Adam Schein Unloads On The Bucs

March 10th, 2010

One of the reasons Joe enjoys listening to Adam Schein, co-host of “The Blitz,” heard exclusively on Sirius NFL Radio, is that Schein pulls no punches.

(Please do not confuse Schein’s show with Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski who has the original “The Blitz” show.)

Joe was fortunate enough to chat with Schein at media day of Super Bowl week. He couldn’t have been more polite and easygoing.

But put a microphone in front of his face and ask him an NFL question, Schein will not temper his thoughts, good or bad, which makes for great radio.

Schein has been a vocal critic of the Bucs since last year. Schein ramped up his criticism to nearly shrill levels when the Bucs purged a number of veterans last winter, highlighted by kicking future Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks to the curb.

He often repeated the same statement over last summer when Schein claimed, “I don’t know what the hell they are doing down there.”

Wednesday, Schein exploded on the Bucs.

Fielding a question received via Sirius NFL Radio’s Twitter feed, which referenced the “Glazers’ kickball team,” claims Bucs fans are “having a crisis of confidence,” Schein’s co-host Ross Tucker said he sympathized with the Bucs fan in question.

That question just teed up Schein, who dared to call the Bucs, in so many words, one of the NFL’s dregs of society.

“Have they made a decent move in the past few years?” Schein shrieked. “I hate what they’ve done at the head coaching position. I hate what they’ve done with the assistants. They totally botched the coordinator positions.

“I think it’s fair to say this is one of the worst organizations in the NFL.”
Wow. Joe’s not going to go that far. Do the Bucs need some work? Of course, even Mark Dominik would admit that.

Worst organization in the NFL? Let’s not get carried away.

A Bucs fan from Alabama called shortly thereafter to challenge Schein’s Bucs thoughts. Schein and Tucker added fuel to the anti-Bucs fire.

“Hey, look, the coordinators getting fired, that was a big deal,” Schein said. “Just during our conversation, Raheem Morris challenged two plays. His replay challenges last year were brutal.”

Tucker didn’t mind that the Bucs were building through the draft but Tucker took issue with Dominik for where Bucs funds were “allocated” among the players.

“… Michael Clayton got a big contract, he did nothing,” Tucker said. “You trade for Kellen Winslow and he had two years left on his contact and he gets a new deal. But the guys who have been there for years who have been sort of the foundation of your team, guys like Barrett Ruud and Donald Penn, they get nothing. Those guys deserved the new contracts.

“There is no cap and you have money. It’s time to re-sign and retain your core guys.”

Re-signing Donald Penn? Should have been done last year.

Ruud? Joe can just see Pawlowski passing out at the thought of that.

26 Responses to “Adam Schein Unloads On The Bucs”

  1. Chris Says:

    got to say it is hard to argue with adam here. I am a buc’s fan and willing to give the benifit of the doubt but actions speak louder than words and I will reserve judegment for now but I am beginning to not be able to disagree with guys like this. Worst franchise No, but things do not look to sweet right now. The buc’s need to do something to increase confidence throughout their fan base. I am just not sure what that is.

  2. OAR Says:

    Just read Oklahoma had its pro day on Tuesday, and both the St. Louis Rams, owners of the first overall pick, and Detroit Lions, owners of the second, had some of their top decision-makers on hand to check out defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.
    Where were we?

  3. d-money Says:

    OAR just because the article you read didn’t specifically mention the Bucs It doesn’t mean they’re not there. says that 31 of the 32 teams were there.

  4. Louie Says:

    Joe, Schein didn’t say “the worst”, he said “one of the worst”. You can’t agrue with that. Look at all the screw-ups in the last year, look at our draft position. It all points to an organization that really doesn’t act like they want to win.

  5. thomas Says:

    I agree with Adam, this org is “the worst” org in the NFL lately. We have the most underqualified-management and Head Coach and staff.

    Every organizational move, starting with the hiring of the cheap Head Coach, is made solely on the basis finances (not on a cost versus benefit to the roster analysis). Even The Rams are actively exploring F.A. and trade QB options, the Lions have been very active, Cleveland is trying to get better by adding assets.

    This team has gone backwards with talent by losing your most explosive (and expensive) offensive weapon. The subtraction of Bryant with the addition of Brown was an 8 million dollar roster savings to the org. This build through the draft non-sense is not coincidentally the cheapest theoretical way to rebuild!!

  6. JDouble Says:

    Maybe he repeated the phrase “I don’t know what they hell they are doing down there.” because he doesn’t know what they are doing down there? This idiot loves to hear himself talk. Being ignorant on a topic has never stopped him from running his mouth before. Why should it be different now?

    The popular thing is to bash the Bucs. Thier own fans do it, and it has caught on nationwide. Guys like this just jump on the pile and kick us while were down cause they will take any attention they can get.

    In a few years when we have a solid young nucleus again and are winning games, guys like this will be saying how smart Dom is and how he engineered such a great rebuilding process.

  7. Eric Says:

    If they go into the season with the current receiving corp, plus a couple of rookies, then they will have earned the title worst org. in the NFL.

  8. d-money Says:

    No one can argue that our record last season was one of the worst in the NFL. But you can’t say that the Bucs as an orginization are one of the worst.

    You may not like the plan they have but the do seem to have their plan and are sticking to it. For better or for worse.

    I would not compare the Bucs to teams like the Lions, Browns or Cheifs who year in and year out are totally lacking in any sort of direction. You may not like it but they do have a plan. Time will tell if its a good plan.

  9. d-money Says:


    Amen. I feel like you are the only other person on here who is thinking clearly.

  10. Tye Says:

    I 2nd that Louie!!!

    They haven’t done ANYTHING impressive since they were 7-3 in 2008!!!
    Who knew that horrible Monday night game against the Panthers was just a glimps or the beginning for the past year and a half!!!

    “Have they made a decent move in the past few years?” Schein shrieked. “I hate what they’ve done at the head coaching position. I hate what they’ve done with the assistants. They totally botched the coordinator positions.

    “I think it’s fair to say this is one of the worst organizations in the NFL.”

    As much as I love the Bucs I totally agree with that statement!!!!

  11. Your a complete idiot Says:

    I thought they should’ve made an effort to trade for Boldin, this guy is a complete idiot. 90% of the league are doing the same thing. Nobody is throwing away millions this free agency year, the Redskins aren’t doing anything. When the Bucs start winning this year, he’ll be the first one to jump on the bandwagon.

  12. Brooks07 Says:

    I have to adree with Schein. A lot of teams have problem areas which would make them contenders for worst in the league. Where do the Bucs come into this? They are just not trying hard enough to make this a competitive team. Plain and simple. I don’t want to hear money problems from a billionaire. Spend some cash and get a competitive team on the field.

  13. thomas Says:

    Regarding this argument that “they have a plan” and are sticking to it. Consider this:

    1) The plan was to hire an experienced O.C. Jagodzinski to install a more suitable blocking scheme to open up the running game. (Fired pre-season)

    2) The plan is to allow our 2 vet QBs McCown and Lefty battle it out – winner takes all – not play the kid because the plan is to be competitive now (0-7, 1-12, 3-13);
    3) The plan is to hire an experienced d. coordinator to transition away from the traditional Tampa 2 and play a two gap upfront allowing our young LBs to flourish (Bates fired and back to Tampa 2);
    4) The plan is to sign Mike Clayton to a large contract b/c ——–??

    How good have they proven to be at planning?

  14. Eric Says:

    I think the real plan was to hire some stooges they could totally control, not spend any real money, and weather the storm till better financial times and a new CBA.

    I think they are executing said plan to perfection.

  15. Louie Says:

    @Eric, you hit the nail on the head.

    @JDouble & d-money, you guys need to wake up. I don’t know if you were around back in the 70’s and 80’s, but this is what it looked like!

  16. Eric Says:

    I see the Bengals foolishly signed AB. The terms of the contract sound very similar to the blocking icon.

    I’m thinking he will go over a 1000 yards this year, easy.

  17. Tj Tillman Says:

    have to agree 100% really not sure what is going on. It islike they hired morris with no plan hopng he would grow with experience well what if he does not same t hing goes for Domminick. How is it that Clayton gets a extension he has not done anything since 2004 then we dont give are best players contract estensions like Rudd, Dont know about Penn. But hey dont mean to take a jab at anyone but Jdub Ithink is a positive thinker that thinks Dungy was not quailfied to be a head coach so before you argue with him make sure you know you are arguring with a genuiuis

  18. JTHV Says:

    I like that Rah and Dom are both from the farm, but this team is complete crap and allowing AB to walk while pissing off Ruud and Penn, all after they signed Ward, Clayton and Winslow to competitive deals has been the icing on the cake.

    These clowns better have a ’95 Draft redux or I’m gonna change from mildly concerned about this kind of “rebuilding” to down right angry at our franchise.

    My money has already started to slide the Rays’ way… the Bucs better be careful.

  19. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    When you’re right you’re right . can’t argue with Schein on this one.

  20. Tj Tillman Says:

    Listen bottom line Clayton and Bryant missed the same amount of time Bryant 600 yds 39 catches 5 TD’s Clayton 16 catches 239 yds 1 TD. What the fuck is Bucs managment thinking

  21. Louie Says:

    @TJ: It’s one of two things:

    1) They’re NOT thinking.

    2) EVERY decision revolves around not spending money.

    Take your pick, either way is bad for the Bucs.

  22. Madman Says:

    Bryan, Joel, and those just-happy-to-have-a-job execs and coaches at OBP are the laughingstock of the league.

  23. Tj Tillman Says:

    @ Louie I hear you Understand they wanted to go young but at the same point two years ago we were a game from making back to back playoffs. compared to 3-13. And I am going to go at this a diffrent angle. Last years team had talent. Joseph was a pro bowler, WInslow is good, Bryant is good, Talib, Jackson, Hayes are up and coming Faine , Penn, Caddalic are good. So my ? is it hte poeple that are in charge that is not helping these players be all they can be. I think we have someone that is in control that wants to be the players friend and not intrested in being the players coach

  24. Tj Tillman Says:

    Let me say the stae of this franchise is Horriable when we had Gruden he was marktable but let me tell you about me a kid who lives in Ohio who got tickets to the Bucs game cause they are having a bad time selling tickets cause they act as if they dont give a fuck about winning

  25. Justin Says:

    I hope Raheem gets voted out of office with the rest of the bums in November… oh wait.

    We’re screwed.

  26. Louie Says:

    Anybody see “State of the Franchise” on NFL Total Access? Mike Mayock made a good point about special teams. That was the ONLY thing they did well last year and all they’ve done this off-season is let go of all their special teams stars. So, instead of just sucking on offense and defense, they’ll suck on special teams. This crap just keeps getting better!

    @JDouble: I guess Mike Mayock is an idiot too?