Bucs’ Disinterest In Free Agency Puzzling

March 1st, 2010

bucs cheerleaders and caybrew girls 053Veteran St. Petersburg Times columnist Gary Shelton is puzzled. No, not because Joe crossed paths with him last night at a fine eatery.

Shelton is puzzled by the Bucs’ disinterest in free agency.

In a related story, NFL free agency begins Friday.

From the sound of it, the Bucs don’t seem to be interested.

This is baffling. The refrigerator is empty, the grocery stores are about to open and still, the Bucs say they aren’t shopping. For weeks now, general manager Mark Dominik has said the Bucs “won’t be major players” in free agency.

All together now:


Joe sees both sides. Joe is totally convinced the Bucs, just like other clubs, are expecting to go to the mattresses after this season in preparation for no season in 2011. So it wouldn’t be real smart to start signing guys to hefty contracts if there may not be a season next year.

Joe also sees Shelton’s points: How exactly are the Bucs supposed to sell tickets or even win games if, for example, your two best receivers are Sammie Stroughter and Mo Stovall (in Joe’s eyes, Michael Clayton is a No. 3 receiver who can come off the bench to throw a key block)?

Joe suspects the Bucs will load up on inexpensive free agents later this summer.

Meanwhile, Joe faintly hears Raheem the Dream bah’ing like a sheep. Because he’s likely going to be the sacrificial lamb come December, much to T.J. Rives’ surprise.

20 Responses to “Bucs’ Disinterest In Free Agency Puzzling”

  1. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    Actions speak louder than words…….

    The next time a GM tells the truth about his teams future personnel plans will be the first…….I suggest we wait and see what they actually do in free agency before getting our panties all wadded up

  2. gotbbucs Says:

    Exactly Creamsicle, all GM’s are forced to get a forked tongue as soon as they get the job.

  3. Eric Says:

    I am already wadded over not re-signing the one player on offense the opposing team actually had to be concerned about……………(other than Winslow).

    I am sure any legitimate move in free agency will be warmly received, if it occurs.

  4. Finerdetailz Says:

    I don’t get it either. Especially when the GM said his hands aren’t tied and he can spend what he wants. Let’s see cut our best receiver, insult a Rhodes Scholar, tell everyone were doing nothing in free agency. What a start. Why to create a buzz and get the fans fired up.

    On a lighter note: I had my first Caybrew on Saturday night and I must say the moment I ordered it my evening changed for the better. I ordered it from the waiter who had to ask the bartender if they had any. The bartender was so pumped he brought it to me personally. He took care of me and my table the rest of the night. I ordered potato soup and some how ended up with an extra order. One before dinner and one with dinner. Upon leaving the bartender asked if I’d be back in the future cause he would make sure he had Caybrew on ice.. We then proceded to the concert we were going too and it was awesome.. Everyone paid homage to the Caybrew and the rest was history.

  5. Joe Says:


    Joe takes it since you had two Caybrews, you enjoyed them?

  6. Finerdetailz Says:

    I had 4 caybrews and it is now my favorite beer.

  7. Finerdetailz Says:

    It was the soup I had two of…

  8. adam Says:

    dommy & morry are pawns in the game…they are being paid generously in their own eyes as they both steped into to positions out of the blue…when canned dommy will most likely never recover and be a gm again….but morry will most likely become a d coordinator….and eventually get a chance to head coach again…and that far down the line he will speak of his thrusting into the coaching job in tampa and say he wasn’t fully ready, but how could he turn it down…..and he will drag the glazers through the mud about not spending and getting players for him to win…..he will smear them later on as he moves up in his career to sort of clean his slate….claiming no one could have done well in those shoes…adam from ny

  9. adam Says:

    the above girl is very cute and boobalicious

  10. Joe Says:


    Glad you enjoyed your Caybrew. Now you understand why Joe has such a crush on Caybrew.

    As for Rachel Watson…

  11. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Hey Joe no Caybrew here in Iowa how about sending me a free sample?

  12. adam Says:


    im a beer snob…the caybrew looks like a watered down type of beer…like a bud or coors….what so good about it…i would just like to know as i am really into beer….taking it very seriously…and cellaring it year round…all different brands…currently over 250 bottles in the cellar……even debated getting a kegorator…..is caybrew really a special beer or is it all hyped on here because joe gets advertising…..i need to know the deal on the brew…..adam from ny

    ps cigar city brewing is by far the most versatile beer in the area and they offer up many many styles…go to beer advocate and check them out….they take their brews el serioso!!………….and my personal favorite session brew (meaning a beer you can drink all night) is switchback ale…..only available in the greater burlington, vermont area and upper new york like albany….never bottled…only available on tap…and oh so fresh….if you ever get to those areas you must order a few pints!!

  13. adam Says:

    yes joe, you sending samples….???

  14. LaughingCat Says:

    I hope Dominik is playing possum. Because if the Bucs think the goal is to simply be profitable and not put a quality product ont he field, their nuts. And they cannot completely build a team through the draft. players will get too old before they have enough talent to make a title run. They have to mix their efforts.

  15. Joe Says:


    Joe’s first thought upon his very first Caybrew was “Becks.”

    Most others compare it to Heineken without the bite.


    Sadly, Joe cannot ship free samples out of state. But Joe has considered a Bucs gathering of some sort with free samples of Caybrew.

    Occasionally, World of Wine will have free tastings of Caybrew.

  16. adam Says:

    ah yes joe….becks…..a good staple beer…..when i get down to tampa for some games next season i will keep an eye out for caybrew…..most likely i will bump into it somewhere up north first, but if i dont i’m sure it will mix with the nice tampa weather when down south…..adam from ny

  17. Joe Says:


    most likely i will bump into it somewhere up north first

    Doubtful, unless you call south Georgia “up north.” Currently, the gang that has distribution rights for Caybrew in the United States reside in Tampa and have focused Florida specifically as their target market.

    Joe offered to hook up the Caybrew gang with a distributor in Pittsburgh, but was told the Caybrew brewery (located in the Caymans) doesn’t have the capacity (yet) to produce that much beer. Hence, the Caybrew guys are trying to corner the market in the Sunshine State first.

    Once Florida is conquered, on to the rest of the lower 48!

  18. Finerdetailz Says:

    Joe: I was in the Cayman’s some years ago. Can you tell if Caybrew replaced Stingray beer? I believe that was the brewery which I took a tour of.. Agree with the assesment of tasting a bit like Becks. One thing I noticed instantly was it was smooth to me after the second sip. Most times it takes me beer until it goes down easy..

  19. adam Says:

    oh wow joe, makes me want caybrew even more now that i cant get it….so i will be waiting on my next trip to tampa during the upcoming season to grab a sixer…..sounds similar to the beer i mentioned in a previous post above regarding switchback ale…they only are basically in vermont and a little bit of upper new york…and they actually dont want to expand….. they like to keep it exclusive to that area and they wont bottle…you can only get that beer on tap as no one can ever take home bottles unless you fill a growler at some vermont specialty shop…….
    adam from nyc

  20. adam Says:

    joe – when i was in pittsburgh i remember there being and “iron city beer” or a name similar to it that was very popular in the area….in fact i was in a hotel and they had some mini convention…so i went in(sorta crashed..lol)and had a few on the house…..ah…pittsburgh aint such a bad place after all………adam from ny