Chucky Possibly A Covert Agent For Holmgren

April 15th, 2010
If I can give Holmgren enough inside information, hell hire me next year so I wont have to smell Jaws bad breath any longer.

"If I can give Holmgren enough inside information, he'll hire me next year so I won't have to smell Jaws' bad breath any longer."

Joe has discussed before the too-cozy relationships between BSPN talking heads and fellow or potential clients — Trent Dilfer specifically. To suggest these relationships don’t taint the BSPN taking heads’ opinions is naive.

The lines aren’t just blurred, they are obliterated.

As Joe had a hunch, as did others, it seems that Chucky — yet another BSPN talking head — is working undercover for his former boss and current head honcho of the Cleveland Browns, Mike Holmgren.

BSPN is running a really cool series in which Chucky spends a day with many of the top quarterbacks in the draft. Chucky works them out, has them break down plays, etc.  It’s good fodder for BSPN.

It also could be a major conflict of interest.

Speaking today on “The Blitz” heard exclusively on Sirius NFL Radio, Rich Gannon, co-hosting with Ross Tucker, explained that Chucky and Holmgren talk “all the time” and referenced how Chucky is getting some really good insight into each of the top quarterbacks in the draft from the sessions BSPN is taping.

Joe knows that not only is Gannon, who played for Chucky in Oakland, a Chucky confidant who comes to Tampa often to brainstorm with Chucky in his bunker at the Ice Palace, but Gannon is also a Chucky acolyte. The fact Gannon mentioned this on national radio means to Joe it’s not empty talk.

Joe is not privy to how often or how much NFL executives are allowed to work out individual players, though Joe does know there is some form of time constraint. What Joe would like to know is if Holmgren is gaining an unfair advantage by tapping into Chucky’s insight — all while working on BSPN’S dime — with these quarterbacks that other NFL teams may not have?

Oh, and don’t forget that Chucky’s contract with BSPN runs out after the 2010 season. Might he also be angling to get a gig with Holmgren?

This is just another example that when listening to a BSPN analyst, i.e. a former player or coach, it’s best to keep in mind who he knows and his circle of both friends and business associates and process that information accordingly.  

Oh, and here’s an interesting tidbit: Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert has admitted talking to the Rams about obtaining the No. 1 overall pick in order to draft Sam Bradford.

34 Responses to “Chucky Possibly A Covert Agent For Holmgren”

  1. OAR Says:

    Well like ole Jerry Fletcher said, “A good conspiracy is unprovable. I mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line.”
    But, he also said, “To be normal, to drink Coca-Cola and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken is to be in a conspiracy against yourself.”

  2. Eric Says:

    Wow, nice rank speculation.

    Chucky “might” be talking to Holmgren, and “might” be giving him info, and “might” be refusing to share his opinions with other GM’s.

    Weak, really weak.

  3. Eric S Says:

    Joe you should really write a detective novel. You seem to see nefarious plots wherever you look.


    I see Eric’s nose is still firmly planted under Gruden’s A$$.

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m not surprised, nor should anyone else be. We all have friends we “talk” with for various reasons.

  6. Eric Says:


    Unlike many in this town, I prefer a winner.

  7. gruss222 Says:

    Yeah, Guden is such a winner, just look at all the teams lining up to pull his talent away from a camera lense. If he was worth spit, somebody would have made an offer he could not refuse. He’s average at best and there is absolutely nothing to prove otherwise.

  8. Eric Says:


    Other than five Division Titles and the Super Bowl Trophy, you are correct.

  9. Jonny Says:

    @Eric: Subtract Monte Kiffin out of the equation and Gruden would not have even made the 2007 season.

  10. Chucky Says:

    @Gruss – yeah there are LOTS of teams wanting me to be their HC but I’d rather NOT coach in 2010 and collect the $5 million from those tight fisted Glazers who fired me for no good reason.


    I get to collect ESPN’s paycheck for MNF


    I get insight into all these teams locker rooms so I can make more contacts when I return to coaching in 2011.

    Yeah Gruss you’re right about me being useless – LOSER!

  11. gruss222 Says:

    After all this time you would think that you losers would let that loser go. Face it schmucks, you hero us not coming back. Get over his nipple. Grow up and move on!

    Like I said, you here absolutely NO info, rumors or anything of ANY team even attempting to coax that loser from his camera lense!

  12. TJ Tillman Says:

    Mark my words I live in Ohio unless Mangini pushes for the playoffs are make the playoffs Gruden will be the next browns coach, He is from Dayton has a history with Holgrem and he will love to run the wildcat with Cribbs

  13. Eric Says:


    I will be happy to stop once the present regime fields a team that wins the NFC South. When can we expect that to happen?

    Until then I am proud to be the unofficial Gruden apologist and supporter and continue to call out ungrateful sluggs like you, who wouldnt recognize good NFL coaching if it bit you in the ass.

    In other words, Im never letting it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Mr. lucky Says:


    How the heck can you say Gruden is average at best? What have you been smoking dude?

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    God call Eric. I love Chucky and why anyone would fire that guy is beyond me. There are so many other options the Glazers could have explored before firing him. Termination should always be a last resort. I hardly believe that Chucky would not have chnged some things for the better had the Glazer’s displeasure been brought to his attention. Raheem would have made a helluva Defensive Coordinator too before jumping in as HC. Now I’m still a fan and forced to take what they give me, becasue that’s my team. The Federal Government, on the other hand, can kiss my ass.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Good Call (correction) oops

  17. Jonny Says:

    @BigMacAttack: Dude, Mike fucking Shanahan got fired for mediocrity, and here you are feeling sad that Gruden got fired. Look I am not pro-Raheem or Dominik, but Gruden getting fired was one of the very good things to happen to this franchise.

    Were you not tired of that mediocrity under Gruden? Did you not want your team to ever become a powerhouse like Chargers, Jets (now), Colts, Patriots, Vikings, Steelers, Eagles, Cowboys, Packers (now).

    Underachieving is one thing, but since 2005 it was pretty evident for any knowledgeable fan that Bucs were over achieving with a barely mediocre roster, thanks to Monte Kiffin’s defensive scheming.

    The proof of Bucs overachieving was their performance against playoff teams or playoff caliber teams, most of them have steamrolled, yes STEAM FUCKING ROLLED on us since 06. Heck even the Cowboys with an oven roasted Brad Johnson as a QB beat us in 08, because the difference in talent was so fucking obvious. Get over your Gruden love man.

  18. Eric Says:


    Id be pissed if I was a Denver fan also. His replacement seems to be destroying that team, and pulling a rebuilding plan also.

    Now as to the issue of coaching. The Glazers have been damn lucky to have two very good coaches back to back. Dungy and Gruden have to be considered two of the better coaches in the league.

    So, they fire Gruden due to mediocrity. And they fired Dungy for the same reason. Ok, fair enough. But who the hell did they replace him with!

    My point is, if your going to fire Jon Gruden, get someone to replace him of comparable credentials. Instead, we get a guy who happened to be in the building at the time and were not supposed to question it?

    I have a slightly different take for the mediocrity, since it also coincided to the drop in payroll, which wasn’t Gruden’s fault. But, setting that aside can you justify the replacement?

  19. Vince Says:

    Grudens worst year with us still wasn’t 3-13, and at least he looked like he knew what he was doing on the sidelines. Do I agree with every move he made?? No! But if anyone one here really thinks Radio is gonna bring us a SB y’all need to check into rehab.

  20. Mr. lucky Says:

    @Johnny –

    You say getting rid of Gruden, after a 9-7 season and replacing him with an unexperienced HC (Radio Morris) is the best thing to happen to the Bucs?

    Are you an Obama supporter? I guess that billion dollar stimulus bill was great too!

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Question. Why the Hell didn’t the Bucs hire Shanahan?
    Gruden wasn’t the problem. Bruce Allen was a problem. The scouting dept. was a problem. Monte’s defensive collapse was a problem. They finished 9-7, but after they were 9-3. Gruden didn’t cause that collapse, he just presided over it. Changes needed to be made, but firing a good coach was not the answer. The Glazers are a perfect example of why you should never buy/run/own a business that you nothing about. The end result is usually the same. One thing is for sure, like it or not, if Chuckles was still here, this team would be loaded with talent, the likes of McNabb, Marshall, Holmes, Cromartie, Rolle, Haynesie, and so on. Gruden could have rebuilt the team as well, but probably with FA’s too. There is no such thing as a bad NFL Head Coach, with the exception of Bill Peterson. Some are just better than others, but all have reached the pinnacle of their profession by knowing more than everybody else that isn’t in the elite 32.

  22. TJ Tillman Says:

    If the Bucs should have fired Gruden they at least should have hired somebody with expereince and a idea on what they want to do cause Morris has no clue and still does not

  23. Eric Says:

    When Chucky had the horses he won on the highest possible level.

    And when he didn’t have the horses, he STILL had a competitive team within the Division.

    Maybe a flawed evaluater or “drafter” but I will take him on gameday. Im sure you would not find many coaches in the league that would prefer to face him over “Rah”.

  24. Jonny Says:

    Some of you morons (Mr. Lucky) think I am enjoying this Raheem and Dom’s era? I have no where said that in my previous post. I am not a fan that enjoys mediocrity because it is better than a trainwreck. Another pitiful season under Raheem and Dominik, they will be out of Tampa and if they are not I will join the fire RahDom movement like anyone else.

  25. Jonny Says:

    @Eric: Dude, let’s be real here. The one to get most out of other team’s trash was Monte Kiffin. Gruden was alrite with managing the QBs, making them blend into the system (Brian Griese, Brad Johnson), but offense on the whole sucked balls for most of this decade.

  26. Eric Says:


    Would you agree that Mr. Gruden had some good work in Oakland, where Monte was not a coach?

    How do you explain that?

  27. tampa2 Says:

    @jonny, Dude, Do you not remember all those “old” & in-trouble players that came and played for Gruden after the tight-asses wouldn’t let him go out and get decent players? And, Dude! Can you name one defensive veteran that Gruden brought into the Bucs defense in the last 3 years? Even Bryant came here for one million! So, Dude! Enjoy your 3 or 4 wins under the amatuer this year. Gruden will be coaching a Super Bowl team before these idiots make the play-offs. Good post Eric. You have more that feel that way than you know.

  28. Jonny Says:

    @Eric: Brian Billick was one heckuva OC with Vikings, Romeo Crennel was a heckuva DC with Patriots. Billick won a SB with Ravens and yet sucked balls as a guy that was supposed to install an offense. Romeo Crennel, I don’t even have to tell you how much he stunk in Cleveland.

    It does not matter what Gruden did in Oakland, it was what he did in Tampa that matters to me. Gruden was supposed to be an offensive guru, bottom line is we never had a formidable offense, not even for 1 friggin season under Gruden. Gruden was not even flexible in his offensive scheming, he never tried to test his OC with playcalling, never tried to change an OC or go with a different offensive scheme. He stuck with his old WCO beliefs and the result has always been a mediocre to putrid offense.

    If Gruden did what he was expected to do, that is get us a formidable offense we could have been much better with Monte Kiffin as the DC. The offensive guru just could not do it.

  29. Jonny Says:

    @tampa2: “Dude, Do you not remember all those “old” & in-trouble players that came and played for Gruden after the tight-asses wouldn’t let him go out and get decent players? And, Dude! Can you name one defensive veteran that Gruden brought into the Bucs defense in the last 3 years? Even Bryant came here for one million!”

    Tight-asses? You mean Glazers? Let me tell you something, if Gruden’s Bucs were mediocre because Glazers were being tight-asses, Gruden would not have just shut his ass after he got fired. Even Allen for that matter. I would not blame the Glazers for everything that went wrong during the Gruden era and hail Gruden for everything that went right. That kind of a thinking is biased and straight out stupid.

    As far as Monte goes, Jimmy Wilkerson, Stylez G White, Ryan Sims, Jovan Haye, Chris Hovan, Phillip Buchanon, Kevin Carter. All these guys were other team’s trash that Gruden, Allen and Kiffin brought into Tampa. But Kiffin was a GENIUS defensive schemer, despite the components the overall product that is the Buccaneers defense belonged to the upper echelon of the league.

    Okay, Bryant came to Tampa for cheap, even Galloway did, Garcia did, Hilliard did. So what? What is your point there? Go to and look at team stats, you will find Buccaneers offense between 17-32 for most of Gruden’s era.

    This statement of yours tells me a little about you: “Enjoy your 3 or 4 wins under the amatuer this year. Gruden will be coaching a Super Bowl team before these idiots make the play-offs. ”

    You sound like a Gruden lover and a Morris hater. I can clearly see from that statement that you want Bucs to fail. Like I already said, I am not pro-Raheem or Dominik. But I will NEVER wish my team to win 3 or 4 games.

  30. Eric Says:


    You come up with a laundry list of reasons to diminish the man’s record and explain why a super bowl win and five division titles in eleven years of coaching is not good, which included winning seasons 3 ot of the last four years with the bucs.

    Your blowing off the fact that the man turned a miserable Raider team into winners, which is contrary to your monte was the only reason they won theory.

    But a lot of other NFl coaches have done a lot worse. Admittedly, some better, such as Bellichick, Cowher, Dungy, Shanahan. But the better list, record wise, aint all that long during that period. I don’t think that was an accident.

    Chucky, being a smart coach, used a great defensive coordinator to win. He wasn’t there to pump up offensive stats. When your defense can win it, why take the risk. Rather, “pound the rock” and get the win.

    Anyhow, some folks are simply not ever going to give the man his due, and you are obviously one of them.

  31. Jonny Says:

    @Eric: Look Eric, I was a happy camper when Gruden came into Tampa and I am not one of those that would discredit him a SB win. That was a team that needed the Gruden push to win the SB. As a head coach he was a good one in terms of keeping the team disciplined and together.

    But one SB win does not mean we should not hope for more SB wins or at least playoff wins or at least look like a powerhouse. My point is that to remain competitive in this league, you need a dominant defense, which we had thanks to Monte Kiffin and a mistake free offense which can step up when defense is not able to do its job.

    But when our defense was not able to contain oppositions, how many times have we seen offense win games for us? I can count such games on my fingers and I would not have to use both of my hands. Heck, even when our defense did the job for us sometimes by containing oppositions to closer to 20 points there are some games we lost, because our offense was bad. The best examples are the playoff games in 05 and 07 where our offense could not score 17+ and 24+ to win those games. So I don’t know what rock you are referring to when you say “Pound the rock”.

    Why do you think Brian Billick was fired? After all even he won a SB. A very good head coach in terms of leadership, all his players respected him. But very much like Gruden, Billick was not able to install an offense that would cover their defense when needed. Result? He got fired. I don’t see one Ravens fan bitching about Billick getting fired. Part of it may be due to the success of the guy that replaced him, but you cannot deny the fact that Billick DESERVED to get fired no matter who his replacement was going to be.

    What Gruden did before coming to Tampa got him hired at Tampa. He won us a SB, but that does not buy him a free pass of HC’ing job for ever. So let us not say Gruden did not deserve to get fired because of what he did in Oakland and that he won us a SB

  32. Eric Says:


    All very good points, and I appreciate and respect your point of view.

    IMO however, Gruden’s best coaching came in the last four years when he won two division titles and another winning season with a team that wasnt very talented, as you point out. Im not sure another coach would have won any more games with those teams.

    I would have kept him and taken steps to improve the drafting.

    Then again, McNabb, Holmes, Brandon Marshall, and Chucky would look good to me!

    Anyhow, we agree to disagree. Such is life here at

  33. Jonny Says:

    @Eric: I know that feeling. I had that similar feeling many times about how Gruden’s Bucs would have done if they had the roster of say San Diego Chargers or Dallas Cowboys.

    If Gruden was open to getting a legit OC, leave the offense coaching, installing and playcalling jobs to him and just manage the team as a whole, I would not bitch about a thing in the world. Even if Bucs remained horrible on offense I would know that the OC will be getting replaced. But Gruden was not open to relieving himself of some duties, of course he LOVED coaching his offense, but when you cannot get the job done you have to try some other guy.

  34. Jonny Says:

    And like I have said before, I don’t have anything against Gruden. To me all that matters in football for the most part is Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So when I say Gruden getting fired was one of the best things to happen for Bucs, I don’t imply that Gruden is a fool and will not have success elsewhere.