Bucs Have Released Chris Hovan

April 26th, 2010

Joe’s good friend, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, reported on his Facebook account that Hovan has already been cut. Joe spoke to “The Big Dog,” and “The Big Dog” informed Joe that he had been in contact with an intimate of Hovan’s.

Some 20 minutes later, Adam Schefter, of the Bristol Bolsheviks, Twittered that Hovan “will be released today.”

There’s no more “will be” about it. Hovan is a former Bucs player.

This really isn’t much of a surprise since the Bucs drafted two defensive tackles with their first two picks last week in the NFL draft.

[Update: Joe’s friend Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network Twittered that B.J. Askew will  join Hovan on the unemployment line today.]

21 Responses to “Bucs Have Released Chris Hovan”

  1. justin F Says:

    thank god wish this happened about 3 years ago

  2. d-money Says:

    First a good draft and now this…Is it christmas???

  3. Kirk Says:

    Time to go Chris….Along with Clayton and Sabby the Goat.

  4. Troxell8t8 Says:

    Hovan played well when he was here, but this is not a suprise. Unfortunately, we all get old. It sucks!!

  5. Lakeland Bob Says:

    I like youe headlines Joe.At leasat most of the time.

    Sims is next and then Clayton.Maybe it is Christmas.

  6. big007hed Says:

    I wish we kept Hovan over Sims for a mentor and leadership role…. Next to go is Clayton!!!

  7. Louie Says:

    Best of luck Chris! You’ve been nothing but a class act.

  8. Louie Says:

    Why the hell is Clayton still around!!!???

  9. chris Hovan Says:

    Hey anyone here want to buy some face paint!

  10. Pewter Warthog Says:

    What is a “Bristol Bolshevik”?

  11. Joe Says:

    What is a “Bristol Bolshevik”?

    Any one of a number of degenerates that try to control thought at the four-letter outfit.

  12. Pewter Warthog Says:

    Based on my limited time visiting this blog, your excessive use of bad nicknames gives one flashbacks to a certain Brown University alumnus at that very network


    to quote OMC: “How Bizarre”

  13. Joe Says:

    Based on my limited time visiting this blog, your excessive use of bad nicknames gives one flashbacks to a certain Brown University alumnus at that very network


    Not only does Joe come up with his own, Joe doesn’t try to make rhymes or butcher one’s name with some stupid ass obscure 1960s song long ago forgotten by 96 percent of the public.

  14. mpmalloy Says:

    Bristol Bolsheviks…..LOL…

    Is good humor, my capitalist comrade!
    Where is the Vodka?

  15. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I undersestimated the stupidity of the front office .

    Even I assumed they wouldn’t be stupid enough to cut the only guy on our defense that even attempts to stop the run.

    My bad.

  16. bucfanjeff Says:

    Clayton may still have value, believe it or not, for a trade which is why he hasn’t been cut yet. He’s still relatively young. It’s POSSIBLE we could get a late draft pick from a team in need of a good…..blocker. 🙂

  17. Louie Says:

    They’re not going to take him at the salary he’s currently at.

  18. d-money Says:

    Pewter report says Aaron Sears has been cut.

  19. Pewter Warthog Says:

    so much for it being some insider info for Duemig ….

  20. tampa2 Says:

    In the long ago, forgotten (by the Bucs) days, the veterans mentored the incoming rookies. But when you cut all the veterans, who is left to develop & train them at their positions? I watched young kids last year that really had talent. But they still looked bad even though you knew they had the skills. Guess I will watch the same thing this year.

  21. JimBuc Says:

    Tampa2 — the counter to that argument is that some of those rookies/young guys looked realy bad because they never got a chance to play due to all the veterans