Case Against Jermaine Phillips Is Closed

April 30th, 2010

The State Attorney in Hillsborough County has closed the case against former Bucs linebacker strong safety Jermaine Phillips, who was charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation back in January and later had that charge reduced to a misdemeanor battery in March.

Phillips’ arrest came after an alleged incident with his wife at their Tampa home. 

Per court records obtained by, Phillips’ case was closed last week after he completed 10 court-approved classes taken through the local Salvation Army as part of a diversion program for domestic violence intervention.

Phillips, 31, played for the Bucs from 2002-2009 and is a free agent.

Joe was a big fan of Phillips and sincerely hopes he can get back to the NFL.

4 Responses to “Case Against Jermaine Phillips Is Closed”

  1. big007hed Says:

    Mr. Glass played well when he was on the field

  2. MVPFreeman Says:

    Hopefully, maybe there is some way we can possibly have a chance at seeing Phillps back in pewter and red, maybe?

  3. Patrick Says:

    I’m really unhappy that Raheem didn’t bring back Philips. He did nothing but play great football for the Bucs since our Super Bowl in 2002. Our defense constantly was at the top with him starting at SS. Why the hell have I heard PISCITELLI PISCITELLI PISCITELLI over and over again for a year now??!! I really love it how Jermaine Philips was just forgotten! He was one of the best players on our defense. If you all remember, not too long ago in 2008 he had a pro bowl caliber season. 4 Interceptions, along with several of his big hits!

    As I recall, he broke his thumb in Week 2 last year and was placed on IR for the remainder of the season. If his departure is for injuries, that’s complete bull. A thumb injury?? He can’t come back from a freaking thumb injury Raheem??

    Also, the dumb LINEBACKER EXPERIMENT that Raheem did with Philips can contribute to the injury also. I mean, c’mon!! Jermaine is not built like a linebacker. He’s a safety, and that’s where he excels at!!! Why would you put him at risk like that when he’s obviously not big or strong enough to play the position?

    As for this “case” that he was dealing with, I really don’t think it was that big of a deal. Jermaine probably just had a bad argument with his wife and lost his temper. He’s not a criminal. I can’t remember him being in any kind of trouble before that incident.

    And if this is for age, thats ridiculous. 31 is not that old. That’s only 2 or 3 years older than Sean Jones. Also, Philips is still better than Piscitelli and Sean Jones. He’s a proven NFL player, unlike a lot of the other people on the team.

    In addition, he brings good veteran leadership in the locker room. He’s won a lot of games here in Tampa, including our one and only Super Bowl! He knows what it takes day in day out to be successful on the field. Can we have ANY familiar faces around here??!! Does Raheem have to just toss everybody and start over completely?? Our best players on the team have either been let go or won’t get the contract that they deserve.

    Joe, can you comment on everything I discussed above?

  4. jlynch Says:

    HE CANT TACKLE !!! READ MY LIPS HE CANT TACKLE He takes cheap shot shoulder pads in the knees on ball carriers Deion Sanders is a BETTER TACKLER than Phillipss He SUCKS OUTLOUD