with Chucky – Z 42 Jet Smoke Zebra Trojan Slant Option blah, blah, blah, etc etc etc. Good luck fellas. By the end of the season you’ll hate him too.

  4. Gary Says:

    I’m sure he isnt coaching an NFL team by choice, but what does it say when he would rather talk on ESPN and be a line coach some HS football team? Good riddens.

  5. Eric Says:

    I can’t believe that dirty SOB would help coach his kids High School team for free.

    What a jerk!

  6. factoidboy Says:

    Who the hell names their kid ‘Deuce’? I always wondered with McAllister in New Orleans… The only deuce’s i know of are the one’s i leave in the toilet.

  7. oar Says:

    Wow, coaching his kid even gets hates and now even the haters are making fun of his kid’s name! What to hate on him next?
    And I’m labeled a “class act”? LOL!

  8. Patrick Says:

    People, he’s still going to be on MNF, which is on MONDAY. High school football games are on Friday. After he’s done in the booth, he’ll probably fly down to Tampa right away on Tuesday. Then he does his practices, coaching, etc… all throughout the week at the high school.

    Wow. It sure would be neat to go to school everyday knowing you’d get to see Chucky during football period. That would be awesome!

  9. Eric Says:

    Actually, the kid isn’t even named Duece, thats his nickname because he wears number 22. His name is Jon David Gruden II.

    Heres another article about the kid, and that jerk Gruden watching him play.

  10. Kirk Says:

    Eric….you are one sad, sad individual. You talk about Coach Gruden as though you known him on a personal basis. I would bet $50.00 to Joe”s favorite charity, you don’t have the balls to call Jon a SOB to his face. Brave man Eric, sitting your fat ass at a computer.

  11. thomas Says:

    Many or your negative opinions of gruden come from brainwashing by that idiot duemig who was angry at gruden for not giving him unfettered access and players who did radio shows w/ him like Clayton would complain about being iin tthe doghouse.

    we all know why clayton was in the doghouse – weight gain and poor play.

    w/ the lowest payroll in the nfl gruden kept these guys in the playoff hunt – yes I wanted more also – but I sure miss the feeling that the playoffs are probable.

    I didnt disagree w/ his firing then, I sure do now.
    Good job John volunteering.

  12. Eric Says:


    I take it sarcasm is not well received at


  13. Kirk Says:

    Ohhh, Eric was just kidding. I get it. Sorry Eric. You talk shit just to be heard. You don’t really mean all that bs you spout. Dude, take your balls out of your wifes purse and see if they still fit.

  14. Eric Says:


    Awesome man, you really got me with that one!


    Do people have to use hand puppets to communicate with you? Obviously language aint your bag.

  15. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Wow, a hate fest!

    Personally I think it’s pretty cool to have Super Bowl coach gruden coaching little league.

    Hats off to Jon!

  16. adam Says:

    Chucky To Mold Young Men In Tampa


    Chucky To **Scold** Young Men In Tampa

    probably the later

    adam from ny