Bucs Did Their Homework On Williams

April 24th, 2010

Quickly becoming the go-to person for Bucs information on Twitter, Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times has been dropping all sorts of nuggets on the microblogging site about the Bucs and the draft the past few days (good thing he upgraded his Blackberry Twitter app).

Per Holder, the Bucs did more research into the background of fourth round pick Syracuse wide receiver Mike Williams then they did on either first round draft pick Gerald McCoy or even second round pick Brian Price.

Mark Dominik says Bucs put more time on Mike Williams than any prospect. A lot of investigating. Called him a 1st round talent. Nice gamble.

Later on the St. Petersburg Times’ site, Holder wrote that the Dominik has a program in place to assist Williams in virtually every way off the field and on the field in order to help him deal with whatever issues he may have.

Joe wonder what that might be, maybe a mentor from another Bucs teammate?

15 Responses to “Bucs Did Their Homework On Williams”

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    A program in place??

    Maybe he plans on rooming him with fellow Syracuse screw-up Tanard Jackson, LOL.

  2. Mr. lucky Says:

    @Radio – what’s funny is that I was thinking about that before you wrote it. However with the deft display Dominik has displayed in the draft I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Kirk Says:

    Here we go………….mushmouth is critical and I am so sure every aspect of his life is in perfect order. Maybe a little program work for you mush, learn not to be so critical of others. If you spot it dude, you got it.

  4. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Sure would be nice to have a 5th round pick in the draft… Can’t believe he threw that one away… Jeez, he could have just traded it for Holmes… I mean It just makes no sense. It’s not like we moved up 10 spots.

  5. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    You are so right Rah…we could have gotten Benn at the spot we were at.

    They paniced though , because after they wasted thier 1st 2nd rounder on McCoy’s backup , they knew they had to land a stud WR or they would be toast in the media…

  6. gruss222 Says:

    Joe or anyone that wants to chime in,

    What’s your opinion on RB Stefon Johnson?

  7. RahDomDaBest Says:

    The thing is, I like the picks… But I think trading 5th to move up 2 spots was a stupid mistake… Then drafting Williams in the 4th… They prob could have traded back, and worse case take a safety or a LB if somehow Williams was picked, but I doubt it, he would have slipped even further.

    I’d like to play poker with Mark an Rah, beause I’d take all their money…

    Sold us out of some picks they did

  8. kurt Says:

    time to get over the holmes deal. it wasn’t a 1st or 2nd round pick it was a late 5th we got for alex smith from the patriots. the trade was fair value compared to the value chart. the cowboys gave up a 4th(125) and 2nd(59) to get 2nd(55) from eagles. we got our guy instead of watching him go

  9. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    A lot of good players still there in that 5th round also…

  10. Gary Says:

    I’m so ecstatic about WR’s Arellious Benn/Mike Williams drafted by TB. Happy trails Michael Clayton.

  11. Louie Says:

    New England just drafted our 2010 MVP – punter Zotan Meskco. CRAP!

  12. Louie Says:

    Yea, 2nd year in a row they panic and give up picks for 2 lousy spots. And, so far, haven’t done crap to get back into the 5th. What the hell are they planning to do with FIVE 7’s??? The talent level is better this year in the 7th, but heck there are going to be undrafted FA’s better than many of the guys drafted in the 7th.

  13. Lakeland Bob Says:

    They only lost one pick this year Louie and yeah it was a dumb ass move.

    But lets see who we end up with at the end of the day.

  14. jake Says:

    It just seems hard to believe that Dominik would have traded a 5 to move up 3 spots unless he had some credible information that Benn wouldnt have been there at 42 if they didn’t make the move. I guess we’ll never really know for sure, but at this point I’ll give him a pass on that one. As far as trading down, it is alot easier for teams like New England to trade down because they have less holes to fill and don’t have to have any single player. Where you have a ton of holes and you have a quality player available to fill the hole, you have to take them and dont have the luxury of trading down.

  15. Louie Says:

    I guess we’re keeping all FIVE 7th rounders. Maybe they’ll give up one of those 7’s by trading up 2 spots in one of the other 7 picks.

    Well guys, this draft might be viewed as a good draft a few years down the road, but there’s nothing here that will save this season.