The Best Of Antonio Bryant

February 28th, 2010

So Antonio Bryant’s days with the Bucs are over. Joe is very sad about this.

Even the good people of the NFL Network are aware of what Bryant meant to the Bucs. So they put together a highlight package of his top plays as a Buccaneers wide receiver.

Click here and enjoy and realize what the Bucs will be missing this fall.

12 Responses to “The Best Of Antonio Bryant”

  1. Eric Says:

    Damn freelancer………..

  2. Tom Says:

    Can make a Clayton tape when he is let go by the Bucs?

    Except, instead of catches, could it include all the times the ball hit his hands and fell to the ground, the times he tipped the ball in the air for an INT, and the times he generally sucked?

    I realize it would be a very, very long clip and it would probably take most of a working day to watch it. But I would like to link my friend Raheem Morris to it when it’s done, along with an email I wrote explaining why re-signing Clayton was a bad idea. Thanks.

  3. Eric Says:

    Excellent idea Tom, and that tape would be realllllllllly long. However, it does not appear that Mr. Clayton will ever be released by the bucs.

    The Dream is looking forward to him working with that new receivers coach they have. Dominik says its “up to Clayton” now, whether he stays or goes. I suppose that means he gets another training camp, where I understand he always looks good.

    A shame Bryant could not have had the same opportunity.


    I give up……………….

  5. zech Says:

    I would like to know who it is the bucs r targeting for wide reciever rather it be boldin and a rookie or a marshall and a rookie or the cheap way rookie and rookie! I would like to see marshall and bryant or boldin and the rookie or marshall and a rookie! We need a deep threat at wideout and a play maker!

  6. Marc Says:


  7. Eric Says:


    I am a little confused with how salaries in the NFL work. I understand that Clayton made about 7 million last year, with his bonus. (yes I said bonus)

    Do you know what his salary is supposed to be this year? And, if they had released Clayton, in your opinion, would that have saved enough money to have resigned Bryant?

  8. adam Says:

    if the bucs let bryant walk for no good reason then thats a major problem….if they have inside info on his bad knee per say….like wouldnt pass another teams physical……….or if they are privy to locker room antics and problems that never got to the public, fine get rid of him….but only with a sure fire back up plan to bring in someone equal to him like a TO, or MARSHALL, etc……they need an answer to his on the field presense or they are playing themselves, as the offense will stink and they will both be looking for jobs next year (dommy & morry)……..adam from ny

    ps im not saying TO is the answer, just saying we need a potential all-pro to replace bryant or it was definitely one of the more foolish offseason moves this year….Marshall would appear to be a nice fit

  9. nick Says:

    i cant say im shocked or even care at this point. This is getting crazy.

  10. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I could also make a highlight reel about 30 minutes long of Bryant moping and running half-ass routes this season…

  11. Eric Says:

    If Bryant is half ass, Clayton must be .ooooo1-ass…………..but he is invited to training camp, with a salary Bryant probably would have accepted for 2010.

    Now the Bucs are forced to use at least one of their top four pics at receiver, which could have been used to shore up the horrific defense.

    Don’t expect Winslow to have as good a year, Bryant drew the double coverage a lot, opening things up for him.

    Domidream strike again.

  12. tampa2 Says:

    I guess the Radio that made the stupid Bryant comment thought that was Clayton making those Circus act sideline catches. I was flippin thru the tube last nite and seen some NFL Side shots on Tru TV. It was about all that went into making everything work on the side during the Bucs vs Pats game over in England last year. During the 20 min I watched it, they showed the shot of Clayton juggling the catch & the Patriot corner intercepting the ball about 3 times. All I could think about was that Radio the HC kept Clayton & dumped Bryant. Well, Radio Mushmouth, are you Radio the HC too?