NFL Draft: Mock Draft II

March 10th, 2010
Might he free fall to the Bucs?

Might he free fall to the Bucs?

Joe recommends a couple of ice cold Caybrew and a good chunk of time to savor this unique and detailed mock draft by NFL Draft guru Justin Pawlowski, of WDAE-AM 620.

It’s another  5,000-word draft orgasm that breaks down Pawlowski’s analysis of what every NFL general manager will do, plus Pawlowski’s personal selections as if he were GM of every team.

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First Round
Mock draft II – By Justin Pawlowski

The primary draft pick you see below is the selection Pawlowski believes the specific team will make at this point. The Commish’s Pick is who Pawlowski would select if he were the specific team’s GM in that position. So essentially, you’re looking at two mock drafts. … 

1st Round

1.St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma
6’4’’ – 236 lbs – (didn’t run a 40 at the combine)

Rams’ needs: DT, OLB, CB, WR, TE, OG, QB

Commish’s Take: The more time that goes by, the more I feel the Rams will be going quarterback with their first pick.  It seems like they might have gotten close on Donovan McNabb, but until that really happens, the Rams’ biggest need remains at quarterback.  With Bradford bulking up to 236 lbs at the combine, he’s starting the process of getting these teams to believe in him as a franchise quarterback.  The Rams can not afford to wait until the 2nd round to address their biggest need.  With a new owner coming in, he’ll want a face of the franchise.  The quarterback is the face of most franchises.

Commish’s Pick – Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma

2. Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh – DT – Nebraska
6’4’’ – 307 lbs – 5.04

Lions’ needs:  DE, DT, OG, LT, CB, RB

Commish’s Take: The Lions have been one of the most active teams at the start of free agency this year.  The funniest part is that their main focus has been on the defensive line by acquiring Corey Williams thru trade and Kyle Vanden Bosch thru free agency.  Does this mean they’ll focus on another position in the draft?  If I was their GM, I would.  OT Jeff Backus has been average for the Lions for a long time.  For my Commish’s pick, I have them taking Russell Okung as insurance for their prized quarterback.  For the time being, however, I still feel it would be too tough for them not to draft one of the defensive tackles.  With the addition of Williams, Suh would be the better fit next to him.

Commish’s Pick – Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma St

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  {+++}

Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma
6’4’’ – 295 lbs – 5.07

 Buccaneers needs:  WR, RB, OT, DE, DT, MLB, CB, SS

Commish’s Take: The Bucs have to be hoping for a scenario that has at least one of the defensive tackles falling to them here.  In both instances, it does happen, and I think it will happen come draft weekend.  Please forget about the fact the Suh is more versatile, blah blah blah.  I actually heard someone say that Suh is a fit for multiple defenses, so if Rah Rah and Dominik are gone next year, Suh would still fit in.  That is the stupidest thing anyone could say.  Why in the absolute hell would Rah Rah and Dominik draft a guy because he fits their scheme along with someone else’s scheme as well?  I’m guessing they would like to keep their own jobs, and to do that you pick the right guys for your scheme.  McCoy is an extremely talented defensive tackle who lives in opposing backfields. 

Commish’s Pick – Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma

4. Washington Redskins – Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma St
6’5’’ – 307 LBS – 5.15

Redskins’ Needs:  OL, DE, QB, RB

Commish’s Take: By far the biggest need for the Redskins is to upgrade their putrid excuse of an offensive line.  I think, even if Bradford’s available, the Redskins go offensive tackle here.  The retirement of Chris Samuels just accelerated that thought.  If the Lions grab Okung, the Redskins will gladly go with Buluga.  If Okung is still on the board, it shouldn’t take the Redskins too much time to make the decision to draft him.  Drafting a tackle here will be the first step to revamping their entire offensive line. 
Commish’s Pick – Bryan Buluga – OT – Iowa

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Rolando McClain – MLB – Alabama
6’3’’ – 254 lbs – DNP

Chiefs’ needs:  S, WR, OL, TE, NT, OLB, MLB

Commish’s Take: The Chiefs are another team with tons of needs along their offensive line.  I do believe the Chiefs will think long and hard about a tackle here, with plenty on the board.  Another need for the Chiefs is a face and leader on defense.  Rolando McClain has been simply that for Alabama and their championship defense.  He’s an ideal fit in the Chiefs 3-4 defense and a tremendous upgrade over anything they have there already.

Commish’s Pick – Rolando McClain – ILB – Alabama

6. Seattle Seahawks – CJ Spiller – RB – Clemson
5’10’’ – 196 lbs – 4.37

 Seahawks’ needs:  LT, QB, RB, FS, DE

Commish’s Take: After seeing the Seahawks last year, it was painfully clear that they need explosion on offense.  There might not be a more explosive player in this draft than CJ Spiller.  Clausen is a possibility, but a top 10 pick might be a tad high for Clausen.  Spiller is a dual threat and fits in great with Jeremy Bates zone run game.

Commish’s Pick – Anthony Davis – OT – Rutgers

7. Cleveland Browns – Eric Berry – S – Tennessee
5’11’’ – 211 lbs – 4.47

 Browns’ needs:  CB, S, OLB, RT, QB, RB, TE

Commish’s Take: The Browns biggest need is in the defensive backfield, so to have Eric Berry fall to them is a dream come true.  I’ve heard chatter of moving Berry to corner, but if it ain’t broke, why try and fix it?  Berry would be a good pick at 7 and bring some talent to the Browns team.  As it played out in my “Commish’s Picks”, Suh fell all the way to 7.  You might say I’d be a dumb GM for letting this happen, but hear me out.  I already explained the Rams, Lions, and Bucs.  Next are the Redskins and the Chiefs.  Well, the Redskins already have their own $100 million tackle in Albert Haynesworth, and much bigger needs on the offensive line.  The Chiefs have drafted Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson with top 5 picks the past couple years.  That’s a lot of money along that defensive line.  The Seahawks were the toughest, but with Walter Jones retiring, and an early run on tackles, I had to grab Anthony Davis for them.  Trust me, if Suh started to fall, each team would be on the phone looking to trade down.

Commish’s Pick – Ndamukong Suh – DT – Nebraska

8. Oakland Raiders – Bruce Campbell – OT – Maryland
6’6’’ – 314 lbs – 4.85

 Raiders’ needs:  DE, NT, QB, OT, OLB

Commish’s Take: Here’s your typical Raider pick.  We were joking the week of the combine that the Raiders would select Jacoby Ford with this pick after running a 4.28 40-yard dash.  Well, they don’t really need a receiver, but they do need an offensive tackle, so why not take the one that looked the best in shorts at the combine.  Campbell was the best looking offensive line prospect at the combine, but his film does not match.  He just has not produced on the field and has yet to dominate the way a top 10 tackle should.  If I’m Al Davis, I’m taking Pierre-Paul as a stand up end.  I thought Pierre-Paul played better standing up last year than he did in the 3-point stance.  Need proof?  Go watch him against FSU and Rutgers.

Commish’s Pick – Jason Pierre-Paul – DE/OLB – USF

9. Buffalo Bills – Bryan Buluga – OT – Iowa
6’5’’ – 314 lbs – 5.25

 Bills’ needs:  OLB, DE, OT, QB, WR

Commish’s Take: The Bills addressed their interior offensive line last year, but now they need tackles.  Buluga is your typical “Big 10” offensive tackle.  He’s big.  He’s physical.  He loves the cold weather.  It seems like a match made in heaven.  If there is an early run on tackles, the Bills need more weapons for Trent Edwards as well.  Dez Bryant would be great opposite Lee Evans.  Why draft Jimmy Clausen and give him no weapons and no blocking? 

Commish’s Pick – Dez Bryant – WR – Oklahoma St

10.  Jacksonville Jaguars – Jason Pierre-Paul – DE – USF
6’5’’ – 270 lbs – 4.69

 Jaguars’ Needs:  DE, QB, OLB, OG, S
Commish’s Take: This pick I was iffy about.  I think that even with the addition of Aaron Kampman, the Jaguars will still like to upgrade their defensive line.  Pierre-Paul is raw talent, but has unbelievable upside.  Kampman would be great for a player like Pierre-Paul to learn from.  If Eric Berry slips, I don’t see him getting past Jack Del Rio.

Commish’s Pick – Eric Berry – S – Tennessee

11. Denver Broncos (via CHI) – Dan Williams – DT – Tennessee
6’2’’ – 327 lbs – 5.16

 Broncos’ needs:  OC, OG, QB, TE, WR, DE, NT

Commish’s Take: Keep an eye on Jamaal Williams.  If the Broncos sign him, look for them to after Dez Bryant or jared Odrick here.  For the time being, Dan Williams would be a huge upgrade over what the Broncos have to work with along their defensive line.  I also thought heavily of putting Mike Iupati here.

Commish’s Pick – Dan Williams – DT – Tennessee

12. Miami Dolphins – Dez Bryant – WR – Oklahoma St
6’2’’ – 225 lbs – DNP
 Dolphins’ Needs:  NT, OLB, WR, TE

Commish’s Take: Bryant’s character concerns are starting to surface.  Because of that, Bryant’s stock will start to slide.  Will the Dolphins be able to pass Bryant up if he is there when their pick comes up?  I don’t think so.  The Dolphins need a reliable number one guy, and Bryant is that guy.  I do see the Dolphins needing some rushers off the edge and think that Graham would be an ideal fit and an immediate Parcells guy.

Commish’s Pick – Brandon Graham – DE/OLB – Michigan

13. San Francisco 49ers – Jared Odrick – DE/DT – Penn St
6’5’’ – 304 lbs – 5.06

 49ers Needs:  CB, MLB, RT, S, RB, DE

Commish’s Take: A need for the 49ers not mentioned many places is at left defensive end.  Kentwan Balmer has been a disappointment (as predicted by yours truly) and the rest of their depth is fill-in guys.  Odrick is a unique player with perfect size as an end in a 3-4 defense.  I do think the 49ers also want some more explosion on offense and on special teams.  CJ Spiller would be absolutely ideal for that.  Drafting Spiller would also really piss the Seahawks off with the next pick. 

Commish’s Pick – CJ Spiller – RB – Clemson

14. Seattle Seahawks (via DEN) – Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame
6’3’’ – 222 lbs – DNP

 Seahawks’ needs:  LT, QB, RB, FS, DE

Commish’s Take: How long will Clausen wait?  I will say this, if Clausen isn’t selected by the Seahawks here, he could fall all the way to the 2nd round.  There just aren’t many teams looking for a quarterback this year.  If they are looking for a quarterback, word is that Clausen is not getting rave reviews.  However, the Seahawks have been talking about trading Matt Hassellbeck to the Browns, and just completed sending Seneca Wallace there.  I don’t think they do that unless they are planning to go in a new direction with a new quarterback.  Pete Carroll recruited Clausen out of high school, but Clausen chose Notre Dame over USC.  Carroll finally gets to coach him 4 years later.

Commish’s Pick – Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame

15. New York Giants – Brian Price – DT – UCLA
      6’1’’ – 303 lbs – 5.15

 Giants’ needs:  DE, MLB, DT, OL

Commish’s Take: The Giants need help along their defensive line.  I never thought I’d be saying that a couple years ago.  Price doesn’t get the pub of McCoy or Suh, but he is a frickin’ good player, and would be an excellent fit for the Giants.  He uses his hands like a freak and would be a good fit for the under tackle in the Giants’ hybrid physical “Tampa 2” defense.

Commish’s Pick – Brian Price – DT – UCLA

16. Tennessee Titans – Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech
6’3’’ – 266 lbs – 4.72

 Titans’ needs:  OC, DE, CB, MLB

Commish’s Take: You lose Kyle Vanden Bosch in free agency, and come draft day, the defensive end who some say is the top defensive end is still on the board.  What would you do?  Morgan is a physical player who plays the run and pass equally strong.  This would be a very good pick for the Titans. 

Commish’s Pick – Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech

17. San Francisco 49ers (via CAR) – Trent Williams – OT – Oklahoma
6’5’’ – 315 lbs – 4.88

 49ers’ needs:  CB, MLB, RT, S, RB, DE

Commish’s Take: The 49ers need a right tackle.  That is not a secret at all.  Trent Williams is a natural fit at right tackle, and played their until 2009 when he shifted to left tackle.  Williams is big, physical, quick, and smart.  The Sooners have given the NFL the likes of Jamaal Brown, Davin Joseph, and Phil Loadholt the past few years.  Williams could just be the next great lineman in that already great line.

Commish’s Pick – Trent Williams – OT – Oklahoma

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Anthony Davis – OT – Rutgers
6’5’’ – 323 lbs – 5.40

Steelers’ needs:  FS, CB, LB, OL

Commish’s Take: Some guys had good combines, and others didn’t.  Anthony Davis didn’t.  His speed wasn’t good.  His strength wasn’t great.  He also has character concerns.  These are all reasons for a fall by Davis.  I feel that when I watch the guy on film, he dominates at times.  He looks the part of a franchise left tackle in the NFL.  If there is any organization that could get the most out of an offensive tackle like Davis, I think it would be the Steelers.  The Steelers need to get more physical up front, and Davis brings that.

Commish’s Pick – Mike Iupati – OG – Idaho

19. Atlanta Falcons – Sean Weatherspoon – LB – Missouri
6’1’’ – 239 lbs – 4.68

 Falcons’ needs:  OC, DE, OLB, RT, CB

Commish’s Take: I thought corner was the Falcons biggest need, but they addressed that by signing Dunta Robinson on the first day of free agency.  They could still use another corner, but linebacker is also a concern.  The Falcons loved what they saw out of Weatherspoon at the combine.  Weatherspoon could step right in and start at outside linebacker in the Falcons 4-3 defense.

Commish’s Pick – Sean Weatherspoon – LB – Missouri

20. Houston Texans – Joe Haden – CB – Florida
        5’10’’ – 193 lbs – 4.58

 Texans’ needs:  CB, DT, OG, S, WR, RB

Commish’s Take: Well, this worked out for the Texans.  You lose your top corner to free agency, and then the top corner in the draft falls to you at 20.  This pick might not stick if Haden proves he’s fast enough to be an elite corner in the NFL.  After running a 4.60 40-yard dash at the combine, teams are worried that Haden won’t be able to keep up with some of the faster receivers in the league.  At 20, Haden’s worth the risk.  Look out though, because Kyle Wilson, Kareem Jackson, and Devin McCourty are gaining ground to be the top corner available.

Commish’s Pick – Joe Haden – CB – Florida

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Mike Iupati – OG – Idaho
6’5’’ – 331 lbs – 5.30

 Bengals’ needs:  OC, OG, S, TE, DT

Commish’s Take: The Bengals got their big bruising tackle in Andre Smith last year, and this year grab the top guard on the board.  Iupati dominates when he plays.  He’s everything you want in an offensive lineman.  He’s mean, physical, athletic, and relentless.  The Bengals could address safety here, but Iupati might be too tough to pass up.  I took Mays for them after their successes with Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga.  Forget about Maualuga’s DUI for a moment.  Before he got injured, the Bengals had one of the toughest defenses to run on in the NFL. 

Commish’s Pick – Taylor Mays – S – USC

22. New England Patriots – Brandon Graham – DE/OLB – Michigan
6’1’’ – 268 lbs – 4.72

 Patriots’ needs:  DE, OLB, ILB, RB, WR, CB

Commish’s Take: It’s hard for me to see Graham last long, but if he does, the Patriots should grab him.  The Patriots have a need at outside linebacker and Grahan seems to be an ideal fit for that position.  Graham’s had 20 sacks the past 2 seasons and knows how to get to the quarterback. 

Commish’s Pick – Jared Odrick – DT/DE – Penn St

23. Green Bay Packers – Kyle Wilson – CB – Boise St
5’10’’ – 194 lbs – DNP

 Packers’ needs:  OT, CB, OLB, S, RB

Commish’s Take: After a superior showing at the senior bowl, and Joe Haden’s poor combine, Wilson’s stock continues to rise.  The Packers need to find the eventual replacements for Charles Woodson and Al Harris.  Wilson would be a great fit late in the 1st round.  Offensive tackle is also a major area of need, even with Chad Clifton coming back.
Commish’s Pick – Bruce Campbell – OT – Maryland

24. Philadelphia Eagles – Earl Thomas – S – Texas
5’10’’ – 208 lbs – 4.49

 Eagles’ needs:  DE, MLB, CB, S, RB

Commish’s Take: The Eagles lost something when Brian Dawkins moved on to Denver.  Thomas is a ball hawk who would fit in perfectly with the blitzing Eagles defense.  Thomas is great in coverage and would pair nicely with Macho Harris.

Commish’s Pick – Brandon Spikes – ILB – Florida

25. Baltimore Ravens – Kareem Jackson – CB – Alabama
5’10’’ – 196 lbs – 4.48

 Ravens’ needs:  OC, CB, DT, OLB/DE, S, TE

Commish’s Take: The Ravens were down to their 5th and 6th string corners last year.  Jackson’s stock is also on the rise after a nice combine.  He’s a physical corner coming from a national championship team.  John Harbaugh knows his defensive backs, and Jackson fits his mold.

Commish’s Pick – Earl Thomas – S – Texas

26. Arizona Cardinals – Sergio Kindle – DE/OLB – Texas
6’3’’ – 250 lbs – 4.71

 Cardinals’ needs:  OC, QB, TE, RT, OLB, ILB, FS

Commish’s Take: With the recent losses, the Cardinals are stockpiling the needs.  Kindle would help fit the need at a rush linebacker.  Some scouts say Kindle is more NFL ready than Brian Orakpo was last year.  Orakpo had more than 10 sacks in his rookie season. 

Commish’s Pick – Sergio Kindle – DE/OLB – Texas

27. Dallas Cowboys – Vladimir Ducasse – OT – UMASS
6’4’’ – 332 lbs – 5.27

 Cowboys’ needs:  OG, MLB, LT, FS, WR, CB

Commish’s Take: This is a tough one for the Cowboys.  I think Brandon Spikes is an option, but I really feel they need to address their offensive line.  This might be a tad high for Ducasse, but he is a massive offensive lineman who fits the Cowboys mold.  If the Cowboys wait till the 2nd round, they won’t have an opportunity at a lineman like Ducasse. 

Commish’s Pick – Vladimir Ducasse – OT/OG – UMASS

28. San Diego Chargers – Terrance Cody – DT – Alabama
6’4’’ – 354 lbs – 5.72

 Chargers’ Needs:  RB, RT, SS, NT, DE

Commish’s Take: With the departure of Jamaal Williams, the Chargers need to find a big body to clog the middle of their defense.  There is no bigger body in this draft.  Cody impressed everyone at the combine by shedding 16 lbs to a fit 354 lbs.  Alright, it isn’t great, but it is for him.   

Commish’s Pick – Terrence Cody – DT – Alabama

29. New York Jets – Jerry Hughes – DE/OLB – TCU
6’2’’ – 255 lbs – 4.69

 Jets’ needs:  DE, OLB, S, WR

Commish’s Take: The Jets had a huge need at corner opposite of Revis, but filled that with the addition of Antonio Cromartie.  Calvin Pace has been ok, but Vernon Gholston has been a bust.  Jerry Hughes was extremely impressive in position drills and proved he can play linebacker in the NFL.  If the Jets want a decent safety to replace Kerry Rhodes, they might want to grab one here.    

Commish’s Pick – Nate Allen – S – USF

30. Minnesota Vikings – Devin McCourty – CB – Rutgers
5’10’’ – 193 lbs – 4.48

 Vikings’ needs:  DT, QB, OG, CB

Commish’s Take:  It was a bad break when Cedric Griffen went down with a torn ACL at the end of the NFC Championship game.  At that point, corner became a big need for the Vikings.  Luckily for them, there are some good corners late in the 1st round.  McCourty is a great cover corner who will come up and support the run.  He is a very balanced corner who fits the Vikings defensive mentality.

Commish’s Pick – Kyle Wilson – CB – Boise St
31.  Indianapolis Colts – Maurkice Pouncey – OC – Florida
6’4’’ – 304 lbs – 5.15

 Colts’ Needs:  OG, OC, OT, CB, DT

Commish’s Take: When Bill Polian criticized the offensive line after the super bowl, you knew he’d do something about it.  Pouncey is the top center in the draft who could also play guard.  Jeff Saturday won’t be around forever, and Pouncey is an upgrade over any other lineman the Colts have.

Commish’s Pick – Kareem Jackson – CB – Alabama

32.  New Orleans Saints – Carlos Dunlap – DE – Florida
6’6’’ – 277 lbs – 4.71

Saints’ Needs:  OLB, OC, DT, DE, S

Commish’s Take: By physical tools alone, Dunlap is a top 10 or even top 5 pick.  Unfortunately for him, more goes into it than just that.  His character has come into question, with some questioning whether or not he has the drive to be great.  The Saints could upgrade at defensive end, and with the last pick in the first round, it doesn’t hurt to take a shot on a guy like Dunlap.

Commish’s Pick – Jerry Hughes – DE/OLB – TCU

2nd Round

33.  St. Louis Rams – Jermaine Gresham – TE – Oklahoma
6’5’’ – 261 lbs – 4.72

Commish’s Take:  Bradford continues to connect to his big tight end in the pros. 
Commish’s Pick – Jermaine Gresham – TE – Oklahoma

34.  Detroit Lions – Ryan Matthews – RB – Fresno St
5’11’’ – 218 lbs – 4.45

Commish’s Take:   The patience has worn thin on Kevin Smith.  Matthews might be the most balanced back in the draft.

Commish’s Pick – Ryan Matthews – RB – Fresno St

35.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Taylor Mays – S – USC
6’3’’ – 230 lbs – 4.43

Commish’s Take:   Production wasn’t there in 2009.  Mays’ talent is too much for the Bucs to pass up here. 

Commish’s Pick – Carlos Dunlap – DE – Florida

36.  Kansas City Chiefs – Golden Tate – WR – Notre Dame
5’10’’ – 199 lbs – 4.42

Commish’s Take: Charlie Weis will be clamoring for his star receiver in the war room.
Commish’s Pick – Golden Tate – WR – Notre Dame

37.  Washington Redskins – Tim Tebow – QB – Florida
6’3’’ – 236 lbs – 4.72

Commish’s Take:   Gator fans unite.  Mike Shanahan’s offense would be ideal for Tebow.  He’d also have the ability to sit behind Jason Campbell until he’s ready to play.  The more I think about this, the more I see it happening.

Commish’s Pick – Maurkice Pouncey – OC – Florida

38.  Cleveland Browns– Tyson Alualu – DE/DT – Cal
6’2’’ – 295 lbs – 4.93

Commish’s Take:   The Browns have a need at defensive end in their 3-4 defense.  Alualu can play in any defense. 

Commish’s Pick – Devin McCourty – CB – Rutgers

39.  Oakland Raiders – Ricky Sapp – DE/OLB – Clemson
6’4’’ – 252 lbs – 4.70

Commish’s Take:   Sapp is another player who looks great in shorts at the combine.  He’d be a good pick for the Raiders here though.  We all know the Raiders are prone to take someone here that no one has heard of. 

Commish’s Pick – Charles Brown – OT – USC

40.  Seattle Seahawks – Charles Brown – OT – USC
6’5’’ – 303 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   Carroll got his quarterback and running back in the first round.  He gets the franchise left tackle he had at USC.

Commish’s Pick – Everson Griffen – DE – USC

41.  Buffalo Bills – Arrelious Benn – WR – Illinois
6’1’’ – 219 lbs – 4.53

Commish’s Take:   Benn’s work ethic has been compared to Marvin Harrison.  He’d be a nice complement to Lee Evans.

Commish’s Pick – Tyson Alualu – DT – Cal

42.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via CHI) – Demaryius Thomas – WR – Georgia Tech
6’3’’ – 224 – DNP

Commish’s Take:   Some scouts are saying that Thomas might end up being the best receiver in this draft, and has drawn some comparisons to Calvin Johnson.  Because he played in the option offense, we didn’t get to see his full potential.  The Bucs need as much help at receiver as possible.

Commish’s Pick – Arrelious Benn – WR – Illinois

43.  Miami Dolphins – Nate Allen – S – USF
6’ – 207 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   The Dolphins need a ball hawk at safety.  Nate Allen is great in coverage.

Commish’s Pick – Demaryius Thomas – WR – Georgia Tech

44.  New England Patriots (via JAX) – Brandon Spikes – MLB – Florida
6’3’’ – 249 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   Questions about his speed might drop Spikes.  He’d be a good fit for the Patriots 3-4 defense.

Commish’s Pick – Ricky Sapp – DE/OLB – Clemson

45.  Denver Broncos – Aaron Hernandez – TE – Florida
6’2’’ – 245 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   Tony Scheffler doesn’t fit Josh McDaniels’ offense.  I bet Aaron Hernandez will.

Commish’s Pick – Aaron Hernandez – TE – Florida

46.  New York Giants – Everson Griffen – DE – USC
6’3’’ – 273 lbs – 4.66

Commish’s Take:   I don’t think Griffen lasts this long, but I’ve seen crazier things happen.  Griffen and Price would immediately make the Giants’ defense better.

Commish’s Pick – Daryl Washington – LB – TCU

47.  New England Patriots (via TEN) – Mardy Gilyard – WR – Cincinnati
5’11’’ – 187 lbs – 4.60

Commish’s Take:   Gilyard’s a shifty receiver who’s used to playing in bad weather.  I think he’d be a great fit for the Patriots on offense and in the return game.

Commish’s Pick – Mardy Gilyard – WR – Cincinnati

48.  Carolina Panthers – Cam Thomas – DT – North Carolina
6’4’’ – 330 lbs – 5.28

Commish’s Take:   The Panthers haven’t been the same since they traded Kris Jenkins.  The Panthers should stay local for another mammoth defensive tackle.

Commish’s Pick – Cam Thomas – DT – North Carolina

49.  San Francisco 49ers  – Jahvid Best – RB – Cal
          5’10’’ – 199 lbs – 4.35

Commish’s Take:   The 49ers want a spark in their backfield.  There are some questions that come with Best, but the 49ers aren’t asking him to be an every down back.

Commish’s Pick – Alex Carrington – DE – Arkansas St

50.  Kansas City Chiefs (via ATL) – Jon Asamoah – OG – Illinois
6’4’’ – 305 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:  The Chiefs need to address their offensive line.  Asamoah is an intelligent lineman who could be a very solid guard for a long time.

Commish’s Pick – Jon Asamoah – OG – Illinois

51.   Houston Texans – Chad Jones – S – LSU
6’2’’ – 221 lbs – 4.56

Commish’s Take:   The secondary was the weakness for the Texans.  After drafting Haden in the 1st round, the Texans get the hard hitting Jones to continue to help their secondary.

Commish’s Pick – Jahvid Best – RB – Cal

52.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Patrick Robinson – CB – FSU
5’11’’ – 190 lbs – 4.46
Commish’s Take:   Mike Tomlin knows his corners.  Robinson probably shouldn’t have fallen this far, but it’s to the Steelers gain.

Commish’s Pick – Patrick Robinson – CB – FSU

53.  New England Patriots – Alex Carrington – DE – Arkansas St
6’5’’ – 285 lbs – 4.94

Commish’s Take:   Richard Seymour was traded and Jarvis Green is on the way out.  Carrington is a small school product whose stock is on the rise as a 3-4 defensive end. 

Commish’s Pick – Sean Lee – LB – Penn St

54.  Cincinnati Bengals – Rob Gronkowski – TE – Arizona
6’6’’ – 264 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   The Bengals want a balanced tight end, and there is no more balanced tight end in this draft than Gronkowski.

Commish’s Pick – Rob Gronkowski – TE – Arizona

55.  Philadelphia Eagles – Sean Lee – LB – Penn St
        6’2’’ – 236 lbs – 4.76
Commish’s Take:   The Pennsylvania product stays close to home.  Lee can play inside or outside.

Commish’s Pick – Chad Jones – S – LSU

56.  Green Bay Packers – Thaddius Gibson – OLB – Ohio St
6’2’’ – 243 lbs – 4.75

Commish’s Take:   With Aaron Kampman gone, the Packers need a true outside linebacker opposite Clay Matthews.

Commish’s Pick – Amari Spievey – CB – Iowa

57.  Baltimore Ravens – Dorin Dickerson – TE – Pitt
        6’1’’ – 226 LBS – 4.40

Commish’s Take:   Is Dorin Dickerson a tight end or a receiver?  I’m not sure it matters.  He’s big and he can fly.  He can also catch.  Dickerson had 10 TDs in 2009.

Commish’s Pick – Dorin Dickerson – TE – Pitt

58.  Arizona Cardinals – Daryl Washington – LB – TCU
6’2’’ – 230 lbs – 4.66

Commish’s Take:   Washington is a tackling machine and a nice replacement for Dansby.

Commish’s Pick – Navorro Bowman – LB – Penn St

59.  Dallas Cowboys – Brandon LaFell – WR – LSU
6’2’’ – 211 lbs – 4.60

Commish’s Take:   Miles Austin needs some help.  LaFell is a bigger more physical receiver, while Taylor Price has the speed to stretch a defense.

Commish’s Pick – Taylor Price – WR – Ohio

60.  San Diego Chargers – Montario Hardesty – RB – Tennessee
5’11’’ – 225 lbs – 4.49

Commish’s Take:  Hardesty is a balanced running back who can carry the ball 25 times a game.  He’d be a good complement to Darren Sproles.

Commish’s Pick – Toby Gerhart – RB – Standford

61.  New York Jets – Damian Williams – WR – USC
6’ – 197 lbs – 4.53

Commish’s Take:   Mark Sanchez gets his number one receiver from USC.  Williams is good, but there is nothing overly special about him.

Commish’s Pick – Damian Williams – WR – USC

62.  Minnesota Vikings – Zane Beadles – OG – Utah
             6’4’’ – 310 lbs – DNP

Commish’s Take:   The Vikings need help on their interior line.  Beadles is  a former tackle with a tremendous mean streak.

Commish’s Pick – Montario Hardesty – RB – Tennessee

63.  Indianapolis Colts – Perrish Cox – CB – Oklahoma St
5’11’’ – 195 lbs – 4.57

Commish’s Take:  Cox is a physical corner and good tackler.  He’s a good fit for the “Tampa 2”.

Commish’s Pick – Zane Beadles – OG – Utah

64.  New Orleans Saints – Navarro Bowman – OLB – Penn St
6’ – 242 lbs – 4.72

Commish’s Take:   The Saints need one or two outside linebackers.  Bowman would be nice on the outside as a blitz in Greg Williams defense.

Commish’s Pick – Lamarr Houston – DT – Texas

10 Responses to “NFL Draft: Mock Draft II”

  1. Meneghini Says:

    SUH! SUH! SUH!

  2. jfgobucs Says:

    Can you say McCoy

  3. haroldm2 Says:

    If Suh falls to #6 Caybrews will be on me!!!!!

  4. jfgobucs Says:

    Dream situation…we trade the 3rd for Seattle’s 6th and 14th..pick McCoy

  5. jaycorr Says:

    That would be the best if we had our pick between Suh and Mccoy. Im going Suh as far as Mays i really dont like that pick there we need some wideouts Reggie Brown wont help that much. Golden Tate with that first 2nd round pick and the kid rom Texas next 2nd round pick. Our O would be pretty good then. Gotta give sabby the goat 1 more year

  6. JTHV Says:

    If McCoy is there at 3, he’d slide in well next to Roy Miller at DT.

    However if he’s not, our Secondary is really bad and needs someone like Berry to lead it. IMO, if it’s not Sabby being The Goat on the field, it’s T-Jack or Talib fudging it up off it. Between them, we can’t rely on 1/2 of our starting lineup to act accordingly and another 1/4 of it is light years away from benefiting from loads of film study.

    In the big picture our whole team sucks and this is why we should all be contempt with drafting the best player available at a position of need. In the Tampa 2, SS is the Captain of the Secondary. How can any savvy Tampa 2 fan argue with that pick?

    I like Berry but only if McCoy’s not available? A reach would be the player who couldn’t keep his hands clean while chillin’ it up with Neon Deion Primetime Sanders?

  7. TJ Tillman Says:

    Okung yeah right

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    You sure do love Rolando McClain. I agree with the thought that one of the two DT’s could fall a little ways if the Lions pass and do the smart thing by taking Okung.

  9. Tj Tillman Says:

    I have heard that the Lions like Mccoy better than Suh so if bradford goes #1 which is likely being the fact all the d lineman the rams have taken which hopefully thinking Suh can fall to us and we get a reciver and De in the second round

  10. delanno25 Says:

    I love the picks, especially Mays in the 2nd round. If we can pull that off, I’ll be doing back flips on draft night.