“Bitter” Derrick Brooks At Odds With Bucs

April 3rd, 2010

It was one of the darkest days in Bucs history just over one year ago when Derrick Brooks was thrown out with the trash just like a used beer cup at the CITS.

The future Hall of Fame linebacker was rudely tossed by the Bucs. He has yet to play a down since.

As is the habit of some teams, don’t expect the Bucs to sign Brooks to a one-day contract so Brooks could retire as a Buccaneer.

Why? Because Vacation Man, writing for American version of the CCCP, BSPN.com, claims Brooks is “bitter” at the way the Bucs kicked him off the team.

Jesse (Trezevant, TN)

Why hasn’t TB done for Brooks what the Broncos just did for Elam? He is, by far, one of the best players the Bucs have ever had. What is going on? Are they not interested in showing a little loyalty, not only (and mainly!) to Brooks but also to all of us fans who absolutely love Derrick Brooks?!?

Vacation Man

Not entirely sure, but I think the desire to do that is there on the part of he Bucs. But not sure Brooks wants to do it a this poin. Think he sill might be biter [sic] about the way things went down.

This is disappointing reading for Joe. Joe understands how Brooks would irritated with how he was thrown off the team. But Joe hopes Brooks knows that you can’t change the past but you can always change the future.

Joe hopes Brooks can make one more appearance at One Buc Palace as a member of the Bucs, just to say goodbye.

17 Responses to ““Bitter” Derrick Brooks At Odds With Bucs”

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Brooks has to wait until God tells him what to do…

  2. Randy Says:

    Derrick Brooks was always a class act here in Tampa. Mushmouth I think he deserves a little more respect than that. Why is it that whenever a person chooses to be a believer alot of people choose to attack there character? Tebow, Brooks, Dungy…the list goes on of people who really do nothing wrong but you cant’t read a story about any of them without some fratboy jumping on there beliefs. Damn dude, give em a break huh!?

  3. Troxell8t8 Says:

    I am very confident Derrick Brooks will be honored in due time. A man of Brooks’ pride and integrity of course he is very disappointed how his career ended. These are the attributes that made Derrick great during his playing career. His career didn’t end the way he intended, when you have pride in your job of course you will be disappointed.

    I’m just hoping he retires “officially” this year so we can start the clock to Canton so we all can honor “the greatest Buc of all-time” (all due respect to Lee Roy Selmon).

  4. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I think he should turn his back on the “pedophile looking” Glazers and the rest of the organization just like they did to him. But I’m sure he won’t. He’s too much of a good man and a christian to hold such a grudge to the people that kicked him to the curb. Then again, this isn’t the first time the Glazers have unceremoniously thrown out/dismissed a solid pillar of the community. You know, an intricate part of the foundation/back bone of this franchise and it’s success. I mean why would you need guys like that around, especially with the “AWESOME plan” the retarded T.T.O.T.s (like our beloved Chris Thomas use to call them) have in the works. Everyone knows that the proper way to build a winning franchise is by appointing inexperienced buffoons ( Radio and Dummynik ) to run your organization. Then you gut your team of it’s talent, experience, and VETERAN leadership. After that you Jedi mind trick the gullible weak minded fans into thinking that the crap( overall, NOT ALL the players on the team ) you have on roster are going to be physical, explosive and exciting!!! RIGHT, see 3-13 !! Then you tell the fans that you don’t need any free agent players with experience because that won’t make the team better. What will make the team better is strictly going through the draft and plugging in young rookies with NO nfl experience that don’t have a clue to what it takes to play at the next level. That’s a hell of a plan and I’m sure with a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance they’ll improve their franchise to a respectable 4-12 or even dare I say it 5-11 !!!!

  5. YearOBucsfan Says:

    I thought Mushmouth’s comment was funny. I think it was referring to Brooks’ statement that if God wants him to play in the NFL he will open the door, or something like that. When in reality, Brooks probably could have made a team last year, but didn’t want to be paid as though he was a backup linebacker. I don’t think God had anything to do with that.

    Frankly I am a little tired of fans being all weepy about a multi-millionaire losing his job PLAYING A GAME. He is an asset to the community, seems like a nice guy, and was a great Buccaneer. But go weep for a guy who lost his job at a manufacturing plant, with three kids and no healthcare.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t think the Stacation Clan Man knows what the hell he’s talking about, as usual. WTF, if you want to know what Brooks thinks, ask Brooks, not some reprobate sports intern in pink leotards. C’mon man, be a smarter fan and avoid this jerk like the Plague. Brooks is the epitome of class. He will always cater to is Massive fan base.

    Is Pat a girl or a guy? Wait, it’s a Pat. Hey Pat, eat zhit and STFU.

  7. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Yes, the Godfather is a class act, but he should have retired when the Bucs told him he was being cut. When the Pats were going to cut Bruschi he opted to retire that go to another team. Top notch, classy-but it was Bruschi’s decision not the Pats. Other teams did the same thing to their former star players. Why would Derrick Brooks try to stay active and sign with another team when the game has passed him by. Selfishness? Ego? Its actually kind of sad when you think about it. Brooks is part of Bucs history, will always be, and in my opnion is one of the top five players in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the start of the franchise. Derrick Brooks should retire as a Buccaneer and move on to life after football.

  8. Eric Says:

    I think Mr. Brooks has earned the right to some deference in this situtation.

    If he currently doesn’t want to play nicety nice with the errand boys Dom and Rah, or the Glazer Goons, its OK by me. Doesn’t change what the man did on the field one bit.

    Plus, of he still thinks in his heart he can play, and wants to see if he gets a call, more power to him. I am surely not going to tell Mr. Brooks he is wrong.

    Stranger things have happened. How many times did the Pats plug Bruschi in?

    Perhaps Bruce Allen hasn’t lost his number?

  9. Brad Says:

    Another great move by our GM.. This guy will go down as the worse GM in the history of the NFL. How in the hell the Glazers can stand the moves he has made and allow him to retain is job is astonishing. I can only assume he is part of a big master plan and when the CBA is in place they will show him to the door so fast his head might just spin off. This guy will never work in the NFL again after that. IMO. He could be used as a great training tool for future GM’s to show what not to do. Which with the number of screw ups it would be at least a month training session. Of course Duemig has his back just because he has his phone number.

  10. Jeff Says:

    Brooks is tarnishing his rep some. Suck it up like a man. I loved the player, but it was time to let him go. Apparently, 31 other teams have agreed so far.

  11. Patrick Says:

    I think it was completely classless of Raheem and Dominik to give him the kind of departure they did. What the hell is so hard about giving him a one day contract? Of course he feels bitter now. I would feel the same way if a year had passed and they still haven’t offered such a thing. They should’ve done it right went he was released.

    At least Jon Gruden had some class while he was here. At least when Gruden was around he gave players a nice goodbye. Remember John Lynch’s and Mike Alstott’s departures? Press conference, celebration, etc. None of that was done for Brooks.

    Same thing should’ve been done for Warrick Dunn too. Shameful.

  12. pewterpirate99 Says:

    Jeff, first of all he is NOT tarnishing his rep in any way! He is a man and is entitled to feel “bitter” or any other way he may feel. I’m not saying he’s the defensive player of the year he was once was, but he still had A LOT to offer the team. Especially with this joke of a rebuilding process. His leadership alone is invaluable especially with all the unprofessional ass clowns on this team.

  13. Eric Says:


    Why would you insult ass clowns like that?

  14. pewterpirate99 Says:

    LOL, you’re right Eric! What the hell have ass clowns ever done to me.

  15. Vince Says:

    Still pisses me off the way this team just threw out our core players like the trash last season. Derrick was a fantastic buc and eventually cooler heads will prevail. Here’s to seeing you in Canton Mr. Derrick Brooks.

  16. Greg Says:

    Good to see nobody mention the real reason Elam got signed while Brooks didn’t.
    Elam finished his playing career toth the Falcons so had to sign a contract with Denver if he wanted to retire a Bronco, who signed the over the hill Brooks when the Bucs let him go, oh that’s right, NOBODY wanted him.

    Plus where is “bitter” Brooks comments in this, there is not one single quote from the man himself. All we have is “Vaction Man” throwing the claim out there.

  17. Eric Says:

    The Greatness of 55 speaks for itself.

    He hardly needs some after the fact gesture to secure it.